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International Joke Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of July. The history suggests that this day is first invented by Wayne Reinagel in 1994 with a motive to sell his joke books. From that day every year, people from all over the world celebrate this day with lots of humor and happiness.

Joke Day Greetings:

-Sending a bag full of laughter and happiness for you and your family. This Joke day spread joy all around you. 

-Have lots of enjoyment celebrating this day. Wishing you a pleased International Joke Day.

-You are not a doctor, yet you can provide someone going through pain, the best medicine. As they say, ‘Laughter is the best medicine,’ so this joke day, reach out to everyone and put a smile on their face with your jokes. Wishing you many many happy greetings for this day.

-Joke and laughter is something you can share without any cost. So laugh and make others laugh should me our motto on this day. 

-With lots of good wishes, I wish you and your family a happy joke day.

-Let us turn our tedious and stressful days to happy ones with lots of fun. Don’t forget to send a joke to everyone in your contact and make them laugh. 

-Have a day filled with happiness and joy. With best wishes, I wish you a happy international joke day.

-Laughter is the best medicine. Go on, share a joke, and spread smiles on this joke day—a happy day to you and your loved ones.

-Putting a smile on someone’s face is the best thing that a person can do. On this jokes day, let us all spread happiness and love by celebrating it with laughter and joy.

-Go on, crack all the jokes that you have been collecting in all these years. All your funny, as well as your pathetic jokes, will be well appreciated by everyone on this day. Cheers to this momentous and wonderful day.

-All my love and best wishes to you and your family on this joke day. I hope this joke day will bring laughter and joy to your family. Have a good time celebrating.

-You can not smile while breathing. Nah, I just wanted to make you smile. All my love and good wishes to you on this joke day. Cheers to laughing our hearts out.

-A happy surrounding makes a happy you. So when you try to make someone happy, surely someone else would try to make you happy. 

-All the best wishes to you on this day, especially meant for spreading laughter and happiness.

-Cheers to your smile, which would come reading all the jokes today.A Happy Joke day to you. Spread happiness and laughter.

Joke Day Messages:

-This joke day makes sure that you spread happiness with your friends and family. But without forgetting that, our jokes should never hurt others’ sentiment and emotions. 

-This day is celebrated for spreading joy and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Make the day worthy of celebrating.

-Laughing and happiness and cure any pain within us. Studies also say that through laughter, one can improve his or her health. This day is made for you.

-Cracking or sending jokes can be a way to bring this laughter into our life. That’s the motive behind celebrating this day. Have a nice day.

-If you are making a person laugh, then you are doing God’s job. Because while doing so, you are not looking for any of your benefits; instead, you are helping others. So let us join together to celebrate this day proudly and spread some happiness. 

-Life can get difficult sometimes, and all we need is a good laugh to cheer us up. On this jokes day, let us laugh our hearts out by celebrating it with our friends and family.

-There is enough hatred in the world, and all we can do is spread love and happiness among people around us. So, on this joke day, let us all choose laughter and joy over hatred. Have a good time celebrating.

-Joke day inspires us all to spread happiness, laughter, and love. This joke day, celebrate it by laughing out loud with your friends and family. 

-Have a good time by forgetting all your worries and by laughing your heart out.

-A good laugh can make us forget all our pain and can heal us in many ways. So what is stopping you from laughing your heart out? 

-Go on, celebrate this joke day with all your friends and loved ones, and have a perfect time with them.

-Be the Charlie Chaplin for your friends, and make them laugh out loud with all your most excellent jokes on this joke day. Laughing can be advantageous in many ways, so make sure to have a good time laughing out loud.

-People of today’s world are so busy in their stressful lives that they have forgotten the true meaning of happiness. This Joke Day spread a smile to your loved ones.

-On this International Joke day, let us escape from our stressful lives and celebrate the day by laughing our hearts out. Cheers to International joke day.

Joke Day Quotes:

“Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon-laughter, power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution- these can lift at a colossal humbug- push it a little- weaken it a little, century by century.” 

~ Mark Twain

“ I have always felt that laughter in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is and will last until the day when the game is called on account of darkness. “

 ~ Linda Ellerbee

“If you are happy and people around you are not happy, they will not allow you to stay happy. Therefore much of our happiness depends upon our ability to spread happiness around you.” 

 ~ Dr. Madan Kataria

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