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Positive Media Day has been created with the sole purpose of changing the outlook and the state of affairs in the consumption of media every day.

The day is devoted to overruling the negative aspect of media that is slowly overshadowing the positive impact it has on people.

These days people are driven more by hatred and fear rather than love and positivity if this continues more people will succumb to believing that this is how the world works.

The moment we start continuing the negative behavior is the moment we are losing our credibility as a society.

Positive Media Day is the name of a belief that people will be much happier if there is more positivity in the media. When a piece of news leaves one moved, inspired, and happy, that is when people will be able to bring their share of positivity to the world.

Here is a list of wishes and quotes for this beautiful day dedicated towards spreading positive awareness

Let this day guide you towards the positive side of media we tend to ignore every day. Wishing you a very happy Positive media day.

Beware of all the fatalistic effects of media and focus on the pragmatic side on the eve of positive media.

Look at the highest, grandest and most beautiful aspect of media on this positive media day.

When you can’t find the sunshine, don’t just concentrate on the negative facet of media. Be the change and the sunshine. A very happy Positive Media Day to you.

On the eve of Positive Media Day, let us all change the perspective on how we consume media every day.

The grass is much greener than the place most people are watering on. Focus on that specific side and enjoy a day of positive media.

Make the most of everything there is positive in the world of media. Wish you a very happy Positive Media Day.

Today is your day to start looking at the media which are there to share positivity rather than negativity.

No media is perfect; you only need to choose who are making the world a better place with their positive outlet.

You’re smarter than you think, so choose the aspect of media that is beneficial rather than the detrimental ones.

The moment of positive media we enjoy take us by surprise. Ask yourself the question ‘why? ’on this day of Positive Media Day

You have to remember it’s what we seize from media, but not what they seize us to believe.

Stop relying on the news that shares negativity; you are the one responsible to change your vision. Wish you all a day of positive media.

It isn’t what you hear, or who you believe in. It is only about what you perceive to see. Be the small change on this Positive Media Day.

If an aspect of media that makes you feel unhappy, then it is time to focus on the positive detail for which the world is surviving on.

On the eve of positive media day, try to breathe in the surroundings of positive media.

Inspire and uplift the people through your newsfeeds and mainstream media on the eve of Positive Media Day.

On this day of positive media, let’s take a first step towards creating a world of positive media where our next generation would want to live in.

Let’s not yield ourselves to how things are going on every day. On the day of positive media let’s try to make the world a negative free media.

Celebrate a positive media day where the news that floods the airways is all positive.

On the occasion of Positive media day, a very happy and warm regards to the people who sees only the positive side in everything.

It’s a helluva start to begin with if you are able to recognize the positive aspects of media. Wishing you all a very Happy Positive Media Day.

Don’t underestimate the value of sharing positivity; you never know one day the mountain of optimism might be able to destroy the pessimistic hills. Stay blessed on Positive Media Day.

Everyday should be a positive media day. Only you hold the power to do so. Wish you a very happy Positive Media Day.

Enjoy the Positive Media Day by seeking all the positive things happening around the world.

Let us all participate to this beautiful aspect of media on the eve of Positive Media Day.

Life can be really sour if there isn’t any positivity around you. Make the most out of this day, dedicated towards a positive aspect of media.

Love thy positivity should be the mantra of everyone’s lives. Start staying positive from this day of Positive Media itself.

It might always seem impossible to look for positivity in the media, but the trick is to never stop seeking. Happy Positive Media Day to you.

Once you are able to replace the negative ingredient of the media with positive ones, the world will start having efficacious results.

Recognize the too much good around happening around you on this day dedicated towards a Positive Media outlet.

Fill in the blanks left by negativity with all the positive things happening in the world on the eve of Positive Media Day.

Take the first step of changing the state of affairs in everyday media consumption from today, a day to share the positive aspects of media. Wish you all a happy Positive Media Day.

Take a peek onto to your inner self so that you don’t fall into the trap of hatred, fear and attacking. Start to live a positive life from this day of Positive Media Day itself.

Let us all propel some amount of positivity to change the status quo one step at a time. Warm regards to you on Positive Media Day.

We can only begin to shift our global sentiment with nothing but sharing positivism. Hope you a lead a positive day ahead on the eve of Positive Media Day.

Spreading Positivity will let you do everything better than spreading negativity will. Lead a day filed with positivity on the occasion of Positive Media Day.

Contribute to Positive Media Day by sharing something positive today. Hope you have a great day of positivity.

If every soul tries to be a positive one, we can slowly yet steadily reach the feat of obtaining an all round positivity for the world. Wish you all a Positive Media Day.

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