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Caps Lock Day is a world wide event celebrated mostly on one of the two days of the years, either 22nd October or June 28. On this day, all the technical engineers and staffs remember the importance of the caps lock key in the keyboard which is used to generate Cyrillic and Latin Scripts.

Caps Lock Day Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

Caps Lock Day greetings-

  • Wishing all the technical officials and engineers a happy Caps Lock Day and I hope you’ll celebrate the day writing every script in capital letters.
  • It is in our history that Caps Lock is one of the most used buttons of the keyboard, and it holds a certain importance, so we should celebrate the day in memory of that.
  • On this international event of Caps Lock day, let us observe the importance of capital letters in our life and celebrate it like an engineer.
  • Happy Caps Lock Day to all my fellow batch mates who spent their entire life in writing essays and paragraphs in capital letters.
  • This day is so important for the technical staffs and officials who spend most of their days in front of computers. So let us celebrate it together.
  • Let us take a day off from work and celebrate Caps Lock Day with all our dear colleagues.
  • Wishing all my fellow brothers and sisters a wonderful Caps Lock Day. May you spend this day filled with relaxation and contentment.
  • My heartwarming wishes to you on this Caps Lock Day as you are the only one in my life who inspires me to keep working towards my goal. Have a lovely day with friends and family.
  • The evolution of Caps Lock has grown from ages when it was first invented. So let us celebrate this day together and go for an outing.

Caps Lock Day messages- 

  • The capital letter has the most significant value above all, so let us not underestimate this fact and celebrate the day of Caps Lock.
  • You won’t know the importance of capital letters until and unless you won’t get the chance to use it. So make the most of the day and thank god that we’re able to use caps lock key.
  • It was Doug Kerr who invented caps lock key. So this day is a party dedicated to that man as well who took charge of inventing the respective button.
  • Caps Lock Day reminds us of not forgetting the minute details and respecting every single object in this world, even if it’s not valuable.
  • It is a better way to celebrate the new year with a song that just entered through the caps lock key.
  • If education is the button to succeed, then teachers are caps lock.
  • All the unique and memorable features are stored under one button. So this day goes off to caps lock.
  • No more wars and fights, let’s come together and rule this nation using caps lock. 
  • If technology is the key to development, then the caps lock is Tesla.

Caps Lock Day Quotes

  • “Nothing more significant than the capital letters.” –Anonymous.
  • “Doug Kerr did a great thing by inventing the Caps Lock Key.” –Anonymous.
  • “What’s life without the Caps Lock Key, all dull and boring.” –Anonymous
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