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Space exploration Day is an annual holiday that commemorates the anniversary of man’s first historic mission to the Moon. On July 20th, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on another celestial body and became the first ever humans to set foot on Moon. Due to this reason this particular holiday is also sometimes known as Moon Day. The historical event that saw peace in Vietnam and the lowest crime rates in New York, even for one day.

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed this day as a holiday to encourage people to learn more about space exploration. In a way, it has inspired young adults to consider their future in science and space exploration.

Below is list of Greeting and Quotes with which everyone can celebrate and commemorate this historical Space and Exploration day-

Celebrate science and the people who made history in 1969. Wishing you and the family a very proud Space Exploration Day.

On this joyous occasion, you have the opportunity to spread knowledge about science and space. Wishing all the young science lovers a very celebratory day of Space Exploration.

On the eve of Space Exploration Day wishing and hoping that the brilliant young minds will guide us through their exploration of space and science.

Science has spared no limits to the efforts of man conquering the space realm. Celebrate the astronauts who started it all on the eve of Space Exploration Day.

The time has come to commemorate a day when we raised many eyebrows through our courageous and well-planned moon landing. Wishing all my fellow Americans and the upcoming scientists a very great Space Exploration Day.

It is on this day that the brilliant minds of America had fulfilled their lifelong dream of sending a man to the moon. Let us all commemorate this proud day of Space Exploration Day.

On the eve of Space Exploration Day, let us all be inspired from the brilliant scientists who never gave up on seeing a man on a moon. Have a good Space Exploration Day.

The cosmos is like millions of oceans mixed together. The knowledge is infinite, hence the exploration is limitless. On the day of Space Exploration Day, wishing and hoping that everyone will get their shot at space.

The numerous problems and difficult situations seems like a needle in haystack from the cosmos. On the eve of Space Exploration Day, try to look at things from a different viewpoint.

The dream to enter the cosmos and explore the things which we read in books will be eventually fulfilled if we keep going. Wishing such dreamers a great Space Exploration Day.

We don’t know what it feels like to engage in an unprecedented duel with the nature as of yet. On the eve of Space Exploration Day, let us all ignite our dream and celebrate this day greatly.

Even though we can’t wait to go to space and explore the realm in real. But we could always celebrate the ones who have felt the cosmos on the eve of Space Exploration Day.

Science and its power of exploration have instilled an ambitious adventure in all of us. On the eve of Space Exploration Day, I wish that our dreams will see the light one day.

There are individuals in this planet earth who are obsessed with two interrelated things like Space and Science. Wishing such future scientists and explorers a joyous Space Exploration Day.

We have not only loved Space but also lived and breathe every day studying it. Wishing all of us a never ending relationship with Space and Science on the eve of Space Exploration Day.

The day when everyone was glued to their television and radio, the astronauts and the scientist were preparing for a giant leap for mankind. Celebrate this historical Space Exploration Day with fellow Americans.

This is the historical day of celebrating a mission where humans have explored the moon and came back home safely. Be proud and rejoice on the eve of Space Exploration Day.

On the joyous occasion of Space Exploration Day, celebrate the individuals staring from our president for believing in our Science team to the astronauts filled with courage.

This anniversary of Space Exploration Day was only impossible because of the few crazy people who believed that our country can achieve the impossible. Have a splendid Space Exploration Day ahead.

It is because of this day we are aware of the fact that our planet looks even more beautiful from space. Have a nice outing with your friends and family on the holiday of Space Exploration Day.

On the special holiday of Space Exploration Day, I urge everyone try to preserve and maintain our little planet in the way our astronauts described it i.e. Beautiful. Have a great day ahead.

Gravity, one of the things that keep the human beings away from flying will set you free in the space. Celebrate such beauty of space on this Space Exploration Day.

Space has become an important destiny for exploration as us the human beings of this earth have made it difficult for our race to survive. Have a nice holiday of Space Exploration Day.

Even if you don’t belong to the authentic population of science lovers, you can also celebrate the day by teaching and educating the young bloods about this historical Space Exploration Day.

On the eve of Space Exploration Day, let us try to encourage the young minds about science and space so that our country never runs out of brilliant minds. Have a great Holiday.

Imagine the plight of geologists when they see the pictures of craters and rocks in Moon. For now, all one could do is celebrate our scientific achievement and enjoy this holiday.

The story of moon landing is such that upon hearing one cannot just detached and not explore the possibilities of an individual achieving the same. Never lose hope and enjoy this joyous holiday of Space Exploration Day.

On the eve of Space Exploration Day, go out and enjoy this holiday to the fullest by visiting the local science space, I hope you have a joyous day head.

I wish you to spend a Space Exploration Day at the local science museums to learn a thing or two about this historical event that has shaped our country’s scientific abilities.

The most appropriate thing we can do on a Space Exploration Day is that we could educate ourselves more about Space and our astronomical neighbors.

We must never discourage the young space enthusiasts just because of their financial conditions. Everyone has the same right towards exploration. Have a great   Space Exploration Day.

Celebrate the holiday of Space Exploration Day by joining an astronomy club and participate in numerous Space Exploration Day activities. Wish you a fun day ahead.

If peace is your friend then worry not. You can also celebrate this day of scientific achievement by reading books on space technology. Hope you spend a great Space Exploration Day.

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