A Speech on “Why do people believe in superstitions?”

Every one of us would have some time at least came across these words; Fingers crossed, wish upon the falling stars, a black cat crossed, the number 13, etc. Have you ever thought about what these are, and why they are believed constantly? 

Well, despite being the most intelligent species on the planet, we humans can never stop us from believing in these things called superstitions; always continue to fear and obey these omens and also be grateful to God when some omens turn out good. Superstitions are practices that have been followed for decades which have no logical explanations.

Though science specifically explains these beliefs to be wrong; thousands of people continue to believe and follow these in various cultures all around the world. It is said that almost 25 percent of people blindly follow these superstitions, the rest 75 percent do follow some of these on very rare occasions. For example: even though you don’t consider yourself a superstitious person, you sometimes end up saying “bless you” when someone around sneezes, just in case they get possessed by the devil himself – or as our forefathers thought it would. 

Every human being has a bond between fear and insecurities in their life. It should be a part of our life, just like all other emotions. Whereas in some cases, these fears can be out of hand. These people believe in superstitions and live their life accordingly to keep up the positive vibe.

Though it has no proper explanation, have we ever thought these beliefs were wisely created by our ancestors to protect us from certain dangers; for example: walking under the ladder is bad luck; this was said so that no one makes a wrong move for an accident to take place, like being the reason for the ladder or the person on the ladder to slip and fall over us. Just like that, all other superstitions like the black cat crossing, broken mirror, the number 13, breaking a glass, all these might also have a general thought behind it. And so, we never take chances over them but indisputably follow. 

Superstitions are generally the belief over the existence of supernatural forces, some call it fate. For some people, it acts as the medicine to have a sense of control over their lives and lessen anxiety. That could be the reason why these superstitions survived for a long and are still passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes superstitions are motivations, like a push of positivity that plays wonders before an exam or a match, starting a new venture or entering into your new home, etc. It is proven that luck enhancing, positive superstitions provide some kind of psychological benefit that could improve skilled performances.

Superstitions are believed to promote a good mental attitude, but anything that is given too much belief could be harmful too. So, yes we all believe in superstitions, it is like a good push from a supernatural force –  or that’s what we like to believe.

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