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World dictionary day is celebrated on October 16th every year. This day is considered the birth date of Noah Webster, the creator, and the word dictionary’s discoverer. It took him almost twenty-seven years to curate the first dictionary. A dictionary is a bible for literates. 

World Dictionary Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Messages for World Dictionary Day

-Dictionaries nowadays have extensive use. They are used to know the meaning of the words and are used to see the pronunciation and spelling of the story.

-There are different types of dictionaries to see which will be most helpful to you according to your profession and need.

-A dictionary is one of the most important and necessary sources during your time studying at a school.

 -A good dictionary could be your solution to different word meanings, may it be technical, complex, or general literature. 

-A good dictionary provides you the correct use of it by telling you its proper use in phrases and paragraphs.

-People who study and practice words daily are considered to be more sensible and knowledgeable. Hence, this day is dedicated to them.

-One must know the proper use of a dictionary. On this day, let us know the proper uses of them.

-A service of the wrong word in wrong sentences can make a sentence go wrong and have incorrect scenes. Hence it’s essential to understand the context of the name.

-A bilingual dictionary is a dictionary that translates the word you want to understand in simple terms in your native language.

-A bilingual dictionary contains a small amount of information and narrows explicitly down the term’s limitation. But it’s helpful because it provides the word meaning in the native language.

-A monolingual dictionary has a broader perspective. This dictionary is written in English and has its meaning and explanation all compiled in English.

Greetings for World Dictionary Day

-A monolingual dictionary can be confusing at times; it provides much information and has different meanings of a single word in other sentences and grammatical phrases.

-Learner dictionaries are one of the alternatives of monolingual dictionaries. They are almost similar because it’s written in English.

-Learner dictionary is more comfortable than a monolingual dictionary as it simplifies the problematic term in easy ways and is easy to use.

-Dictionaries are versatile in nature. A person of different age, caste, gender, the profession can use this and find it valuable.

A dictionary helps increase our vocabulary and corrects our phonetics as it provides all the necessary information.

-In this digital era, we don’t have to open the dictionary book to know the meaning of a word.

– We have mobile dictionary apps that are more conventional and easy to use while searching for a word’s context and meaning.

 -You can never go wrong to go through the old pages of your dictionary you kept in your cupboard for years; not only it gives you wisdom but also brings back all the nostalgic moment of your life.

World Dictionary Day Quotes

“How come “burbled” gets to be in the Oxford English Dictionary but “tulgy” doesn’t? Hm?” ― Mike Tucker.

“I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything.” —Steven Wright

“Words―so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.” ―Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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