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Puzzle Day is celebrated on 29th January every year. A puzzle is a toy or a game that is designed to test the intelligence of people.

Solving puzzles daily can sharpen your memory as it requires a lot of brain churning. There are different types of puzzles like jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, brain teasers etc.

The jigsaw puzzle is popular among kids and Sudoku is a combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Solving crossword puzzles can enhance your vocabulary skills. On Puzzle Day people spend time in solving different types of puzzles with their friends. John Jill founded National Puzzle Day in 2002.

He himself was a puzzle maker for newspapers. Since 2002 Puzzle Day has gained a lot of popularity among common people.

Here are a few Puzzle Day messages, quotes and Greetings

_May you know recognize the significance of solving puzzles in your daily life on this Puzzle Day.

_Human beings are born with a brain that should be utilized to solve complex puzzles in life.

_Life is like a jigsaw puzzle that can’t be solved without seeing the whole picture. Happy Puzzle Day.

_Each and every person you come across in your life are like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, it fits together to make your life meaningful. Enjoy the Puzzle Day with your friends.

_Life can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle where you need to make the right choices at the right moments. Happy Puzzle Day.

_This Puzzle Day you should try to find out the missing pieces in your life that will make it complete.

_Life is like a puzzle where you should identify the people who fit in it and the ones who do not.

_Take each puzzle as a challenge in your life that you must solve. This will eventually make you a strong personality.

_Sometime solving a puzzle takes away the purpose of you.

_You should be patient in solving puzzles, everything will fall in place at last.

_Some puzzles can be really confusing, and it may be hard to find a way out. But you should keep on trying until you find the solution.

_Know that you are a piece of Puzzle that will fit in one day to complete someone else’s life.

_You can never solve a puzzle by ignoring the small pieces.

_Understanding the character of a person is like solving a puzzle, it requires patience and intelligence.

_Your partner is like a puzzle piece that was missing in your life. Stay happy and blessed.

_This Puzzle Day we should try to innovate new ways of solving tough puzzles.

_This Puzzle Day let us sharpen our cognitive capabilities by solving different types of puzzles.

_Stop wasting time and use your brain for a constructive purpose like solving puzzles.

_Never lose confidence, remember that every puzzle has a solution even if it is the toughest.

_Life is a puzzle in which parents from an integral part.

_It is not important to solve every puzzle in your life, but the experience matters a lot.

_The world is the biggest of all puzzles where each of one us are small pieces waiting to find out the spaces to fit in.

_Sometimes things can get a bit puzzling for us, but it is important to remain calm and take the correct decision.

_Friends are like little puzzle pieces that make your life complete.

_Every puzzle is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. It is just a matter of time before the right person applies the right technique to solve it.

_This Puzzle Day let us try to break all the records associated with Sudoku.

_It is not easy to penetrate a puzzle, it requires hard work and patience.

_Solving a puzzle can baffle and frustrate you but it looks so beautiful when the pieces come together.

_A person who lacks patience and logical skills will never be able to solve any puzzle.

_We cannot solve every puzzle because some of them are there to test our limits.

_The biggest of all puzzles is to understand our place in the world. This Puzzle Day let us try to know where we exactly fit in.

_Don’t be disheartened if you fail to solve a puzzle. You should learn from the mistakes and use them to solve the next ones.

_Treat every problem in your life as a new puzzle that needs to be solved.

_Puzzle Day allows us to come together and spend a whole day in solving different types of puzzles with our loved ones.

_Puzzle Day is observed to spread the awareness that solving puzzles can make your brain sharp.

_Each puzzle is unique in its own way, so it is important for us to understand the uniqueness to solve them.

_The best thing about a crossword puzzle is that you are aware of the solution.

_The solution of every puzzle is hidden in it. Our job is to find out the concealed.

_You gain a new experience after solving every puzzle. It makes you more matured.

_If you have faith in your capabilities, then nothing can prevent you from solving even the toughest of puzzles.

_Keep your grey matter active by solving crossword puzzles each day.

_This Puzzle Day let us follow our passion for solving different types of puzzles.

_The best thing about puzzles is that it comes together when you least expect it.

_Your love for words will propel you to solve crossword puzzles.

_You may not get rewarded for solving a crossword puzzle but accepting the challenge is all that matters.

_This Puzzle Day let us showcase our talent in solving sudoku puzzles to all those who underestimated us.

_Solving a tough puzzle gives you a huge amount of mental satisfaction that cannot be compared with anything else.

_This Puzzle Day let us point out the benefits of solving puzzles to our friends, family members, and relatives.

_Life is a saga of puzzles that keep you confusing at different points of time, but you should always remain confident of finding a way out.

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