221+ Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes! (Images)

Fry (Philip J. Fry) happens to be a fictional character featured in Futurama, the animated sitcom. The person responsible for voicing him is none other than Billy West.

Fry performs the role of a slacker delivery guy from the 20th century. He becomes frozen cryogenically and again wakes up in the 30th century, where he becomes a delivery chap as well.

Fry is Turanga Leela’s husband and Yancy Fry’s dad. Sr. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some of the most captivating Fry sayings that you must not ignore.

Futurama Fry And Leela Love Quotes

-It is impossible for you to lose hope once it is hopeless. You need to hope for more.

-Never lose hope in a hopeless situation. It is imperative for you to ask for more.

-Never give up in a hopeless situation. Go on asking for more.

-Try to make the best use of your resources in a hopeless scenario. Always hope for much more.

Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

-Don’t give in. Always look for avenues to revive any hopeless situation. Be hungry and always demand more things.

-God does not love any man who quits easily in a hopeless situation. He adores the person who always asks for more and more.

-Have faith in God and try to find inspiration in every phase of life. Try your best to retrieve any hopeless situation, and God will surely look after you.

-I had never tasted anything saltier than this. It was so hopeless; what do I just say?

-There are many salty things, but this one is the saltiest of them all. In fact, it is simply horrible.

-The staff was so salty that I almost felt like vomiting. 

-Of course, don’t try to tell me the truth. Don’t you consider me to be aware of this fact?

-I know that you are one of those people who love to tell the truth at all times. But don’t tell it now. I am quite fed up with people who tell true things.

-I am a person who loves telling the truth. But at times, you need to tell white lies. There is no harm in doing that.

-This picture gives me a terrible headache. I cannot bear it anymore. Please remove it right from here.

-Don’t worry, I am going to remove the photo. But I don’t know whether your headache will vanish or not. Excuse me, please.

-I have many things in life to provide you with a headache. And this picture is certainly one of those things. 

-Believe me, everything is going to be good with this picture except the fact that it is actually hopeless.

-There is no need for you to worry about Planet Express. Allow me to think of something blank.

-What are you talking about? Planet Express? It is one of those things I like in my everyday life. Can I have a look at it?

Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

-Try to leave me alone. I will bring some French fries for you. Hope you like them.

-Why are you worrying about blank? I will not allow you to worry about Planet Express.

-I have become mad with anger. I just can’t control myself.

-I don’t like people who are mad with anger because I don’t remain offended at any cost. 

-Please try to control yourself. Getting angry will not help your cause at all.

-I know that. And so I am making an attempt to be sane.

-I love many stories. But the story of the Octopus and the Grasshopper really enthralls me. 

-I want to see this film. Maybe it has got the ingredients to excite me.

-The Octopus and the Grasshopper? Let’s do this favor of watching the movie.

-You are the builder of your own fortune. Do not neglect it. 

-Every man builds his own fate, and he can also destroy it if he wants. Are you one of those men out there?

-It is similar to a party that is happening in my mouth. 

-I don’t like the idea of any party taking place within my mouth. 

– It appears that space is going to go on without stopping. 

-I do not have any ammunition that will make space stop all of a sudden. 

-Space has the propensity of going on without any kind of stoppage whatsoever.

-No, I have no belief that this is present.

-Not possible.. this thing does not have any existence whatsoever.

-It is one of the worst situations I have ever come across.

-Please pray for me. Hopefully, the future will come in front of us.

-With your blessings, I will be able to see the future.

-Noh, there is no existence of such things.

-Will you please keep quiet and take my cash? 

-Please, take care to shut your mouth and get hold of my cash. It is particularly for you; please believe.

-Take my cash after shutting your filthy mouth. I just cannot take it anymore.

-Please shut your mouth, and I will give you my cash. Then you can do the rest.

-There are many jobs in my locality and your job appears to be the perfect one. 

-It is tough for me to decide which one I should go after. 

-I am not sanguine whether he is bored or hungry. Or, he might be both.

-I don’t know whether you are bored or hungry. Simply do what I say. 

Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

-It is impossible for me to assert whether you are seducing me or I am actually seducing you. 

-You have to do what you think is best. Never try to challenge yourself.

-Do not do anything beyond your capacity. In that way, you will end up damaging your health.

-Any sensible man will never speak a lie.

