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World Caviar Day is celebrated on 18th July of every year. It was during the 10th century when caviar and sturgeon were started to serve as dinner. This day is celebrated to enjoy the legacy of seafood. The other aim of this day is to raise awareness about the survival of seafood and sturgeon.

World Caviar Day messages:

– Caviar day is here. Let’s celebrate it with delicious caviar.

– Let’s cherish all those memories which we had made with friends, family, and caviar.

– May this caviar day fill up your life with its flavor. 

– On this caviar day, may you get all the goodness of the caviar.

– It’s a day when you sit, enjoy caviar with your friends and families.

– Not all caviar is cheap. Not all cheap caviar is excellent.

– Only a few people are lucky enough who gets caviar in a treat from their friends.

– If we are sharing caviar, that means we are best friends.

– The best combination is Champaign and caviar; this bond is unbreakable. 

– No one can remain unhappy after eating caviar.

– The most glorious treat is caviar.

– Happiness has caviar after a long day at work.

– The world needs to share happiness over a treat of caviar.

– The world needs to focus on the goodness of caviar, not over the destruction of war.

– Not everyone can get filled by eating caviar.

– What fresh air is to lungs, caviar is to soul.

– The only in the world is caviar, which cannot be shared.

– If someone says they don’t like caviar run away from them; you don’t need that kind of negativity in life.

– After a rough day at work, all we need is caviar and Champaign. 

– Tell me a better couple than caviar and Champaign I will wait.

– I can wait for my soul mate but not for caviar.

– Ask a dying man his wish, and he will say caviar and Champaign. 

– If you are gaining weight by eating caviar than you are eating in the right way.

– If I am the happiest man on Earth, then I must be eating caviar.

– With whom God is happy, he rewards them with caviar.

– The route to anyone’s heart is through a caviar, that I am sure.

– You can bond with anyone over caviar and Champaign.

– The prettiest thing in the world is a platter of caviar.

– They said happiness I heard caviar.

– If you want to spend the evening with me, then bring me some delicious caviar, and we’ll have a treat.

World Caviar Day quotes

-Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade.

– Noel Coward

-For me, true luxury can be caviar or a day with no meetings, no appointments and no schedule. 

-Michael Kors

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