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23RD May every year is when World Turtle Day is observed round the globe in unison. Throughout the world, it is seen that the need to protect and spread awareness about endangered species is essential and this is the reason why such a day is being celebrated widely on the global scale.

The day was marked in the year 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue to spread awareness and respect for tortoise and save them from the malpractices of human.

Some of the Best World Turtle Day Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_All the turtles are free and they should be left such due to the low number of their population 

_The dipping numbers of turtles reflects the inhuman nature of the human society that is hungry for more 

_Of all the animals, humans have taken all the measures possible to ensure that turtles are endangered. Save them on this World Turtle Day 

_Nothing matches the happiness of seeing a clean ocean and sea along with a bunch of turtles swimming in them

_Tortoise always leaves a lesson. Let us take steps to understand that they won’t live for long if we continue to be what we are 

_Life is tough and we need to be tougher like the shell of a turtle 

_Turtles are beautiful and cute but they are innocent and deserving of a better life 

_If we keep our oceans clean, nothing can stop us from being able to enjoy the togetherness of turtles for long 

_The speed at which turtles are disappearing, there won’t be a day far when we only tell stories about them and regret deep down under 

_Walk slow like the turtle but stay focused too and you will get victory assured

_What happens if we stop dirtying the sea? The lovely turtles live happily ever after!

_Learn from the turtle to be in your own shell and live life with ease 

_The weight on your back is at times all that has kept you safe from the world of commotion outside. Live happily with it just like the turtle 

_If you ever thought of the well being of a turtle then from the next time you will never dispose any plastic in the water bodies 

_Make the world a better place to live for every turtle

_Keep calm and save turtle 

_Turtles are master and perfectionist. We want them for life and not only in the books

_Happiness is when we get to see turtles in the water and swimming to their own tunes without any thoughts and disease 

_There is a lot of other thing on this earth for consumption, please do not eat turtles. They deserve to live 

_The aquatic ecosystem needs to heal and the interference from human ecosystem has to reduce for the same 

_World turtle day is here to make every person aware of the sorry state in which turtles are living 

_Can we be a bit more generous and spare the tortoises their lives?

_Every Sea and ocean is incomplete without the population of turtles 

_A turtle is at its happiest best when they float in the sea and stay safe from waste 

_Sea is there home and dirtying anybody’s home isn’t something that a literate human is expected to do. Right?

_The pause in which turtle lives is a lot fuller of life than the commotion of human life

_Take a walk with turtle and you would realise that the world is so peaceful and calm and humans are needlessly engaged in the rat race to success 

_Our lives would have been a lot different if we would have learned at least one lesson from the tortoise 

_You ever saw a tortoise smiling? I did, they were all soaking the sun on the beach and humans weren’t poaching for them. Truly they were happy. 

_Enjoy the smaller joys of your life and slow down like a turtle. Such momentary slowdowns are the pillars for greater success in life

_At times, the smaller things in the environment are worth noticing. Just like a turtle, take your time and appreciate the life you have the environment with your family. It feels good 

_Spread love and make the earth a better place to live for turtles 

_The spirit animal that suggest you to live your own path. Turtle means a lot and needs to live long 

_World turtle day is here and let us take an oath to have cleaner water bodies and a greener planet 

_Keep calm and love turtles 

_It is only about time that turtles will only be found in textbooks and internet 

_The innocence you see in every turtle deserves your love and not hunger. 

_Turtles are great in the ocean and not on your plates 

_Giant turtles are the ornaments of the sea and ocean

_Keep moving, no matter what pace, just keep moving. It is an essential lesson learnt from a turtle 

_Life for turtles is long unless humans prey them and make them their lunch and dinner 

_Let us love turtles with our heart, we need to stand by them and save them 

_God has made humans the most intelligent ones and hence it stands as our responsibility to take care of the turtles who are about to get extinct 

_Clean and green environment to grow is the only thing the turtles ever asked for. Is it too much? Think again on this World Turtle Day 

_Your grandchildren would love to see the turtles when they visit the beach, won’t they? Please join hands to come together and save turtles from being history 

_We have been killers for long, let’s turn the tables and be the saviours instead! Happy world turtle day 

_Ecological balance disrupts if tortoises aren’t there anymore. Only we have the power to save these amazing creatures from being gone forever 

_The conscience of mankind is what paves the way for turtle’s existence on earth and the future of their breed 

_World turtle day is to be celebrated every day or else soon it will become a memorial event  

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