-All wise men are so boring. They seem to go on delivering lectures forever. 

– Talk less and hand over the keys to me.  

-Overconfidence will push you into despair and trouble. That way, trouble will be your frequent visitor.

-Children are like flowers. Respect their innocence. 

-You provide me with a terrible headache. Better not talk to you.

-Most of the time, life is good, but not always. However, try to be cool in tough situations. 

-Respect others, and you, too, will be respected. 

-I think the only way to deal with females will be to seduce them.

-Everything has its own ups and downs. Always try to prepare for the worst. 

-Take everything easy and enter the space. 

Fry And Leela Love Quotes

Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

Fry: “Leela, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, even if you do have no depth perception.”

Leela: “Fry, you may not be the most intelligent guy, but you make up for it with your heart.”

Fry: “Leela, I would cross the universe and back just to be with you.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re my constant in this crazy world. I love you.”

Fry: “Leela, when I look at you, I see my future, and it’s with you.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re the one who makes me believe in love.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re my one-eyed wonder.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re the missing piece in my life’s puzzle.”

Fry: “Leela, I’d freeze myself a thousand times over just to be with you in the future.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re the reason I keep going in this crazy world of ours.”

Fry: “Leela, I love you to the moon and back, even if it’s the 31st century.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re my hero, and I love you for who you are.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the only one who’s ever made me want to be a better person.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re the sweetest guy I know, and I’m lucky to have you.”

Fry: “Leela, every day with you is an adventure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re the spice in my life.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the light in the darkness of space.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re my rock, and I can always count on you.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re my destiny, and I’m never letting you go.”

Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

Leela: “Fry, you complete me in ways I never thought possible.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the reason I wake up with a smile every morning.”

Leela: “Fry, you may be a delivery boy, but you delivered love into my life.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the heart of the Planet Express crew, and my heart belongs to you.”

Leela: “Fry, I love you more than all the stars in the universe.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re my constant source of inspiration.”

Leela: “Fry, I’d follow you to the ends of the universe and back.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the adventure I’ve always dreamed of.”

Leela: “Fry, you’ve shown me that love can conquer even the most bizarre obstacles.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re my one and only, in this century and the next.”

Leela: “Fry, I wouldn’t change a thing about you. You’re perfect to me.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re my muse, my guiding star.”

Leela: “Fry, you make me believe that true love is worth waiting for.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the fire in my heart, keeping me warm in this cold, futuristic world.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re the reason I believe in second chances.”

Fry: “Leela, every moment with you is a moment I cherish.”

Leela: “Fry, you’ve taught me that love knows no boundaries.”

Fry: “Leela, you’re the puzzle piece that completes me.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re my anchor in the chaos of the 31st century.”

Fry: “Leela, I’d travel through time itself for just one more moment with you.”

Leela: “Fry, you’re my love story, and I’m never letting go of this chapter.”

Futurama Fry And Leela Love Sayings

Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

“You’re the one-eyed wonder I’ve been searching the universe for.”

“Our love is like a Bender’s cooking – it may be messy, but it’s worth it.”

“Just like the Planet Express ship, you’ve taken me to places I never knew existed.”

“I’ll be your Fry, and you can be my Leela in this crazy adventure called life.”

“My heart doesn’t have a clover in it, but it’s all yours.”

“Our love is stronger than Nibbler’s appetite for dark matter.”

“You and me, like Bender and beer – a perfect match.”

“In a world full of Zapp Brannigans, I’m lucky to have found my Leela.”

“You make my heart do the Hypnotoad dance every time I see you.”

“Leela, you’re the star in my sky, even if that sky is the universe itself.”

“My love for you is infinite, like the Professor’s lifespan.”

“You’re the reason I believe in love across time and space.”

“I’d travel through the Bermuda Tetrahedron for you.”

“Even in a parallel universe, I’d still choose you.”

“Like Bender’s attitude, my love for you is unbreakable.”

“You’re the sweetest thing since candy from the Candy Nebula.”

“You’re the Leela to my Fry – my constant in a world of chaos.”

“Our love story is like the time I spent frozen – it may have taken a thousand years, but it was worth the wait.”

“Just like Bender’s alcohol stash, my love for you is never-ending.”

“In a universe full of strange creatures and bizarre adventures, you’re the one thing that makes perfect sense to me.”

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Futurama: Funny Fry And Leela Love Quotes

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