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National Respect Day is celebrated every year all around the world on 18th September. This day is observed to let people learn about the importance of respecting others. This day is not a festival or a day of pomp or dance around, this is ultimately a day dedicated to how we celebrate it ourselves. 

National Respect Day Messages

-Respect day is a day to make people know how to respect people and the importance of respecting others.

-Take the respect day as an opportunity to pay attention to your near and dear ones and make people learn the ways of building character.

-The respect day comes once in a year, but character building is an everyday process and not a one day approach.

-Even if you are not so close with the person, learn to respect the feelings and emotions of the one. 

-Character building is the first step towards gaining respect. Thus, learn to respect others.

-Respect is just a simple term all of us need to teach within us, a way of showing the worth of respect and love for others.

-Inspire and get inspired on the eve of respect day, treat other people around us, and learn the importance of respecting others.

-Respect day is not just to observe for a single day, but to learn and spread the importance of respect and love everywhere.

-In today’s world of hate and violence all around, growing and giving respect is just a ray of hope to build this world and heal it from all negative impacts.

-Respect day is a way to spread, and people aware of all age groups about the positive impacts of respecting others.

-The day of observing National Respect day has a common objective, teaching the younger generation the importance of respecting their elders and making other people understand to show love and respect towards this.

-Gaining respect is a tricky process; care is not achieved by spreading fear; instead, respect is earned by a strong character and respect for others.

-Respect day has a different meaning for different people; for some, it’s a way to show more affection towards their loved ones, and for some, it’s a way to prevent growing hate and urge of violence among people.

-Grab the opportunity to raise awareness and promote the positive points about love and respect for everyone on National Respect day.

-Respect is a two-way process; if you show love and care to others, you will surely get it back.

-Paying attention to your near and dear ones and knowing the importance of respect for others is the day’s motto.

-In this National Respect Day, let us take a moment and pledge to respect our elders who worked day and night for our well being.

-In today’s busy world, we all forget teaching children and people about love, respect, and character-building, but it’s never late; you can start this on today’s auspicious day and let everyone know the importance of these positive traits.

-Generally, it is expected by everyone that they deserve respect; nobody deserves respect; it is a nature that is earned. 

National Respect Day Greetings

-Happy National Respect day to all who understand the importance of respecting others and learning about love and respect.

-Arrival of the National Respect Day, a day to let the current generation know the value of respecting people.

-Cheers to all the people on the occasion of National Respect day as all of you teach the values of love and respect inside young people and older people.

-Celebrate the National Respect day with your near and dear ones, paying more attention to them and making them learn the importance of respect others.

-Take the pledge on National Respect day to create awareness among the people about the positive values of respecting people and moving forward together.

-Celebrate the National Respect day with your loved ones and make them realize the importance of respect.

-Forwarding respect day greetings to my parents who worked day and night for the betterment of their children.

-It takes no effort in paying respect to your elders and showing affection to the younger ones. Move forward today and spread the message of showing respect to everyone.

-A happy National Respect day to everyone. May you all build such a character that you are shown respect to and move forward in health and happiness.

-Happy National Respect day, have a great day by paying respect to all your near and dear ones.

-Know the importance of respecting others and make an effort to change lives this National Respect day. You never know this may be one of the ways to earn respect. Happy National Respect day!

-Let me wish with all my heart this National Respect day that every person values the festive atmosphere created by love and respect.

-Inculcating the values of love and respect is not a single day process; it is a process that comes to everyone with each passing day, May all of you learn this process on the eve of National Respect day.

-Wish progressive this National Respect day and bring a change. There is enough power in your love and respect.

-Respect is like a give and takes relationship, you will get it if you reciprocate it—a happy National Respect day.

-On this lovely occasion of National Respect day, I wish everyone a hearty day full of love and respect for you.

National Respect Day Quotes

“ If you have some respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are.”

– John W. Gardner

“ He who loves others is constantly loved by them, he who respects others is constantly respected by them.”

– Mensius

“ Knowledge will give you power, but character will build respect.”

– Bruce Lee

“ Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one should be idolized.”

– Albert Einstein

Self-Respect Status To Remind You How Much You Matter

  • Love yourself first, then love others. 

  • Destroy your ability, don’t be rude! 

  • Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. 

  • In my time, we have no self-respect; we have self-respect, nothing more than we deserve. 

  • Self-respect is the fruit of discipline. 

  • People who don’t respect me, I don’t respect them. I call it self-respect. 

