List of 81+ Best Delta Gamma Sayings

Delta and Gamma, established in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi, by the three lively spirited women who managed to go to their homes for Christmas break. The complete structure of this sorority known as Delta and Gamma stands on the pillars of mutual helpfulness and girl power. It also reflects your love and affection for your friend. It completely revolves around that ‘DO GOOD ALWAYS’. Delta and Gamma are always supportive of each other. Hypercritical of the stereotypical world are Delta and Gamma.

Here are Best Delta Gamma Sayings

  • Keep your soul and spirit free be like Delta and Gamma.
  • A sister is like an anchor in a sea to save you from the strong winds that may drift and take you away.
  • It’s not being heavy or light, it’s about strong or weak, the strong sails through, but the weak sinks into the sea
  • Sister is someone whom you would never loose, as she will be there forever by your side.
  • Remember, Delta is always there for Gamma and Gamma for Delta.
  • We are not sisters by blood but by soul!
  • Keep your energy and spirits high be like Delta and Gamma!

_Come over those childhood fairy tales and create your own stories.

_If she is my friend then better be aware of her.

_Rise up! Don’t sink, Be Delta and Gamma.

_Strength and hope together makes Delta and Gamma.

_Wear anchors be a hope to others like Delta and Gamma.

_If you don’t do good to others you can never be Delta and Gamma.

_Punch down all your difficulties, this is what Delta and Gamma do!

_Raise your flags! Do good and be like Delta and Gamma.

_Take your oath, anchor yourself for the best, leave the rest and be Delta and Gamma!

_The bond of Delta and Gamma is ever lasting and unbreakable.

_Delta gamma promises to each other are shatter proof.

_Delta and Gamma have there own land of free souls and minds.

_Hey someone out there just called Delta and Gamma ! Here are we tied together since 1873.

_Cheers to our togetherness since 1873.

_Delta and Gamma inseparable since 1873.

_Stand straight, knock back, refuse to sink ,be Delta and Gamma.

_Always remember Delta and Gamma are based on mutual helpfulness.

_Free yourself from the worldly stereotypes and be Delta and Gamma.

_Emancipate yourself from all the restrictions just like Delta and Gamma do!

_Liberation is the only way to live like Delta and Gamma.

_If you feel bonded, just look at Delta and Gamma.

_You are entitled to be free from these worldly constraints

_Don’t curb your soul, set it to be free, this is what Delta and Gamma do.

_Overrule all the rules, just as Delta and Gamma.

_Celebrate your sisterhood because all sisters can be your friends, but all friends can never be your sisters.

_If you have someone like Delta and Gamma beside each other then never let them go.

_You have the key, open all the locks and emancipate yourself!

_Heart is always anchored to the home, says Delta and Gamma.

_Free land is the perfect home, this is what Delta and Gamma feel.

_If you are with the free land then only you can be like Delta and Gamma

_Delta and Gamma are only  about free souls and spirits    

_Always be beyond the rules, be Delta and Gamma

_Live the way you like, like Delta and Gamma

_Make your own rulebook, and make others follow it!

_Hey we are not just sisters but soul sisters, Delta and Gamma

_Sisterhood is always meant to be cherished, as that of Delta and Gamma

_Find your own way, liberate yourself, be Delta and Gamma

_For Delta and Gamma love is sisterhood

_Delta and Gamma stand beside each other in best and worst times

_Be proud of your girl power like Delta and Gamma are.

_Celebrate being a girl, not all get such an opportunity 

_Cheers to your girlhood, from Delta and Gamma

_Feel lucky to be a girl, and show your power to the world

_Delta and Gamma can sail through the tough times easily, if they are together

_Delta without gamma is like tea without sugar

_Be notorious, be Delta and Gamma.

_Stop expecting from world, be Delta and Gamma

_Cheer your life, with Delta and Gamma

_Sense of mutual helpfulness makes you like Delta and Gamma

_Be like Delta and Gamma, raise your voice and show the strength of your girl power.

_Realize the energy in you, the force in you, and prove the world that you are not weak, rather you resemble to the sturdy Delta and Gamma

_Identify what your heart is anchored too! And just care about them and leave the rest

_Rest in peace to all those brains who think that girls are weak, because if you really think so then I guess you do not know, who Delta and Gamma are!

_Be the sailor of your own ship and then stop blaming others, for if it sinks.

_Build confidence in yourself; take the first step, if you really admire to be like Delta and Gamma

_What you just said! You want to be like Delta and Gamma, and then you need to have loyalty, should be scholars, be leaders, be icons, be volunteers, and do well always.

_When you say, that you want to resemble Delta and Gamma, then kindly leave your stereotypical and orthodox thoughts in the dustbin before stepping into my room.

_Welcome to sorority life, bye bye to all authoritative thoughts

_Weak people may remain quiet, but if you are like Delta and Gamma then you will always raise your voice high

_When someone says to me, why are you too sturdy, I look at them and asks them if they ever heard of Delta and Gamma 

_We love Delta and Gamma, and aspire to be the same.

_Loyalty is a must when you wish to move into sorority life.

_Always volunteer for doing good, as Delta and Gamma do.

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