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St. Nicholas Day(German: Nikolaustag), observed on December 6 in Germany and other European countries is the celebration of feast day of Bishop of Myra, St. Nikolaus, the patron saint of children. He offers sweets and presents to children who have been good. Often being compared to Santa Claus, this ritual of St. Nicholas is celebrated every year as a worldly reminder to be good to others and help those in need.

St. Nicolas day Messages, Wishes and Quotes

St. Nicholas Day Greetings and Messages

-May God bless us with the strength to help those in need. Happy St. Nicholas Day, people.

-Wishing you a merry St. Nicholas Day. On this auspicious day, I pray for your happiness and your good health. May the blessings of St. Nicholas stay with you at your every destination.

 -To all my beloved friends, here’s me wishing that your shoes always remain filled with gifts and your hearts with unconditional love. Happy St. Nicholas Day to all of you.

 -May God bestow on us his grace. May St. Nicholas bless us with the power to perceive righteousness and help us differentiate the good and evil. Have a beautiful day.

 -On this auspicious occasion, I hope that you always remain firm on your moral grounds. I want nothing for you except contentment and goodwill.

-I am not aware of what St. Nicholas Day has to offer you this year, hence, I hope for everything good and gracious for you. May your closed ones be showered with your love and tenderness. Wishing you a blessed St. Nicholas Day.

 -To my dearest people, accept my offerings as I send hugs, affection and care to you and your family. May you and your closed ones remain healthy and forever in love. Have a wonderful St. Nicholas Day.

-On this glowing day, let us carry the legacy of St. Nikolaus and extend our hands to those in need. Let us keep the brightness of goodness alive in the hearts of people. Let us pledge for a better world filled with positivity and devotion.

 -Let us promise to follow the footsteps of our holy Bishop, let us honor his understanding of compassion. Have a beautiful and prosperous St. Nicholas day ahead.

-As we recognize our holy saint on December 6, may we commemorate his benignity and munificence by spreading optimism and prayers of kindliness. God bless you!

 -God has bestowed upon the humankind his mercy. Saint Nicholas taught us the message of giving – let us all give our assistance to those in need. Celebrate this day on a happy note. Stay safe.

 – The best of all gifts is the love of people dear and near to you. On this festive day, I wish for you nothing except warmth and tenderness of your family and friends. Have a lovely St. Nicholas Day.

 -Wishing you and your family a happy and wonderful life ahead. May you realize the power of tenderness and compassion. May together we all prosper. Happy St. Nicholas Day.

-Nothing can give you more joy than helping someone who yearns for it. May the blessings of St. Nicholas reach every heart and fill them with tons of love and goodwill.

 -On this propitious day, let us pray for every ailing soul to heal and every bare hand to be filled with merriment and prosperity. Let us embrace each other and celebrate a benevolent St.  Nicholas Day everyone.

 -My sole wish for St. Nicholas Day this year is that may every unfulfilled dream come true, may every broken family shine with positivity, may every sad face get lighted up with a bright smile. Let us wipe negativity from the world and teach the virtues of life.

 -Are your shoes filled with gifts yet? Wait a little longer as tomorrow we welcome our dear St. Nicholas who bestows upon us presents of empathy, generosity and consideration for our fellow people. Let love overthrow the evils of hardship and destitution.

-Let us pledge for a better world filled with positivity and devotion. May you show the right path for your beloved.

 -The piousness of this occasion should make us feel empowered by peace and serenity. The shining streak of St. Nicholas should follow us everywhere we lead.

– May the warmth of your heart comfort the needy and embrace the deprived. Make a vow to always open the doors of your heart to people in times of their distress.

-To all those people who cry for help and care, to all those craving for affection with empty hands, how can we look away? As we connect our souls to that of our holy saint, let the power of gratitude and compassion prevail.

-Let merriment and happiness prevail as we endeavor to fill other shoes with presents and socks with sweets. Let love fill all the empty souls.

-Wish you and your dear ones a fun-filled, lovable and harmonious St. Nicholas day.

-God’s giving and forgiveness have taught us to be kind, generous and humble. God creates us to be together in harmony and purity of our souls.

-This festival season, the birds fly with wings of love and chirp the songs of bliss. Let the message of empathy and goodwill reach every house and every family.

-The world should never be deprived from the immaculate blessings of the holy saint of Myra – may every human be showered with pristine exhilaration.

St. Nicholas Day Quotes

1)   “You revealed yourself, O saint, in Myra as a priest,

  For you fulfilled the Gospel of Christ

  By giving up your soul for your people,

  And saving the innocent from death.

  Therefore you are blessed as one become wise in the grace of God.” – 

  Kontakion Hymn

2)   “”As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky. So up to the house top the coursers they flew, with the sleigh full of toys, & St Nicholas too…!!!” 

– Poet Clement Clarke Moore

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