  • Don’t we realize that self-respect comes with self-confidence? 

  • They cannot deprive us of respect for ourselves unless we give them. 

  • In this world, only one thing is important to you: only you. 

  • Respect your efforts and respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When both are firmly fixed to the belt, this is the real power. 

  • Never look at anything that is good for you. This may make you lose faith or lose your self-respect. 

  • The moment you learn to love yourself, you don’t want to be another person. 

  • Respect those who are worthy, not those who want it. 

  • The more you love yourself, the less you endure nonsense. 

  • Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; self-respect grows with the ability to say no to oneself. 

  • Don’t be surprised if you are respected; this is what you should expect. 

  • Don’t compare yourself with others, or you will offend yourself. 

  • Only make decisions that support your self-respect, self-respect, and self-respect. 

  • I am very worried about myself. The more lonely, the fewer friends, the more unstable, and the more respect for yourself. 

  • Look in the mirror, and you will find someone who will protect and guide you forever. 

  • I never work for work; it is a combination of laziness and self-respect. 

  • Self-respect permeates every aspect of your life. 

  • Being willing to take responsibility for your own life is a source of self-respect. 

  • I don’t care what others are to me but what I am to myself. I will get rich on my own, not through credit. 

  • The more you understand yourself and respect yourself, the greater your influence on the people around you. 

  • Never ask about relationships. Bravely accept someone who really wants to be with you, and reject someone who pretends to be with you. 

  • If we lose our love and respect for ourselves, we will eventually die like this. 

  • Make a decision: continue your life and find yourself in the abyss of self-misunderstanding; otherwise, you will find that your personality does not depend on it. 

  • All members of society should be role models, not only out of respect for themselves but also out of respect for others.

  • Some people respect their boss too much and have nothing. 

  • Self-respect for oneself is the first step to a deep respect for others.
Self Respect Status

Best WhatsApp Statuses On Self Respect

  • Having an ego is very negative, but self-respect is positive. 

  • Respect is not imposed or required; it is won and commanded. 

  • Lower the requirements for anything or anyone and respect yourself-everyone. 

  • You can’t force others to respect yourself, but you can give up disrespect. 

  • The worst thing is that you lose yourself because you love someone too much and forget that you -are also special. 

  • Kindness in words produces trust, kindness in thought produces depth, and kindness in charity produces love. 

  • Don’t be afraid to love yourself, just like you are two golden rainbows.

  • Try to improve, not prove yourself. 

  • It is better to die on your knees than to live on your knees. The biggest advantage of the word 

  • Is that it can belong to oneself. 

  • Love yourself enough to have people around you who respect you. 

  • Once you feel that someone is letting you get in the way, don’t bother them again. 

  • You beat me; I fight back. I don’t think being a punching bag is good for self-respect.

  • Instead of turning around and repenting, it is better to look forward and be prepared. 

  • Taking good care of yourself is never a selfish act. It is just the only gift to be kind to me. This is the gift I planted on the earth. 

  • It is a great and unique power of self-respect to break away from the expectations of others and find yourself back. 
Self Respect Status
  • Don’t lose respect for your feelings. 

  • It takes courage to live out your truth, but you will gain self-respect. 

  • Don’t care about self-respect. Removing 

  • People in your life are a sign of self-respect. 

  • Self-respect is the courage to leave the table to the limit! 

  • I can’t think of a greater loss than losing my self-respect. 

  • You must have some kind of standard. This is part of self-respect. 

  • Respect everyone, but don’t feel inferior in front of anyone. 

  • Good-looking has no personal meaning; your self-respect. 

  • Without self-humility, there is no respect for others. 

  • This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. 

  • Always act as if you are wearing an invisible crown. 

  • Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtues. 

  • Self is not important in life, but self-respect is the most important thing in life. 

  • Respect yourself; others will respect you. 

  • A person can bear a lot as long as he can bear himself. 

  • Self-respect does not mean ignoring your mistakes: embracing them.

  • Teaches people to treat you well. 

  • You, like everyone else in the entire universe, are worthy of your love and affection. 

  • You can’t show respect. If you don’t respect, you will naturally respect yourself and others. 

  • When you say yes to others, you are not saying no to yourself. 

  • It is better to write for yourself without an audience than to write for the public without yourself. 

  • If we lose our love, self-respect, and mutual respect, we will eventually die. 

  • The greatest thing in the world is not the pursuit of happiness but the achievement of peace and self-respect. 

