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8th August 1942, is the day on which the Quit Indian Movement was announced by Mahatma Gandhi at the Bombay Session of the All India Congress Committee.

The Second World War was going on in this period and Gandhi made a clarion call to end the British rule in India. He asked the Indians to participate in the movement in huge numbers and it was a “Do or Die” situation as described by him.

India was reluctant to join the Second World War fighting on the side of Britain and Gandhi considered it the ideal opportunity to revolt against the British as their position was shaky due to the engagement in Second World War. It is no doubt a historic movement that almost brought independence to India.

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_Quit India Day has huge historical significance for India. It reminds us of the great mass movement organized under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

_On Quit India Day, let us pay our respect and tribute to all those who fought against the British for gaining independence from colonial rule.

_Today is Quit India Day, the day on which our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi gave the famous “Do or Die” speech. It marked the start of a movement that shook the very base of British rule in India.

_Quit India Day makes me feel proud to be a part of the nation that never surrendered to the oppression of the colonial rule.

_Quit India Day marks the zenith of the Indian freedom struggle that gave a clear message to the Britishers that their days in India were numbered.

_On Quit India Day, let us remember the sacrifices made by our leaders for the sake of independence.

_On this Quit India Day let us learn to respect the hard-earned freedom of our country.

_No other day makes me feel more patriotic than Quit India Day.

_In spite of all the brutal repression unleashed by the British administration on the supporters of the Quit India movement, they continued with their struggle against the unjust British rule in India. This is what makes Quit India Day special for us.

_Quit India Day reminds us of the greatest leader in the history of our country, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His teachings on nonviolence still continue to guide the struggles of the oppressed.    

_Quit India movement proved to the whole world how mass movements can play a crucial role in the freedom struggle of colonized countries.

_Quit India movement is an important landmark in the history of the freedom struggle of India. It brought together people belonging to different caste and religion.

_Quit India Day is a proud occasion for us. It was on 8th August 1942 that India demanded complete freedom from the British rule.

_On this Quit India Day let us organize cultural programs that will educate the people about the significance of the day.

_Let us all pledge on this Quit India Day that we will follow the ideals and the path shown to us by Mahatma Gandhi.

_Quit India Day offers us the scope to look back at history and take inspiration from the sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

_Quit India Day reminds us of the importance of Satyagraha in the Indian freedom movement. It demonstrated the potential of peaceful and nonviolent protests to the whole world.

_On this Quit India Day let us break all the barriers to freedom and move forward to establish a society based on justice and rule of law.

_A mass movement requires a strong leader and we feel privileged that the Quit India Movement was led by the charismatic leader Mahatma Gandhi.

_Every year Quit India Day motivates us to fight for our rights and inspires us not to surrender any kind of evil.

_Quit India Day is no ordinary day, it symbolizes the fighting spirit of our countrymen who vowed to free our nation from the British colonial rule or accept death.

_Quit India Day gave birth to a famous movement that fought against imperialism and colonialism of the 20th century.

_On this Quit India Day let us recognize the fact that service to our nation comes first above anything else.

_On this Quit India Day let us remember the noble ideals of Mahatma Gandhi who is considered to be one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.

_Quit India Movement represented the aspirations of millions of people who wanted to free themselves of the dreadful colonial rule of the British.

_On Quit India Day the people of India realized that freedom was near. A wave of patriotism swept the whole country.

_There are several arguments about the success and failure of the Quit India Movement but none can deny its significant contributions to the Indian freedom struggle.

_Through the Quit India Movement India wanted to make it clear that they won’t fight for the cause of imperialism and colonialism in the Second World War. Contemporary political leaders who are fighting against imperialism have a lot to learn from the movement.

_Quit India movement proved to the entire world that the genuine demand for self-determination of any country cannot be suppressed for a long time.

_There are several ways of gaining freedom other than violence and Quit India Movement is a testimony to this fact.

_On this Quit India Day, all of us should spread the message that freedom is an inalienable right of any human being and no one can ever suppress it through domination.

_On this Quit India Day let us all take a pledge that we will never accept tyranny in our lives and fight against any form of injustice that is taking place in any corner of the world.  

_On this Quit India Day let us all be the change that we want to see in the world.

_Mass movements like the Quit India movement proved to be an inspiration for other Asian and African countries that were trying to form a strong resistance against colonialism.  

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