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This auspicious day is also called the “Feast of the Presentation of the Jesus Christ” and the “Feast of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary” which is a pious and religious day for the Christian community .

They celebrate the early presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the temple of Jerusalem to ground him officially into Judaism. On the 2nd of February, in the United Kingdom and other places, it is celebrated.

Candlemas Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Candlemas Day messages:

-May the virtue and goodness of the Almighty purify and lights up your heart and mind with elation and affection. Let us rejoice the Candlemas Day to the fullest.

-If this felicitous day is going to be fresh and bright then the winter will glide again and if this day is going to be dull and gloomy, then the winter will go forever and will never return. Happy Candlemas Day to all of you.

-This colorful day is the presentation of our Lord Jesus to the temple and celebration for the purification of our mother Mary. Let their piousness reform our souls and minds forever.

-Let the illumination of the candles of this Candlemas Day fill our and our loved ones live with joy, vivacity, and ecstasy. A very cheerful Candlemas Day people.

-There are sufficient light and brightness for those who are the genuine believers of the Almighty but there will always be dark and gloomy weather for the non-believers of God. On this felicitous Day, have full faith in God.

-On this propitious day, let us put an effort to use candles the whole year and must remember the rest of the life that Lord Christ is the ultimate source of power, illumination, and emancipation. Enjoy the Candlemas Day, people.

-This is the remarkable Day in history when our great Lord Jesus Christ was subjected to the temple for his conversion and inception to Judaism. Let us celebrate this day with gala and grandeur.

-This is the 40th day after the celebration of Christmas which is equally important for us as Our Almighty’s son was admitted and introduced to Judaism, demanded by the Jewish law. Let us commemorate this day with full zeal.

-Let the flame of the candles be the brightest thing of the day, let our sins and evils be washed away today, let the holy light dominate over the cunning dark today. Let us make this day shine blazingly with the glory of goodness.

-Let us take an initiative to make the candle burn up to its last bit so that our lives can have a prolonged radiance from its sanctified rays and can absorb the gorging brilliance from it. A very eccentric Candlemas, all my dear ones.

-On this glowing day, let your brightness overshine others and your good works may guide everyone who is in darkness and show them the divine path of peace, ecstasy, and prosperity. May you become a ray of hope for one.

-Let us keep trying to retain the flame of the candle for the whole day and the whole world and let us pray for the safety, happiness, tranquility, and success of our dear ones in front of the glorious flame today.

-On this magnificent day, the piousness of the blaze of the candle directly connects our souls with the holy souls of Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, they re-dawn upon Earth and bless us wholeheartedly.

-Let us absorb ourselves in the essence of the spirituality of this day, let the reverent smoke and the saintly flame reform our hearts and mind, let this day install full faith upon God in the hearts of the Atheists.

-Let us renounce the belief that the dripping candle at one of its side signifies death, let us rethink it as a gesture of producing more and more fortune and a way to reconnect our souls with that of the God’s.

-On this day, let us pay attention to the German belief that if the sun rises today with full avidity, if the day is shiny and flamboyant, and if the hedgehog is capable of seeing its shadow, then winter will stay for more 6 weeks.

Candlemas Day Greetings:

-Let this promising day be glorious and bright with eccentric sun rays so that the winter prevails for more 30 days, let this day not be breezy and mundane for that the winter will never come back again.

-Let us not feel sad and melancholic after the end of the New year celebration, let us not remove the decorations, let us just beautify the environment a bit more awaiting the graceful and blissful approach of Candlemas Day.

-On this auspicious day, set up a little more space in your heart for the utmost and genuine faith upon the Almighty, the world will seem more peaceful and happier to you.

-On this festival day, let us rediscover and emphasize the new meaning of the day which is an archaic enlightening festival that breaks the chain of coming back of the sun and tries to restore the Winter.

-On this Candlemas day, let us remember that we must not let anyone suppress and outshine our glory specifically when our glow is worth shining the brightest. Have a wonderful enjoyment today, people.

-Affection is the flak of our lives, it either swallows or purifies. Let us utilize our day in spreading the love for others and purifying our minds with the reformation advice given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ by lighting a candle.

-On this religious Candlemas day, let us learn from the candles that being selfless lies in the fact of illuminating others’ life with benevolence and goodness while remaining in dark and by burning ourselves.

Candlemas Day Quotes:

-“In the same way, let your shine light before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16 ESV

-” Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” -Hebrews 12:26-29 (NIV)

-“He was the light of men… The true light, which enlighteneth every man that cometh into this world!… And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.” –John 1:1-9

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