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The Belmont Stakes is one of the oldest and longest American Grade one stakes thoroughbred horse race along with Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby. The race is primarily held either on the first or second Saturday of June at Belmont Park, Elmont, New York.

Over the years, the Belmont Stakes has cemented its reputation as the “Test of the Champion” amongst the horse racing professionals.  

The origination of Belmont stakes was done in the year of 1867 and was named after the diplomat, sportsman, financier August Belmont.

Initially, the races would occur at numerous distances and tracks but since 1905, Belmont Park near New York City has been the home of thoroughbred racing. Below is a list of quotes that one can use to share the joy of horse racing at this year’s Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes Messages, Quotes & Wishes

_For the ones who are thinking about writing a book on horse race, Belmont Stakes is the perfect place to start your fruitful journey of researches.

_There isn’t possibly anything more thrilling than seeing the thoroughbreds competing for the number title in the upcoming Belmont Stakes.

_Be it horse or a human, if you are trying to win a race then you have to keep breathing to preserve your heart and in the end show some character.

_A horse race is not all about putting money at the best and winning it. It is rather all about experiencing the miracle being unfolded right before our eyes.

_Belmont Stakes is there for you to experience it as witnessing many thoroughbreds heading for the finish line is actually one of a kind experience. 

 _If you are a nervous being like the Thoroughbreds are then you would also start running as well upon hearing the first gunshot.

_America has achieved many things over the years but reinforcing its positions as the industry leaders in thoroughbreds racing is not a joke.

_For a thoroughbreds, setting a world record is an ordinary thing to do but witnessing the phenomenon is definitely and extraordinary experience.

_The horses will hear you cheering for them but they won’t listen as their focus is on reaching the finish line before their competitors.

_A horse never shies away from a challenge or a fight maybe that is why they are adored greatly by the humans as we tend to give up more.

_Although humans tend to be good at mathematics but yet the phenomenon of horse races leaves the greatest mathematicians without answers

_In life and in horse races, challenging one’s limit to the extent of giving up is the key to win the race. May theses horses be your source of inspiration.

_There are plenty of things that the breed of male humans can’t seem to figure out and Horse race is definitely one of them.

_If you’re still under the impression of thoroughbreds being the most beautiful creation there ever was, then you’re not completely wrong

_How would you feel missing America’s top thoroughbred racing top-attended events just because you don’t know anything about horses.

_It is tough to predict the outcomes in the world of money and business but it is not as unpredictable as the race of Belmont stakes.

_If you want to witness an exhibition of fair play, courage and a sense of honor then the thoroughbred race of Belmont stakes is your destination.

_”Keep going, we can still make it” is the general attitude of a jockey even after the stallion trips and falls on his face.

_Your daily does of inspiration can be found at the Belmont Stakes in the form of all the thoroughbreds galloping towards the end of the line.

_The bounce in the steps, the perseverance in the attitude and a mouthful of resilience in the mind is what makes the thoroughbred racing wonderful again.

_If a human carries around the no-giving-up qualities of a pure bred horse, racing in the Belmont stakes then there’s no stopping that human.

_Thank God that these horses don’t have the horse sense to make bets on humans or else the world of horse racing would have been completely different.

_One thing for sure that there won’t be any slow horses in the Belmont stakes but one might find humans on their rush of adrenaline.

_In then it’s all about the fate you’ll have on that day because any of the horses in the Belmont Stakes can win you the race on any given day.

_There are no bad horses in the race just a jockey who was unable to comprehend the mind of a stallion in order to keep him going.

_Each and every debate of who has the got the fastest stallion eventually gets sorted out after the race. So just enjoy and live in the moment.

_For the true horse race lovers, there isn’t a damn good thing in this world that can be as a beautiful as the breed of Thoroughbreds.

_We humans need to create our own virtual blinders just like the horses in the race do to keep the focus on winning rather than distractions.

_May we all treat our wives in the same way we treat the thoroughbreds before the race because nobody likes to hear a nag.

_The horses in the Belmont stakes doesn’t take the easy route to win like the humans do rather it displays enormous courage and hides pretense.

_It is no more than a privilege to be amongst the thousands of spectators at the Belmont stakes and experience one of the oldest Triple Crown events 

_These horses at the Belmont Stakes represents a man’s dreams about themselves- Beautiful yet Strong, powerful yet losable.

 _Something secretive is usually shared between Jockeys and their horses. May the nobility of such jockeys inspire you to be at this year’s Belmont Stakes.

_A great writer once compared the extraordinary event of horse racing to the animated version of roulette as it is so bloody unpredictable.

_Horse racing is best known for showcasing the majestic beauty of these animals as well the athleticism of jockeys and the event of Belmont Stakes is no different.

_Just because you don’t know the horses racing in the Belmont Stakes doesn’t mean you can’t come down there and root for one.

_If we all could have just the one ounce of courage that the breed of thoroughbreds has then the world would really become an oyster for us.

_There are many people in this world carries the hobby of watching a horse race and for them Belmont Stakes is nothing short of being a heaven.

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