365+ Pink Panther Quotes And Sayings That Will Change Your Perspective (Images)

The Pink Panther is a British-American media franchise that focuses primarily on a sequence of comedy-mystery feature films🎬 featuring Inspector Jacques Clouseau, a French police detective.

The franchise commenced when the classic Pink Panther film was released in the year 1963. Most of these films had been written and directed by Blake Edwards, and Henry Mancini was responsible for composing the theme music🎶.

The film inspired characters that were adapted into comic books, publications, and animated series. Here, we have mentioned some of the most popular Pink Panther quotes and sayings.

Best Pink Panther Quotes

– I am going to attack you without giving any prior warning. This way, I will be able to keep you alert as well as vigilant.

– You never stop surprising me, Sir.

– Surprises are seldom unexpected when it comes to me.

– Do not browbeat her. You can see that she is quite beautiful.

Pink Panther Quotes

– I want to have a look at your bawls closely.

– Your bawls. The large and brass bawls of yours.

– Nigel Boswell 006. Do you know its significance

– Inspector, do you have any idea whether the killer was a male or a female?

– What? What was being said by you?

– Absolutely nothing.

– I beg you to stop the vehicle, will you please stop the car?

Pink Panther Quotes

– It might be a trap.

– Nobody cares.

– Any woman is similar to an artichoke where one has to really work hard for winning her heart.

– We just found him dead in the locker room of a training facility. He got shot in the head!

– I like to speak with him right now!

– Is anybody accompanying you?

– Is it a fact that you are carrying high heels in that container?

– I am actually the trainer whose name is Yuri. 

Pink Panther Quotes

– Okay, you are the trainer whose name is Yuri, right?

– Tell me something regarding her.

– I think she happens to be the most beautiful lady on the planet.

– What is the exact opinion that you have regarding yourself?

– I don’t think that I am an attractive woman.

– You know that it is usually done by two different police officers.

– Do you like me to help you by staying behind?

– Nicole, this is really a generous offer.

– Correct, I am of the same notion as you.

– My magic pill for the man who is of middle age!

– Is there anyone along with you?

– Is there any pair of high heels within that container?

– I’m in search of a dead body. Maybe you will be able to tell me where I can find it.

Pink Panther Quotes

– I do find anything funny right here?

– To be honest, I find your accent to be extremely funny. From where have you come?

– I come from the country of Russia. I was recruited from a military gym in Russia by Giant.

– You have to work hard on your accent.

– I do not have any time to do this since I need to solve a murder.

– Somebody talked with Gluant on the previous night he had been killed.

– Probably I watched it on television.

Pink Panther Sayings

– Is this vase precious?

– It is actually a hopeless imitation.

– However, the disc was invaluable.

– Have you ever consumed a hamburger?

– Never, it is a hopeless American recipe.

– I intend to purchase a hamburger.

– I intend to purchase a “damburgen”.

– Inspector, do you live all by yourself?

Pink Panther Quotes

– Of course I do.

– Don’t you find yourself lonely?

– No, since the Internet was introduced.

– It is not difficult to spot him. He features a thin mustache and white hair and is always full of confidence.

– Do you remember that I am not meant to be here?

– It is none other than Clouseau. Arrest the person.

– We have fantastic weather. I simply hope that the weather continues like this. This area is completely safe.

– And at present, the daisies are being pushed by him.

– He isn’t pushing up those daisies; he is actually dead.

– Don’t get out of Europe!

– However, we have our matches to play in Asia.

– Okay, do not get out of either Asia or Europe!

– Plus, we also have a match to be played in Brazil.

– In that case, do not get out of Europe, the Americas, or Asia!

– Correct, politics. Where the mask of morality is actually worn by greed.

– I think they drew the outline after he had been shot.

Pink Panther Quotes

– All right! We must be tackling some sort of mastermind!

– Is it a fact that the booth happens to be soundproof? Yes.

– We require fresh towels in 204.

– It is essential for you to stay calm and not turn around.

– The Gasmask bandits are in the casino right behind you.

– The Giant had no intention of getting killed.

– What is your idea regarding the time needed to find the killer?

– At present, the killer is encircled by forensic science and the most recent technology like email plus 2-way radios.

– And what are the qualifications possess by you for performing police work?

– My family has done police work for as many as 9 generations in Paris.

– Before that, we had been cops for 200 years in the neighboring regions.

– Okay. Therefore, you are a small lamb who wants to learn from Clouseau. 

– Okay. The breeze feels nice.

– You had been seen striking the victim one day before the murder and also saying … What?

– I will kill you, I will kill you.

– I have been waiting to prove myself for quite some time, and now I have been provided with the opportunity. I want to show my talent to the world. I just cannot fail!

Funny Pink Panther Quotes

“I would like to take a closer look at your balls.”

“There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.”

“I am the great French detective, Inspector Clouseau. And I demand to know who put that bomb in my room!”

“There are 17,000 men in this army, and only one of them is laughing!”

“It is obvious to my trained eye, that the arrow was loosed by one of the last remaining Twelve Druids.”

“Well, you know what they say. The early bird catches the worm.” “Yes, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.”

“Are you all right?” “I’m just a little bit shaken.” “That’s what last night’s Indian food was supposed to do.”

“Well, you can’t win them all.” “But I can lose them all!

“You are too modest.” “Yes, I find I can’t help it.”

“You’ve got to help me, I’m in grave danger.” “Well, I’m in quite a bit of trouble myself.”

“It’s obvious that the murderer was a man of great strength and exceptionally good taste.”

“I am not a man to be trifled with. That is, I am not a man to be trifled with by triflers.”