  • Your respect for others directly reflects your respect for yourself. 

  • You don’t respect your own desires, and neither will others. You will only attract people who do not respect you as much as you do. 

  • You have been criticizing yourself for years, but it didn’t work. Try to prove yourself and see what happens. 

  • Maturity is the ability to gracefully overcome situations that threaten your inner peace, self-respect, values, morals, or self-respect.

Attitude self-respect Status

The most precious possession of humanity is self-respect. Whatever one may lose, the loss of one’s self-respect affects a lot.

Many people out there don’t even value their self-respect and sacrifice it for the sake of someone or something.

Whereas, for some people, their self-respect is a matter of serious concern, as it should be. Whatever happens, holding on to your self-respect is the least you can do. Below are some Status to make you realize your worth.

  • If you want something you’ve never experienced before, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done before.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • The right mental attitude will lead you to feel the love you deserve.
  • The real difficulty of self-love is fighting the inner critic that goes against our desires by challenging our own beliefs. Critics keep reminding you of past pain you can’t let go of.
  • Unconditional self-love is what matters in life. This is where real life begins.

Your self-respect has to be strong Status

Someone who has given away their self-respect for someone they think they love is a big myth.

If someone loves you, your self-respect is theirs, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it intact and not otherwise.

You need to keep your foot strong and self-respect intact for your sake. That is all that matters. And for that, we have some encouraging Status that will make you realize your worth.

  • I don’t pay respect to people who don’t return the same behavior towards me. You call it ego; I call it self-esteem.
  • In this world, only one person is important to you. Only you.
  • Just look in the mirror; you will always find someone to protect and guide you. 
  • The more you know and respect yourself, the more influence you have on those around you.
  • Never beg for a relationship. Have the courage to accept people who want to be with you and reject people who pretend to be with you.

Women self-respect Status

The most exploited section of society is the womankind and the weaker sections. How long do you think women can hold their patience inside and stand boldly in front of those accusing them? At some point or the other, they break too.

They fall, and when they fall, they fall hard. All their lives, women have been subjected to various kinds of phases which have led to the destruction of their self-respect. And that is not acceptable! Read the Status below and speak up!

  • “Whenever you think about disrespecting women, think about how you got into this world.”
  • “A man who always treats his wife like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen.”
  • “If you don’t respect her girlfriend, you don’t deserve her girlfriend.”
  • “Treat women right, and you will be treated right.”
  • “Respecting a woman is the best way to convey how beautiful she is.”

Relationship self-respect Status

In a relationship, both partners’ right to share equal rights and freedoms. The self-esteem of men isn’t in any way greater than women because women have self-respect too.

The only difference is they do not impose it on someone. And that’s how relationships should be.

Respecting each other along with each other’s dignity and self-respect is essential. For that, these Status are designed. So, give them a read! 

  • “Respect is the first thing you should give.”
  • “A great relationship is two things: First, appreciate the similarities, and second, respect the differences. “
  • The goal is to be respected, not liked.
  • The more value you give of yourself, the more love you have to give to others and the more value you can give to the world.
  • I forgive myself for long believing that I wasn’t good enough to get, have, and want to be what I wanted.

Dignity self-respect Status

One’s lifetime companion and achievement that stays with them is their self-made dignity and respect.

Who else would make it go in vain but us, ourselves? We are the ones who put our self-respect and dignity at stake and live life! How is it even acceptable?

The loss of any possession can’t match the level of hurt a person feels when they lose their dignity. It is our responsibility to make it our weapon, for which the Status are made to encourage people!

  • If you want to experience love, start with yourself first.
  • You are free, powerful, good, loving, worthy, and purposeful. All is well.
  • Put yourself at the top of your daily to-do list, and the rest will take care of themselves.
  • Fall in love with your body; fall in love with your soul. These are the things that will stay with you until the end.
  • Be with someone who appreciates your every core. Be that someone for yourself, and you won’t need anyone else.

Self Respect Status

Best Respectful WhatsApp Statuses and Messages

-Never violate your personal self-esteem. 

-Respect yourself, and others will respect you. 

-Respect yourself before respecting others. 

-Self-esteem permeates every aspect of your life. 

-Always act as if you are wearing an invisible crown. 

-Respect yourself enough and stay away from anything that no longer serves you, no longer makes you grow, or makes you happy. 

-I firmly believe that respect is more important than popularity.  

-Self-esteem is the fruit of discipline.

