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Underwear day is held on the 5th of August every year since 2003 to celebrate the importance of comfortable undergarments.

Underwear is the special form of under and outer clothing which is worn closest to our body in order to achieve protection from sweat in summer and cold in winter.

The eve of Underwear Day provides an opportunity for everyone to wear their desired undergarments whether it is briefs, panties, boxers, or anything that provides a comfortable layer.

The occasion of Underwear day was first introduced in the year 2003 by Freshpair, an online retailer of underwear for men women in an effort to shed some light on “unmentionables”. 

So below is a list of Quotes that one can share with everyone to commemorate the occasion of Underwear Day

_One thing life has taught me over the years is to be optimistic in life, even when it comes to wearing an underwear to a date.

_Some things in life are meant to be covered but that doesn’t mean we will have to compromise with dirty underwear. So go clean on this Underwear Day.

_The quotes on your underwear is the most private thing that you can share with yourself. May you wear your favorite ones on this Underwear Day.

_We all should take the same amount of time while selecting the perfect underwear as we do for choosing what shirt or a pant to wear.

_It’s not the humid weather that sometimes keeps us up during the night. I hope you know where I am going with this because it’s Underwear Day

_Distracting yourself from having to let go of the dirtiest undergarments you posses is surely not a hygienic lifestyle for anyone to have.

 _More than the visual impression, the underwear posses the quality of saving one’s honor even in the situations that are widely unfavorable.

_Just when we are adults we realize its’ the little things we do for self care that makes us happy such as buying a nice pair of comfy undergarments.

__On account of cleanliness, hygiene and keeping things healthy down there I urge you to wear your special undergarment on the eve of Underwear Day.

 _At the end of a tiring day, all we need is a salt bath and a fresh pair of comfortable undergarments to feel energized again.

_Some people are miracles from above because the concept of changing yourself to a fresh and clean underwear every other day is alien to them.

_People do get homesick even when they are not far away from their homes because it’s the only place where you can walk around freely in your underwear.

_It is said that one can tell a lot about oneself just by looking at his or her underwear. So I hope you get to know yourself on this Underwear Day.

_I think we all should treat our underwear the same way we should treat our password like not letting the world see it and change it very often.

_The most special thing about the undergarments is not the comfort that they provide but the power to wear it and discard it at your own will.

_It is quite natural to be afraid and cautious when the first itching of the day occurs before 12 P.M. due to not wearing clean undergarments.

_Sometimes life will pull you down for good but keeping a different perspective always helps along with a comfortable underwear.

_People need to realize that it is just underwear that we wear it every day to work and not make a big taboo of a topic to discus on Underwear Day.

_We humans don’t always have the power to make a drastic change in our life for good but what we can do is change our underwear to stay comfortable.

_On the eve of Underwear Day, it is time that you throw out your “brief” history of undergarments and shop for some new ones.

_There is a strange respect for some people who have always kept undergarments in their go-to list of things to carry before going to a night out.

_Sometimes the worst mood swings occurrence can easily be tamed by just getting yourself into a fresh pair of undergarments.

_If not love then it is extremely important that you take care of your underwear very well because that’s the way we all should be.

_When I look back at my life, I see pain, irritation and mistakes I have made for not maintaining the clean undergarments on my wardrobe.

_While fashion shows are great for celebrating an Underwear Day but for normal people like us it is best we celebrate the occasion more privately.

_There are some people who find extreme joy in shopping for numerous undergarments. To all those people I wish you a lovely Underwear Day.

_One must always treat their underwear with the reverence it deserves. So from the eve of Underwear Day, start the journey of appreciation.

_Make sure you work really hard in your life to be able to freely invest in some fancy and comfy looking undergarments.

_Our journey as humans starts from the cradle and ends with the coffin. The only common material we have on us at both times is our underwear.

_Mr. Bean was a huge inspiration for us back in the days, especially the tighty-whities that he proudly wore in an episode.

_As a human residing in the 21st century modernized world, it is great to keep an open mind about everything such as celebrating Underwear Day.

_The level of humidity is directly proportional to roaming around in underwear at your own house as that’s the way we humans tend to live.

_I hope you feel blessed when you are able to afford fresh undergarments to wear the next day because some people can’t.

_Monotony of anything can be too much to handle, just like wearing the same undergarments to work every day and reliving it for the week

_Any of the stereotypical undergarments gear is a visual reminder of an idealized human image that is to be accepted without any terms and conditions.

_Underwear works as a great symbolism in teaching the world about humility or two as both of them are essential but a bit indecent to show.

_The day of the Underwear wouldn’t be complete if we shy away from buying a new and fancy pair of undergarments for the sake of self-care.

_Having a great underwear day depends on what kind of undergarment fashion statement you are going to make that day.

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