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Reptile Awareness Day is celebrated every year on October 21st to commemorate the reptiles’ contribution to our ecosystem.

On this special day, reptile fanatics from all over the world share their passion and educate the common people about these amazing creatures and their threat of extinction that has challenged many reptiles.

The Reptile Awareness Day was inaugurated by a group of reptile enthusiasts who were adamant enough to change the public perception of their scaly friends. Since then, this particular day has played an important role in making these reptiles somewhat popular pets.

Messages, Greetings, and Quotes for Reptile Awareness Day

Messages for Reptile Awareness Day

From this day of Reptile Awareness Day, show some love to these cold blooded yet important animals for our ecosystem. Have an informative Reptile Awareness Day.

Removal of reptiles from its ecosystem can drastically affect the population of other organisms. On this Reptile Awareness Day, I wish you all the knowledge about reptiles.

Reptiles serve a critical role both as a predator and prey species. So stop hunting them and spread the importance of these cold blooded creatures. Have a great Reptile Awareness Day.

A reptile plays an important for controlling the population of insects and rodent control. In a way, they are doing our work. On this Reptile Awareness Day, I hope you are able to understand how important reptile are for our ecosystem.

The importances of reptiles to humans are less pronounced, but that doesn’t mean they are not significant. Wishing you an enlightened Reptile awareness Day.

Reptiles such as snakes and crocodiles have always been used a symbol of power and evil. On this Reptile Awareness Day it is time to change that perception.

I am not advising you adopt every reptile as your pet. Bu you can always provide shelter and food to some of them. Have a great Reptile Awareness Day.

Reptiles represent some of the oldest living species on this planet and like historical monuments it is high time we start caring for them as well. Wish you all the kind reptile enthusiasts a very happy Reptile Awareness Day.

On this Reptile Awareness Day, give yourself a chance to know this not yet extinct species. I hope you can understand their importance in our lives.

Look up on the internet and find out about these cold blooded creatures on this Reptile Awareness Day to know about their significance. Hope you a have a well-informed Reptile Awareness Day.

Reptiles helps us our environment in many ways. Even the dangerous ones such as snakes and crocs. On this Reptile Awareness Day, I urge you to change the perception towards these significant creatures.

Every year reptiles can make a significant amount of impact on our overall economy. On this Reptile Awareness Day, the least we can do is change our outlook towards them.

Reptile is not traditionally an ideal choice for humans to keep them as their pet, yet snakes, lizards and turtles are a choice of pet for thousands of people. Wishing all these amazing individuals a very happy Reptile Awareness Day.

Reptiles are always perceived as a primitive and dull creature. But to our surprise they can be surprisingly affectionate and spectacularly beautiful. Cheers to a day dedicated towards them.

To be fair, reptiles are not that different from republicans. So, on this Reptile Awareness Day why not give these sophisticated creatures a chance. Reptiles I meant!

Can you grow a part of your body after it is being cut off? Well, Reptiles can. If nothing, at least appreciate their superpowers from this Reptile Awareness day.

Reptiles play a significant role in controlling the overpopulation of fish species in coastal regions. So, on this Reptile Awareness Day, Let us be thankful to all these creatures for whom our aquatic ecosystems are healthy and balanced.

The creature you have perceived as dangerous has been providing its venom to create vaccines for humans. On this Reptile Awareness Day, I wish you all the consciousness about these creatures.

If not for reptiles such as snakes and lizards, all the crops and food sources would be left defenseless against smaller and hungry predators. I hope this fact can raise some consciousness.

Wishing all the reptile enthusiasts a very happy Reptile awareness day.

Greetings for Reptile Awareness Day

On this Reptile Awareness, let us hope we, the reptile lovers can raise much-needed awareness amongst the people who have always perceived them as nothing but dangerous.

Reptiles are living creatures and have feelings just as a kitten and a puppy. On this Reptile Awareness Day, I urge you not hate them if you can’t love them.

On this Reptile Awareness Day, I urge all of you shed some caring light towards a reptile which is abused or neglected. Hope you a have a good day.

On this special Reptile Awareness day, best wishes to the people who are working pretty hard to take care of these living beings. Have an amazing Reptile Awareness Day.

Wishing all the authentic and real animal lovers a very happy Reptile Awareness Day.

You all just need to keep calm and keep fighting to save our reptiles. Wish you a great Reptile Awareness Day.

On this Reptile Awareness Day, ask yourself a simple question. When was the last time you saved a reptile from death and starvation? Have a thoughtful Reptile Awareness Day.

By trying to understand wildlife we can help the reptile enthusiasts to save these underappreciated creatures. Hope you have a great Reptile Awareness Day.

The future of the planet concerns all of us and by all of us I meant reptiles as well. Wishing you an educative Reptile Awareness Day.

Just because they don’t look cute that doesn’t mean they can’t feel pain. On this Reptile Awareness Day, I hope you are more caring towards these cold blooded creatures.

Like a reptile such as Turtle, learn to pull your awareness within. I hope this Reptile Awareness Day is able to bring some changes in people’s perspective.

Give yourself a holiday and go to a zoo to see all the beautiful reptiles in this world. I hope you enjoy to the fullest on this Reptile Awareness Day.

There are plenty of pet stores you can visit to look at all those so called dangerous reptiles. Wishing you a joyful Reptile Awareness Day.

On this Reptile Awareness Day, visit the local rescue and familiarize yourself with the critters known for sending out shivers down your body. Have a great Reptile Awareness Day.

Reptile Awareness Day Quotes

“Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as primitive, dull and dimwitted. In fact, of course, they can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very sophisticated.” –David Attenborough

“Remarkable places are like the summits of rocks; eagles and reptiles only can get there.” –Suzanne Curchod

When the reptile is attacked at one mouth of his burrow, he shows himself at another.” –Henry David Thoreau

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