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Years ago when people started making their own clothes, the entire process of spinning clothes from yarns and fibres was too tiresome. There were groups of people working to create one piece of cloth. Just then, the invention of Sewing machine took place and it changed the entire market!

June 13th is referred to as the Sewing Machine day and it marks the date of invention of this magical machine that made making clothes and stitching them so much easier. Here are some of the delightful wishes and quotes for the day you can share further ahead.

Sewing Machine day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_Sewing is like a drug, once I start, stopping is so impossible!

_There are times when I keep sewing past my bed time and then see the sun rising while I have the design I dreamt of with my eyes open. Happy Sewing machine day.

_Happy sewing machine day to all those who spin and design wonders for us and enhance the fashion we carry!

_Sewing machine day is a historical landmark just as important as the Industrial revolution. It changed the course of the industry and made things simple.

_Not even half percentage of what we wear today would have been produced if there were no sewing machines invented! Understand the value and celebrate the sewing machine day.  

_A tailor is only as good as its sewing machine. The understand they share is better than husband and wife and hence they make up as the best pair you can trust with your money and fashion.

_For those who love to sew, it is impossible for them to stay away from the paddles of the sewing machine. The handles of the machines are their love handles! Happy Sewing machine Day.

_Once a girl who loved sewing was proposed by a man. He asked her to choose between sewing and him. The girl does miss him these days when she sews and buys fabric! That’s how madly people love sewing. Happy sewing machine day.

_On this sewing machine day, we extent our heartiest thanks to all the genuine artists out there who spin magic with the sewing machine and make us trendy amongst all others!

_Those who know to spin and create are the ones who exactly know what to create. Trust your tailor, they are simply the best and hence sustaining. Happy sewing machine day.

_If your life is going tough, then let’s start sewing.

_I love to be with company. If by company you mean the sewing machine and a multitude of fabrics. Happy sewing machine day.

_Transforming a fabric into a design isn’t the simplest task you would do in this world. Keep calm and keep sewing.

_The sewing machine is responsible for all the LIKES your image gets social media. Think over it and thank the machine! Happy sewing machine day.

_The clarity of your thoughts are represented in the clarity of the designs you get.

_With each of the buttons and all those patches, the cold wind blowing smoothly, I never know when days turn into night when I’m sewing. Happy sewing machine day.

_In life there are various things that can cheat you, however, if you sew then rest assured that the sewing machine will be loyal forever.

_When people are too stressed out, it is recommended that they take up sewing. It works magic.

_Each of us would have been left with no choice to wear if the sewing machine hadn’t been invented! Let’s take a moment and be proud of this invention on this sewing machine day.

_For those who are easily bored, stitching can truly be a boon. If you are sitting and feel that the world around is too slow, start stitching and run wild with your imaginations. Happy sewing machine day.

_You have the power to sew your own future with the help of the sewing machine. The clothes designed at the corner of your room can end up reaching out to the world and create a brand for yourself. Happy sewing machine day.

_We believe that every person is unique and their taste is different. The sewing machine also believes the same and hence it allows new designs etched every time.

_Sewing machine does talking with the finger of the hands and the better a person can speak with fingers, the better designs and finished products he can come with. Happy sewing machine day.

_Every time you start sewing, it is a new adventure. One wrong move and your entire work shall be flawed while once you complete, it is a miracle spun by your own hands.

_If you are depressed, sad, angered, flustered or feeling out of place, the sewing room is where you should be.   

_Every person has creativity rooted deep in them. Sit in-front of the machine today and see if you are the next top designer that the country us looking for. Give sewing a chance on this sewing machine day.

_It is said that if you can dream the design then you can achieve it. Try harder and the sewing machine will surely definitely fulfil your dream. Happy sewing machine day.  

_The soul of a person working on sewing machine is never tired of needle and thread.

_Happy sewing machine day. It is hard to imagine what we would wave if this wasn’t in the market by now.

_The sewing machine does no partiality. If you put in your 100% then rest assured for a guaranteed return and get a design worth all the applause.

_Handling the sewing machine is essential because we all know that the creative you hold with the machine is contagious.

_Happy sewing machine day to all those people who sew for us day in and out. It is their hard work which enables us to wear what e dream.

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