“Ah, the famous soccer coach, Amin Ballou, no doubt.” “No, no. Amin Ballou is shorter and fatter than I am.” “Ah, I see. Amin Ballou’s taller and thinner than you are.”

“You don’t seriously believe that I would stick my head into a lion’s mouth, do you?” “On the contrary. I believe that’s exactly what you would do.”

“I am Pole, and you are Pole, and we are all Polish.”

“Now then, where was I? I was just about to have myself arrested.”

Pink Panther Movie Quotes

It’s pronounced ‘Clouseau,’ not ‘Clothes-sow.’ If you’re going to say it, get it right.”

“I’m sorry, I cannot answer the phone right now. Meow.”

“There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.”

“You are too modest.” “Yes, I find I can’t help it.”

“I would like to take a closer look at your balls.”

“Well, you can’t win them all.” “But I can lose them all!”

“You’ve got to help me, I’m in grave danger.” “Well, I’m in quite a bit of trouble myself.”

“Ah, the famous soccer coach, Amin Ballou, no doubt.” “No, no. Amin Ballou is shorter and fatter than I am.” “Ah, I see. Amin Ballou’s taller and thinner than you are.”

“You don’t seriously believe that I would stick my head into a lion’s mouth, do you?” “On the contrary. I believe that’s exactly what you would do.”

Pink Panther Weather Quote

“Looks like rain is in the forecast. I better wear my trusty trench coat and brolly, just in case. You never know when it might rain… kittens and puppies!”

“Ahh, the weather outside is frightful, but my detective skills are so delightful. And since we’ve got no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… all over my crime scene!”

“I must say, this heatwave is positively criminal. The sun is robbing us of our cool composure, just like a crafty thief. But fear not, my friends, Inspector Clouseau is on the case to catch that elusive criminal called ‘Summer.'”

“The wind is howling like a pack of wild panthers tonight. Must be the weather’s way of celebrating my arrival. It’s time for me to prowl the streets, searching for clues and causing a hurricane of laughter in my wake!”

“Thunder and lightning, just like the spark of inspiration in a detective’s mind. When the storm rages, it awakens the brilliant mind of Clouseau, ready to shine like a bolt of lightning!”

“As the rain falls, so does my determination to solve the case. Nothing can dampen the spirit of Inspector Clouseau, not even a torrential downpour!”

“The weather may be foggy, but fear not, for clarity will emerge like the sun breaking through the mist. I shall uncover the truth, even if it takes a thousand foggy mornings!”

“Ah, winter is here, and so is Inspector Clouseau’s impeccable sense of fashion. With a coat as stylish as mine, I shall bravely face the cold weather and outwit the frost!”

“My dear friends, the weather may be unpredictable, but there’s one thing you can always count on – my uncanny ability to stumble upon the most extraordinary clues!”

“Aha! The perfect storm for crime-solving! The wind of curiosity blows, the lightning of deduction strikes, and the rain of evidence pours down upon the guilty. It’s like Mother Nature herself is helping me!”

“Beware, criminals! Just like a hurricane, I’m about to make landfall on the scene of the crime. Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of wit and justice!”

“Spring is in the air, and so is the scent of mystery. The flowers may bloom, but so will my brilliant deductions as I chase the scent of the culprit!”

“In the face of the scorching sun, I remain cool as a cucumber, and my crime-solving skills sizzle hotter than the summer heat. The weather may be sweltering, but I’m sizzling with brilliance!”

“The weather may be stormy, but my resolve is as steady as a lighthouse beam. I’ll navigate through the darkest of nights to uncover the truth!”

“They say April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring Inspector Clouseau to the crime scene. Time to shower the criminals with justice!”

Pink Panther Hamburger Quote

“Ah, the hamburger, a delicacy fit for a detective with refined taste. Just like my investigations, each layer of flavor reveals a hidden surprise!”

“In the pursuit of justice, I must never forget the importance of a good hamburger. It fuels my mind and ignites my deduction skills, leaving criminals in awe and hunger!”

“A hamburger without pickles is like a case without clues – incomplete! My dear friends, let us always savor the little details, both in burgers and in solving crimes.”

“They say the perfect hamburger is all about balance – just like the perfect crime-solving strategy. With each bite, I taste the essence of mystery and the satisfaction of solving the puzzle!”

“Ah, the hamburger – a culinary marvel, much like my ability to uncover the hidden truth. It takes a skilled detective to savor the subtle nuances of both meat and mystery!”

“Burgers and detective work have much in common. They both require precision, timing, and a touch of inspiration. A bite of a juicy hamburger is like a eureka moment in my investigation!”

“As I unravel the layers of crime, I also indulge in the layers of a delicious hamburger. One might say it’s a multi-sensory approach to solving mysteries!”

“A hamburger, like a masterfully crafted case, should be approached with finesse. Each bite should be savored, much like every step of my detective work!”

“Just like the elusive Pink Panther diamond, the perfect hamburger is a rare gem. Both leave me enchanted, hungry for more, and always on the lookout!”

“They say you are what you eat. Well, I must be one impressive detective, for I feast on the brilliance of my investigations and the occasional juicy hamburger!”

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What is the Pink Panther?

The Pink Panther is a popular animated character that first appeared in the opening credits of the 1963 film “The Pink Panther.”

He is a mischievous and sly pink-colored panther, known for his iconic walk and humorous antics.

What are Pink Panther Quotes and Sayings?

Pink Panther Quotes and Sayings are phrases, dialogues, or expressions associated with the Pink Panther character or the Pink Panther film series. They often showcase his wit, humor, and charm.

Can I use Pink Panther Quotes and Sayings for greeting cards?

Absolutely! Pink Panther Quotes and Sayings can add a playful and charming element to greeting cards for various occasions, like birthdays or thank you cards.

Pink Panther Quotes

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