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Abraham Lincoln was born on 12the February 1809 and the date is celebrated every year in the United States of America.

Lincoln was the one who led the country through the massive reforms such as freedom and various such issues during the Civil War. Lincoln’s birthday anniversary is a public holiday in the country as he was one of the most celebrated and worthy Presidents the nation has ever had. 

_ Let us all come together and celebrate Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday as the man deserves all the humble gestures from the citizens of America.

_ The happy state we reside in today is the result of the efforts put in by Abraham Lincoln. Here’s offering him respect on his birth anniversary.

_ Happy birth anniversary to one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. Lincoln’s ideals are etched forever in our hearts.

_ America would have been a completely different place had Abraham Lincoln not coming to the scene. Thank you sir for giving us a life.

_ A man with principles and ideals that stormed the entire nation, Abraham Lincoln deserves all the flowers on his birth anniversary.

_ let us all come together and take a pledge on the birth anniversary of Lincoln to follow his ideals and respect freedom. 

_ it isn’t every day that the man who abolished slavery from the Constitution of America is born. Hence let’s celebrate Abraham Lincoln‘s birth anniversary.

_ Make sure that the place you are living is proud of your existence. Happy Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

_The work you do when alive paves the pave for your remembrance when you are dead. Do all the good deeds & celebrate Lincoln’s birthday.

_When you do good deeds, the satisfaction is legendary. Follow Lincoln’s path and make living happy for all. 

_Overpower the evil within you with all the good or else there is no point in living. Happy Lincoln’s birth anniversary.

_The bad will always be enticing but we must focus on the positive and transfer the same vibes to ones around us. 

_ Abraham Lincoln was a legend and hence if you wish to be cool, go read his words and follow what he said! It’s his birthday 

_ there is no American on the face of this earth who can imagine living with freedom without the birth of  Lincoln. This day means a lot!

_It requires guts to be able to swipe off the evil of slavery from a country totally. Lincoln’s deeds are far greater and monumental 

_Lincoln always asked everyone to stand on God’s side because God is never wrong! 

_The ones with power need to act in regards to justice. Remembering Lincoln on his birthday!

_Time is equally cruel to one and all. Value your time always like Lincoln did.

_Before you plan to jump, make sure that you have the proper landing space. Reckless decisions can cost lives. Happy Lincoln’s birthday

_Let us all come together and offer our prayers to the heroic Lincoln. We owe him our lives.

_One man stood against the entire system to get it changed. Lincoln’s birth anniversary is here.

_Education doesn’t show your intention rather your hard work does! Lincoln is a reminder of what magic hard-work can do

_Taking America through the Civil War with great valour is no small task! Here’s remembering the legendary Abraham Lincoln on his birthday.

_The legend of Abraham Lincoln didn’t end with the assassination rather it began with it. 

_On this day of Lincoln’s birthday, let’s pay an ode to his soul and show him that the world follows the legacy he left behind.

_Let’s fulfill Lincoln’s dream of making America the last best hope of the world. Happy birthday Sir.

_Lincold must be proud of all the citizens who dutifully share and care for their fellow citizens. 

_It was never the bullet that was horrifying, it’s the ballot. Lincoln’s birthday is here!

_Every American on this Lincoln’s birth anniversary should come together to help support sustainable living and protect each other’s freedom! 

_Lincoln’s dream was to make America the best place. On his birth anniversary let’s take an oath to turn his dream into reality.

_Formal education isn’t the basis of success but your motivation towards the goal is. Happy Lincoln’s birth anniversary

_Let us take a moment to close our eyes and thank Lincoln on his birthday for providing us with freedom and a way of life in America 

_We are proud to be Americans but we are more proud to belong from the land of Abraham Lincoln. It’s Lincoln’s day!

_If you read about Lincoln, you instantly become a follower of his idealism. It’s the legend’s birth anniversary. 

_Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln. You are inevitable when we speak about America and its place in the world. All hail! 

_The history of America without Lincoln is just like the solar system without the sun. Happy birthday Sir Abraham Lincoln. 

_Being brave is one of the most important characteristics as we learn from Lincoln. Let’s face our fears and speak courage and truth! 

_On every birth anniversary of Lincoln, people of America realise that when you take a stand for a good cause you get killed but that shouldn’t stop you because even after death you live forever! 

_It’s been 200 years since Lincoln’s birthday and America’s growth and position as the global leader. Coincidence? Not really! 

_Abraham Lincoln is the face of change that made America what it is today. Happy Lincoln’s birth anniversary 

_We have a movie on Lincoln, multiple books and a national holiday on his birthday. That’s what truth and brave leadership can earn you!

_Finally it’s Lincoln’s birthday and we are excited to hold a screening of his biography for the kids to know more about the legend. 

_His death was a reward of his fight against slavery and braveness in the times of Civil war but he forever lives in our hearts. Happy Lincoln’s birthday! 

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