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15th June is celebrated as the Smile Power Day. This day is regarded as the day when you are supposed to flash your beautiful teeth and curve of the lips.

Any emoticon won’t suffice and hence it is essential that you smile because we human beings are the only beings on the earth that has the ability to do this! The day is aimed to let people know about the power of smile. Here are some of the quotes and wishes that you can forwards on this day.

Smile Power Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_Smile your pain away because pain hates smiles! Happy Smile power day to all!

_A person looks his/her best when they smile. Keep smiling and spread happiness.

_As long as we hold the smile on our face, there is no looking back and sadness won’t stand a chance to get upon us. Happy Smile Power Day.

_No matter what hardships you have in life, a smile can minimise it all and can be a serious turn off for all those who want to pull you down. Happy Smile Power day to everyone.

_Life is a lot easier when we have a smile on our face.

_Smile is such a curve that has the power to make every other thing straight and easy for you.

_Know the power of your smile on this Smile Power day. You can win hearts and war both with just a smile from your heart.

_Every enemy you ever face in life would want to see you in tears. The easiest way to set them off is smiling and talking to them. Trust me, you do o know the power of your smile!

_If you have a reason, smile. If you do not have a reason, smile again! Happy Smile Power day to all those who ever smiled!

_Smile power day is incomplete unless you take the initiative to put the same smile on someone else’s face too!

_Amidst the busy life and dull faces, people have forgot to smile and this is why it is essential to let them know the power of smile on this date. Live life with a smile!

_Nothing is near to perfection other than a smile that comes from the depth of heart. Happy Smile Power Day to all.

_Share reasons to others so that they can smile. It is a rare thing these days, spread it viral!

_The easiest way to create a connection with someone is to “smile”. A smile back will ensure a bond and a warm greeting of Smile Power Day.

_A smile on the face of a stranger also looks good. We are blessed to be able to smile and hence we should smile often. Spread the word on this smile power day.

_Smile is the most priceless thing that you can ever have and yet it can win hearts like none other. Share the power of smile!

_A peek of your teeth amidst the lips will surely make people drool because you smiled and the world is happier now. Know more about the power of smile on this Smile Power Day.

_One smile from your end can start a chain of smiles and you never know how long this chain may go! Let us start the chain of smiles and let people know about the power of smile.

_The best thing to wear is smile. It suits every fashion and is always trending at #1. Warm greetings of the smile power day.

_Every person wants to stay happy. On this smile power day, let us take an oath and become the reason of someone else’s happiness.

_Make the world around you a better place to live with a lovely smile on your face. The power of smile is undeniable and can reach out to the coldest of hearts.

_Happy Smile power day. We have fewer reasons to smile today but we have more need to smile for a healthy and better life every day.

_Smile has medical benefits Positive toxins from the body can be a blessing for your health. Share the wisdom on this day of Smile Power Day.

_Let us take an oath to add more smiles in this world and less frowns.

_If you are looking for beauty remedies, then smile is the best one you can have at free of cost! After all, nothing is more beautiful that happiness and humour combined in a life. Have a fulfilling smile power day.

_Able to smile amidst pain is what makes us humans, a lot different from any other animals on this earth. Fake your smile till it turns real!

_We can let the world know about our life with a smile that is unending. After all, nothing reflects your life better than your face. Warm wishes of the smile power day.

_The truth is- Nothing can ever beat the beauty of a pure smile!

_Your life is a lot better with smiles and the relationships are a lot healthier with smiles. Let us pray for the smile to always accompany us and enrich the value of our life.

_Promise yourself to sport the beautiful smile every day. It is greater than any other make up on this world! Extend smiles to others on this Smile Power Day.

_Never be a miser when it comes to smiling. I assure you of double return on investment! Happy world smile power day.

_The only common language on the face of this earth is smile. Every people from every corner of the world understand this and connect with it. Happy smile power day to all.

_Popping the air bubble pack may not always work but sporting a smile surely will. Know the real power of smile on this Smile power day.

_A smile from your lips can just be a fuel for your loved ones entire day! Shower smiles, it is the key to healthy relationships. HAPPY SMILE POWER DAY

_Melt hearts and win it with the most powerful thing on this earth, “SMILE”.

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