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World Columnist’s Day is celebrated on the 18th of April every year. It is celebrated to honor the hard work of the creative newspaper columnists.

People are likely to forget about their existence but are still fascinated by their exquisite writing many times. They provide us a hand full of emotions, and we, the readers are moved by those ideas. 

World Columnist’s Day Messages

-People need to understand that each columnist has their independent perspective and thinking about a particular matter. 

-Whatever the writing style of a columnist is, they must feel that they are connected to the world.

-We, the readers, should not draw up any conclusions about the matter or the columnist and not judge them. It is we who should accept and adore their work and achievements.

-Columnists provide us with information on all the areas, whether it is politics, market, sports, and even fashion. 

-Columnists offer us some gossips about all these areas, which often becomes a talk around the tables.

-The articles provided helps us to develop our opinion about various matters and also to know what are the current situation is in our lives. 

-This day should hold a valuable meaning in everyone’s life.

-Columnist often likes to keep it short and informative, making it easier for the readers to connect and get pleasure while reading.

-When we think of columnists, there is one name that will surely come, and that is ‘’Dear Abby”. It became so popular that Hollywood even recognized it. The original ‘’Dear Abby’’ Pauline Phillips has passed her excellent work onto the shoulders of her daughter Jeanne Phillips.

-In today’s digital world, especially the youth, do not follow a habit of reading the newspaper every day, and even if they do, they do not go into the details. 

-The columnist provides a solution to this as they write it briefly but with all the relevant facts not to be left out of any information.

-In every aspect, there is a need to know about the things going on in our locality, country, and even the world. Hence there is a need for every person to put reading into a habit.

-By developing a reading habit, we can build our knowledge, confidence to speak, and vocabulary. 

-The columnist often provides some quotes and uses different expressions to do their writing on a good day.

-The columnists also face criticism often when they try to put their perspective about politics or religion. 

-In some cases, matters also take a violent form. As citizens, we must understand they are just keeping up their views and enjoying the freedom of expression and press.

-We should celebrate this eve by sending our warm wishes and appreciation to the columnists through emails and posts. 

-The columnist must write with at most freedom and continue to play a vital role in our lives.

World Columnist’s Day Quotes

-A little irreverence is always important to being a columnist. I try to do that. 

-Lewis Grizzard

-I guess if you want me to stop writing horrible, mean takedowns of everyone, give me a really, really cushy columnist gig. 

-Alex Pareene

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