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World Animals Day is celebrated on the 4th of October. This day is celebrated to improve the living and welfare conditions of the animals across the globe by raising their status and creating awareness about the animals.

This day is celebrated in different countries in different ways, all promoting the same idea and spreading the same thought.

Human beings, being the most evolved species of animals, it is our duty and responsibility to take care that these innocent animals are not harmed because the planet Earth is as much theirs as it is ours.

World Animal Day Messages,Greetings and Quotes

Greetings for World Animal’s Day

_Animals are fascinating. Love them and save them. Happy World Animals Day!

_If you want to judge a man, judge him by the way he treats animals. Happy World Animals Day!

_No animal deserves to be abused.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Treat all animals with love and care because they are innocent.  Happy World Animals Day!

_This fourth of October, let us vow to uproot animal abuse from everywhere. Happy Animals Day!

_The word “humanity” comes from a human. Let us do justice to the word by showering love to animals. Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals are the purest form of God’s creations. Love them all.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals  feel all the emotions that you feel, so think a hundred times before being unkind to them. Happy World Animals Day!

_The animals have an equal right on this planet and we must not take their home away from them. Save animals and save their habitat!  Happy World Animals Day!

_Look into the eyes of any animal and you will get a glimpse into their pure souls.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Even if you cannot make the life of an animal better, make it a point to not make it worse.  Happy World Animals Day!

_I honestly love animals more than human beings mostly because they don’t judge me.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Create more awareness among people and show more love to the animals. They need it more and more. Happy World Animals Day!

_This summer, put out a bowl of water outside your houses so that the stray animals can take a sip from them.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Cannot imagine a world without animals. Thanks for making the planet an interesting place! Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals are a wonderful part of nature that must be preserved and protected. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals came on this planet way before any human and it is unfair that their right to live a peaceful life be snatched away because of human needs. Happy World Animals Day!

_Never allow your child to be unkind to any animal for no reason whatsoever. Here’s to wishing a better world for animals. Happy World Animals Day!

_This fourth of October, let us donate whatever we can to the many wildlife sanctuaries out there to show our love and concern for the animals. Happy World Animals Day!

_Good treatment of animals extends to the farm animals too. Stop those hard working bullocks or donkeys from being abused.  Happy World Animals Day!

_The purest form of love in the world is the love of an animal and you are very lucky if you have experienced it.- Happy World Animals Day.

_On the occasion of World Animal Day, I wish that the Government and Forest Ministry take more actions against the vicious act of poaching and hunting of animals.

_God created us, God created animals too…we have no right to take their habitat away from them, let’s save animals and forests.- Happy World Animals Day.

_Animals are never disloyal and their love is unconditional unlike humans…let’s pledge to protect the animals on this World Animals Day.

_A man who mistreats animals can never be a good human being, his actions towards animals reflect his nature.- Happy World Animals Day.

Messages for World Animal’s Day

_Here’s to wishing that the government and forest ministers take more steps to stop poaching and hunting of animals. Happy World Animals Day!

_It is the duty of every single human being that we help any animal that we see in pain and not just turn our backs on them. Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals are mute creatures who need our love and concern in this ever-advancing digital world. Happy World Animals Day!

_Let us spare a thought for those four-legged creatures who are often victimized because of the activities of the human race. Happy World Animals Day!

_You will have experienced the best and purest form of love in the world if you have ever been loved by an animal. Happy World Animals Day!

_If you want to find solace, get lost in an animal’s eyes.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Fight for the rights of the animals because we are all they have to fight against corrupted and cruel people. Happy World Animals Day!

_Here’s to taking this opportunity to say that more number of animal clinics should be set up. Happy World Animals Day!

_All animals are special and all animals deserve a good life.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Anyone can claim to be an animal activist but we all know that actions describe a person much better than his words. Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals are truly much better friends of people than people themselves.  Happy World Animals Day!

_It is ironical that human beings are considered superior to animals when in reality human beings are causing more damage to the planet and nature than animals.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Be the person your pet animal would be if personified and the world will be a much better place to be in.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Do not be unkind to stray animals, they need love as well.  Happy World Animals Day!

_As the fourth of October approaches, let us take a vow to not let any animal offender go unpunished.  Happy World Animals Day!

_There is no bigger sin than being unkind to poor, helpless and mute creatures.  Happy World Animals Day!

_Animals only understand the language of love and every human is capable of sparing some love for an animal pal.  Happy World Animals Day!

_The diversity of the animal world is amazing and while we may not be able to help every one of them, it is our duty to cater to the needs of any animal we may come across that might need help. Happy World Animals Day!

_Farm animals are living creatures and not machines and so they need to be looked after properly and given adequate food and rest. Wishing a very Happy World Animals Day to all!

_In today’s world of animal therapy, let us ensure that no animal needs to undergo any therapy because of human beings. Happy World Animals Day!

_An animal and your language of speech may not be the same, but you can definitely understand their language of love..wishing you a very happy World Animals Day.

_The purest form of God’s creation are Animals…let’s love them, protect them and their habitat.-Happy World Animals Day.

_Let’s get united, march together and take care of all the animals around us…come, let’s celebrate this World Animals Day with the Animals in our locality.

_If you are not able to take care of the animals, you don’t have the right to harm them or their habitats.- Happy World Animals Day.

_This fourth of October, let’s take an initiative to donate whatever amount we can to the wildlife sanctuaries and zoological gardens around us to show our affection and concern towards animals.-wishing you a very happy World Animals Day.

Quotes for World Animal’s Day

“Animals are the life-lines of the Earth, protect them before it is late.” –Anonymous

“Save Animals and thereby, save the Earth.” –Anonymous.

“If you are being unkind to animals- well, May God have mercy on you.” –Anonymous

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