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Akshay Urja diwas is an awareness crusade about the improvements of renewable energy in India, celebrated on August 20 every year since 2004. The Indian Ministry for New and Renewable Energy Sources. started Akshay Urja Day (Diwas) in 2004.

The first capacity was organized at New Delhi in 2004 and 2005 pursued repeated in Nagpur in 2006 and at Hyderabad in 2007 and Panchkula, Haryana in 2008.The day commemorates the birthday of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.The energy, for example, Solar Energy, Wind energy, hydroelectric power are not many case of Akshay Urja. It is basic to grow approach to utilize akshay urja or renewable energy more productively.

Greetings and messages on Akshay Urja Diwas which you can share on your Social Media Profile on that day to the world-

_On this akshay urja day , I wish we start thinking wind, water and sun.

_To everyone , renewable energy for clean energy is the best alternative for better and brighter future.

_On this akshay urja diwas , we should start to harness wind, water and sun.

_Keep quiet on akshay urja diwas start utilizing renewable energy on

_I might want to help the general public by helping them harness the power of wind, water and sun

_My message to everyone today is that renewable energy is the . earth-friendly energy

_Happy akshay urja diwas , future is green energy and renewable energy.

_Lets start choosing renewable energy, the perfect energy , it will give us a better tomorrow.

_On this very day we should do our part for a better future , how about we pick renewable energy over the customary sources of energy.

_Start picking Clean energy on the off chance that you really need a perfect world.

_To spare your the extra cash of electricity charge why not let Renewable energy take the necessary steps!

_I wish that your home sparkles with Renewable energy.

_On this day I wish you picked renewable energy, the bright alternative.

_If you really need to emerge from the crowd , renewable energy ought to be your decision , in light of the fact that it is the full proof arrangement for energy autonomy

_I need to spread love for clean energy , I adore clean energy, Renewable energy

_Keep quiet and utilize Renewable energy

_Wind is inexhaustible , wind is modest source of energy.Move towards a source of energy which is protected and shoddy for your future.

_My moto on this akshay urja diwas is Green Clean Renewable Energy.

_If the country needs to create , if individuals need to battle contamination than lets spread the message of clean energy green energy.

_Harvest the breeze, water and sun for your energy needs

_Promise to the country today to utilize Energy from wind, water and sun – It’s Lot of Fun

_You need to do your part for the country than utilize Renewable energy, brightening up your world

_Very soon we see battle for oil , Soon all the oil will be gone, still have time change to Renewable energy.

_Some of the best things in life are free similar to the breeze, water and sun , why not utilize them for a better purpose.

_Renewable Energy is the change we have to observe in our country for improvement.

_To live long we have to venture towards a greener future.

_I wish the entire country a safer future , a future with greener powers and less contamination.

_I trust everybody needs to give their kid a brighter and cleaner future.

_It’s a Renewable energy thing, you wouldn’t understand however on the off chance that you understand it , life will be fun.Happy akshay urja day.

_Let the Renewable energy carry out the responsibility , you will be happier and richer as well.

_Ditch the Past – Move Forward With Renewable sources of energy and make it a better spot for coming generations.

_Forward for a Fossil-Free Future.Happy akshay urja diwas.

_Forget Fossil Fuels Forever and remember green future.Happy akshay urja diwas.

_There’s No Such Thing as Peak Sun , it gives you the best source of energy. Cheerful akshay urja diwas to the country.

_I trust that it’s about time that we understand that there is No Future in Limited Resources

_When They Don’t Renew, Neither Can You do that so , start utilizing other resources like sun , water and so on.

_Centuries to Form, Only Seconds to Use , so better re-use.

_Slippery Oil Makes Humanity Spoil , why ruin the generation when despite everything we have room schedule-wise to venture towards a better future.

_Pass on Gas , it contaminates and carbon it has.

_why not start utilizing green energizes in light of the fact that When The traditional resources Run Out, You’ll Be Without.

_You Can Never Pass Greenhouse Gas so better be careful about it.

_Saving cash and cleaning future ought to be our objective as shoddy and Easy Fuel Makes You Look Like a Fool yet certainly keeps your pocket cool.

_Fossil Fuels – are leaving Lifelong Impressions on the Earth and I need even after we bite the dust we leave our marks here.

_On this day , lets settle on one great energy resource for our day by day use purpose.

_They’re Not Alright, They are interminable resources of energy.

_I wish that we as a whole introduce solar boards in our home and sparkle bright.

_With Solar Panels I need to see our future looking bright

_Wind Energy is Great, Renewable Energy is our destiny!

_We would prefer not to liquefy the polar, so we should all utilization solar!

_Solar, wind and hydro electric, that is the means by which we roll in new decade. That is the manner by which I need my country to grow.

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