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World sustainable gastronomy day is celebrated on 18th June of every year. Gastronomy means the art of food, and sustainability means doing something that does not waste resources.

Their principal is to make everyone aware of the procedure required to grow food, its protection, and how it comes to our plates without wasting any natural resources. 

National Sustainable Gastronomy Day greetings:

– You need food not only to function well but to think as well. Save food, save resources.

– The less the food you will waste, the more the food our generations will have tomorrow—happy, sustainable gastronomy day.

– The food is the best way to represent the diverse culture we all have. Enjoy your food.

–  If you want to connect, someone offers them food. Share the love over some food.

– The world needs to focus more on people who sleep hungry than wars to fight—happy, sustainable gastronomy day.

– The world will become a better place if no food is wasted. Save food, save the future.

– Be the savior of future generations; don’t waste food—happy, sustainable gastronomy day.

– When you don’t waste food, you save a life. Happy, sustainable gastronomy day.

– Not all heroes are found in movies. Some are in the kitchen preparing food—happy eating with family.

– A hungry stomach teaches you the most significant lessons of life. No school can one should go hungry; no one deserves that.

– The easy way to be a superhero is not to waste food. Be a hero, save food, save the Earth.

– Food is the bond that binds the souls together. Let’s celebrate love for food together.

– Not everyone is lucky to have food on their table every night, so if you have food, don’t waste.

– Your worst food is the dream of many hungry people. Happy world sustainability gastronomy day.

– What art is to artists, music is to dancer, food is to cook or chef, not everyone can do it.

– They said happiness I heard food. Perks of being a foodie, keep eating, be happy.

– Don’t waste the resource. We have very few left now. Save the Earth before it’s too late to take any action.

– Ensure you are the last generation who needed to tell food and resources are not meant to be wasted.

– Farmers are the only heroes we needed. Respect them, help them. They need us.

– We have no other planet to go, save this planet; this is our last home. Happy sustainability gastronomy day.

– When words fall short, food expresses emotions. No comments are better than food.

– The food is the fuel of the body and mind. Eat, sleep, happy repeat.

– When you cannot destroy your own home, then why are you beating the earth. Save the world, save a life—happy, sustainable gastronomy day.

-Anyone can be a superhero, save the earth’s resources, and the world will remember you.

– If you want to make an impact start from self, take a pledge not to waste food or any other earth resource.

World Sustainable Gastronomy Day messages:

– Growing food is an art; not everyone can master that.

– We want to save the earth, we need to think as if the world is destroying tomorrow, and that’s the only way to keep the ground. 

– Make sure we are the last generation who needs to get worried about saving the planet.

– Wasting food or any resources should be considered as a punishable offense.

– We have not bought the earth; we share it with every other creature, don’t make them pay for our greed.

– Not everything in the trash is a waste, your food is not waste, and the earth’s resources are not trash.

– Wasting food is like wasting god blessings.

– There is no shame in filling your plates twice, but you should be ashamed if you throw the food.

– The food you throw away because it was a waste for you is a treasure bag to someone.

– Food is still a luxury; only a few can afford it.

– If you waste food and someone dies of hunger, you were indirectly involved in the murder.

– When you waste food, remember how you felt when you were starving; trust me, you will never throw food again.

– We humans are the most intelligent yet dumbest creature; we are destroying earth without thinking that we don’t have any other planet to go.

– Instead of finding life in a different world, why not save life on this planet.

– I don’t need therapy. All I need is food, and I will be fine.

– The most insane thing a person can do is waste food and still feel happy.

– Our ancestors gave this earth on rent to this; make sure that they too can use it when you pass it to the next generation.

– We humans’ needs to understand we all creatures have equal right on this planet, we cannot destroy it for just our own sake.

– There are nearly 1 billion people who sleep hungry every night, a good and substantial reason not to waste food.

– If you have extra food, give it to someone; thus, you will get a blessing and be a hero to save food.

– You don’t have the strength to save the earth or serve a hundred people, you can keep one tree and help one person, and you will be a hero.

World Sustainable Gastronomy Day quotes:

  • If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production.”
                                  – Pete Seeger, Folk Singer & Social Activist 
  • When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.

 – Pam Shoemaker

  • Being consumer we have so much power to change the world by just paying attention to what we buy.

 – Emma Watson

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