-My attitude will always depend on how you treat me. 

-You must respect yourself first. 

-Self-confidence is the first secret of success. 

-Self-esteem is the result of discipline; self-esteem increases with the ability to say no to oneself. 

-Self-esteem guides our ethics; respect for others determines our behavior. 

-Taking care of yourself is not patience, but self-respect 

-Your talent is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to God. 

-A man who respects a woman should be a sensible man! 

-Only talk about things that can bring you honor. 

-Respect is one of the most precious treasures in life. 

-Do something today that you will be grateful for in the future. 

-Respect is earned, not given. 

-I may not be perfect, but I have always been. 

-Self-loathing is negative, but self-esteem is positive. 

-Be a man and respect girls.

-In a relationship, respect is as important as love. 

-If a man occupies himself doing the most arduous task, he never loses his pride. 

-I am nobody to judge things I don’t understand, like one’s self-esteem.

-If people lose their self-respect and love for others, they would die!

-Self-respect is an element of sacredness in my life. I have worshipped it!

-Don’t say “NO” to yourself while saying “YES” to others.

-An individual should respect himself at first by listening to his heart and emotions. 

-One should not grow a wishbone without having a backbone himself!

-It’s better to write for me and have no people than writing for people with no self.

-Strength, self-esteem, and confidence comes from within, not from around.

-The judgment we pass on ourselves is more imperative than public judgment.

-I prefer dying on my feet more than living on my knees.

-A person can tolerate every humiliation as far as he can stand himself!

-Without respecting yourself, you cannot respect others. 

-Discrepancies were intended to enrich, not to divide.

-To deal with everything in life, you have your respect within yourself.

-Respect yourself because nobody is gonna do it for you.

-People cannot take your respect away unless you are giving it to them. 

-It doesn’t matter what society calls you but what your answer to it. 

-Honesty with self-respect is usually salutary tokens of progress.

-Uncountable geniuses exist and expire undiscovered by themselves or society.

-Our self-confidence saturates every phase of our lives. 

Latest Respectful WhatsApp Statuses and Messages

-You only set the standard for others by behaving good or bad with yourself.

-Self-respect grows by appreciating the ideas and beliefs of others.

-You only know how much respect, love, and affection you deserve in this universe.

-People should approach others exactly the way they would prefer to be approached.

-Few people choose love over respect but that’s never worth it. 

-You cannot really respect others if you don’t have any respect for yourself.

-If you walk the extra mile, your respect, and pride increase. 

-Handling defeats gracefully is a sign of deep self-respect. 

-I have the greatest of reverence for people who fight for themselves when nobody does. 

-Gifting yellow flowers to my friend as a sign of respect. 

-Life begins when you start respecting yourself. 

-Earning honor is the most difficult job in this world. 

-Don’t let other people’s opinions muddle your self-esteem. 

-Be kind to yourself and keep on respecting yourself even when nobody does. 

-Let respect be the most precious ornament you wear. 

-Walk away for the sake of your own self-worth when people humiliate you. 

-Do not forget to add a smile to your countenance and respect yourself. 

-Self-respect is the greatest of virtues. 

-I respect you even when you fall down. 

-Applaud yourself in a while for just living in this cruel world. 

-Plant seeds of respect in your mindscape. 

-Self-respect has a tendency of attracting more respect. 

-Be like the polestar and shine with your own light. 

-Mingle with positive people who give you value. 

-Have a heart that holds value for yourself. 

-Walk alone and let self-respect be your companion.

-Life teaches you lessons so that you value and respect yourself. 

-Be the most respected person people consider as a role model. 

-Let’s not fight with anyone for respect when we ourselves can respect us. 

-I have always chosen my company carefully for my own self-esteem. 

-Self-esteem doesn’t make us sink into depression. 

-It’s important to respect people in a way that they remember us.

-Your worth with be established just believe in yourself.

-Your destination is near just keep believing in your worth. 

-My respect for you is as vast as the blue sky. 

-It’s an indescribable feeling to be appreciated and respected. 

-How can people crave to be respected when they don’t care about others. 

-Self-respect can pull you up from the deepest of abysses. 

-There’s a lot of respect for myself somewhere in the cavern of my own mind. 

-There’s a certain amount of satisfaction in respecting people of knowledge.

-Meditating on self-respect for brighter days.

-Your pride should be like the blazing sun.

-How you treat yourself forms a major part of your self-esteem.

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