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World Contact Day is celebrated on 15th of March every year to commemorate a day when we try to make contact with Extraterrestrials using the power of telepathy.

The reason behind choosing the communication channel of telepathy is because both alien life and telepathy are in constant need of evidence thus befitting the Irony.

An organization known as International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) declared the first ever World Contact Day in the year 1953.  Since then people and UFO contact groups have used the features of telepathy such as Mediation, Intention, Prayer, Thought and Consciousness to achieve first contact on the occasion of World Contact Day.

World Contact Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

– They will be listening today so all we need to do is close our eyes and try to connect with them. Have a great World Contact Day.

– May the eve of World Contact Day leave you with a sense of calmness while you try to talk to the third kind. Wish you a splendid day ahead.

– Even if it is a long shot, the hope of contacting with a being that we only saw in movies is worth the efforts. May something magical happens to you on World Contact Day.

– There might be someone up there waiting for us to communicate. Let’s all give it a try on the special eve of World Contact Day.

– We crazy enthusiasts can spend our entire life in a hope to see the third kind and to communicate with them. To all those enthusiasts I wish you a delightful World Contact Day.

– What if the answers that we seek in our life is hidden by the extraterrestrials to make us go through the humanly journey. Here’s something to think about on World Contact Day.

– Knowing the truth of not contacting us yet can only be achieved by keeping our ears open. Best wishes to the ones who are trying, may you have a lovely World Contact Day.

– All we are trying to do is find a friend for our mother earth so it doesn’t matter what people says. May you celebrate the eve of World Contact Day to the fullest.

– Who know, may the extraterrestrials have kept their devices on to listen to the most complex creature on earth. I hope you give it a try on World Contact Day.

– For some of us the search for extraterrestrials is nothing short of searching for ourselves. May we have some success in finding both. Have a lovely World Contact Day.

– If we, the earthlings, are the only life on universe than it is a tremendous waste of so much space. I hope we are not alone. Wish you a joyous World Contact Day.

– On the eve of World Contact Day, I hope that whenever you get your first contact the moment shall be special. Have a wonderful World Contact Day.

– The faith and hope we carry shall be strong enough to keep us going on this momentous adventure of finding extraterrestrials. Have a satisfying World Contact Day everyone.

– May the moment you achieve your first contact with the third kind shall be rewarding enough for you. Wish you a glorious World Contact Day.

– The sign that they haven’t even tried to be in contact with our world is all the more intriguing. May we live to see the day but for now have a great World Contact Day.

– On this occasion of World Contact Day let us all use science of telepathy which may allow us a glimpse into the fragments of extraterrestrial reality.

– A time will come when humans are in frequent contact with the third kind to solve the issues of Earth. May this dreamy possibility be your inspiration on World Contact Day.

– I believe our universe is just not a big waste of space with only us. The possibilities are like our universe, endless. Wish you a possibility of miracle on World Contact Day.

– We cannot deny the possibility of receiving interstellar messages for the betterment of Earth’s future. I hope everybody remains hopeful and have a splendid World Contact Day.

– Isn’t it just exciting to even think extraterrestrials are amongst our universe? So, let us not give up hope of finding first contact on World Contact Day.

– The probability of first contact may be low but the hope and spirit shall be at an all time high on the special occasion of World Contact Day.

– What if the growth of human civilization in the future would depend on the data provided by un-explained third kind. So, stay hopeful as today is World Contact Day.

– Nobody with a true poetic sensibility would disagree to the fact that knowing the extraterrestrial forms are a futuristic possibility. May we witness the phenomenon on this World Contact Day.

– An interstellar message with a proof of alien life would be the most appropriate thing to happen on World Contact Day. Until that happens I wish you a jolly World Contact Day.

– We can’t be the only ones in one of the billion galaxies populating the universe. While there’s no strong evidence but we can always give it a try on World Contact Day.

– The beauty of physics is that it has nothing to do with the human beings but rather it all we have to look for extraterrestrials. Let‘s start seeking on World Contact Day.

– In the deepest sense, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence has become more like a soothing meditation for all the enthusiasts. May you all have a fruitful World Contact Day.

– I hope we get to live and breathe the day when the humans are being acquainted with an alien life form. Wish you another hopeful World Contact Day.

– We don’t need to prove to the world that an alien exists, we just have to listen to the things they are trying to communicate. I hope we do that on World Contact Day.

– On the eve of World Contact Day, I hope you have learnt the passage with which we can try to communicate with the third kind through the use of telepathy.

– Our belief in the supernatural yet scientific possibilities is what makes us feel different and free. May we always carry that belief as we celebrate World Contact Day.

– Technology has taken a greater jump and left out the practice of telepathy. But on this World Contact Day, telepathic abilities may come handy.

– On the eve of World Contact Day, let us try to build a better telepathic connection for the purpose of first contact.

– I see a future where on the receipt of interstellar messages there lies an answer to all the problems of Earth. Let us take the first step on World Contact Day.

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