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Harmony Day is a national observance day in Australia held every year on 21st March. However the date is same UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination but the theme of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’ which promotes inclusiveness and cultural diversity. This day was first observed in the year 1999. 

Harmony Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Harmony Day greetings

The presence of harmony in our beloved Australia will make the small things grow and but its absence can decay the great things. Wishing you and all the citizens of this country a prosperous Harmony Day

There are no paths to being a harmonious nation rather harmony is a path to follow. May the occasion of harmony day is celebrated with peace, pride and the willingness to see the change.

The time has come for parents to teach their children about the impact of cultural diversity. I wish that you use this occasion of harmony day to tutor your next generation. 

Our cultural differences should separate us rather the diversity of it should make us feel strengthened that can aid humanity. Wish you peace, love and diversity on Harmony Day.

As the years have passed, the world got bitter and culture is one such way that helps us to cope with it. May we all use our ways to promote culture diversity on the eve of Harmony Day.

Other than social media there is a life of social events where all of us should use this medium to showcase the diversity of our nation. On Harmony Day, I wish that you and your family would do the same.

Our Lives has always been associated with different cultures and we as humans should do everything to preserve cultures of different backgrounds. On harmony day, May we all make our country proud.

Sometimes in our life we forget who we are and then there are days which remind us about our culture. I hope this occasion of Harmony Day makes you feel deep rooted towards your culture.

Music and diversity has played a bigger role in instructing the importance of belonging. On the occasion of Harmony day, I wish you a day filled with soulful music about cultural importance.

Staying in harmony should not be believed as a one day work rather it should be way of living so that we as a nation could never fail humanity. Wish you a peaceful and wonderful Harmony Day.

Ultimately, any nation’s answer to the problems of discrimination and intolerance will always be diversity. May the essence of Harmony Day compel you to contribute and raise awareness.

People are going back to their roots to promote diversity and most importantly teaching us the importance of belonging. Wish you a glorious Harmony Day filled with the essence of belonging.

We are all different and it’s our diversity that’s what makes us unique. Without it, life would become too boring to live with. So have a wonderful interesting Harmony day ahead.

Cultural Diversity is the one true thing we Australians and humans have in common. I hope that you celebrate it every day and raise awareness on the eve of Harmony Day.

Harmony Day messages

The thoughts we have, the books we read and the speeches we here is a direct influence from our culture. Let’s celebrate different cultures in Australia on Harmony day with the people of our nation.

There is a beauty in this world called diversity that can be described by poems, songs and novels. We should respect it to preserve the greatness of our nation on the eve of Harmony Day.

The only way a community can come together as one to embrace the cultural diversity by sharing information about different cultures. That is what should be the motto on Harmony Day.

All of us have to change the way we thinks because in this world there is a lot to learn about different cultures and backgrounds. Let’s change our perspective from this Harmony Day itself.

The names may be different and the stories may be different but there is something we will find common in every culture. May we find that common thread and learn to embrace it on Harmony Day.

 Even though we have different religions, different languages and different skin but in the end everyone of is human. Let’s keep that in mind when we observe Harmony Day this year.

The distinctive spiritual, intellectual and emotional feature that every culture has is what characterizes the society we live in. Only we can uplift such diversity on Harmony Day.

Although people of different religions and cultures live side by side in almost every part of the world but sometimes we fail to respect each other’s culture. Let’s do the opposite on Harmony Day.

The real strength of a nation lies in the recognition of differences rather than similarities. On the eve of Harmony Day, I urge every Australian to appreciate the different cultural backgrounds in Australia.

On harmony day, let’s start supporting groups that educates people about different races, religions and cultures because then we would only be supporting our nation on its journey to become better.

In the absence of culture, the society may become a perfect jungle but humans don’t live in jungle. On this Harmony Day, may you embrace diversity and do things you’ll be proud of.

There are different worlds within this world yet everyone ignores it to stay captive inside their own world. May we all get to know about the diversive culture that we have in Australia on Harmony Day.

If you learn about the different cultures of this world then you would be able to find yourself in every one of them. This is the most wonderful thing that we all can do on this Harmony Day.

Harmony is a step to inner peace and the art that expresses the idea of harmony will always have impact on us. On harmony day, Australia keeps it promise to become one as a nation.

Harmony Day Quotes

“Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Peace is Harmony.”

  – Laini Taylor

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

 – Marcus Aurelius

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 

Mahatma Gandhi

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