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Closing the Gap Day is an annual awareness event where every Australians comes together and commit to achieving health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The event is usually held on the third Thursday in March.

It was first observed in 2007 as a joint venture between Australia’s top public and health organizations.

Closing the Gap Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Close the Gap Day greetings

Life is too precious to ignore the sever Health issues of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australians. Educate yourself so that you can stand with them. Have a nice Close the Gap day.

Excellent things are extremely difficult to achieve and it needs our voices to raise awareness regarding heath equality for everyone. Wish you a productive close the gap day.

Great amount of needless pain and sufferings can be omitted from the lives of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australians if we could raise our voice. I hope you would do that on this year’s Close the Gap day.

Our communities and country will only become if there is justice for health equality. May this occasion of Close the Gap Day is fruitful for the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australians.

In the end, the things that will matter are how we have lived, did what we could for others and how gracefully we have fought for health equality. Warm regards to you on this Close the Gap Day.

Inequality has many forms and but the inequality I health care is the most inhumane thing a country could do. I hope you will stand for justice on the occasion of Close the Gap Day.

If we ignore now then we are only inhibiting the lives of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australians from all kinds of pleasure. May you spread the awareness on this Close the Gap Day.

There is a window of opportunity for everyone to know and care about the inequality in health care faced by the indigenous people of Australia. On this special awareness day, wish you a healthy life ahead.

If there is injustice anywhere regarding health care for people who need our help then it is a threat to justice everywhere. Wishing all my Australian brothers and sisters a special Close the Gap Day.

If your journey was brutal then think about the basic health care denied from the indigenous people and Aboriginal Australians. May you think hard about this on Close the Gap Day.

With faith in our heart, I urge every Australian to stand for the Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australians as faith is the first step even if we can’t see the stair case. Wish you a fruitful Close the Gap Day.

The Gap is created when there is certain inequality in our health care and we as nation must fight against it. I hope you and everyone would raise its awareness on Close the Gap Day.

It’s time we take care of the health issues arising in the lives of Australia’s indigenous people as well as Islanders. Wish you a conscience and awareness filled Close the Gap Day.

Close the Gap Day messages

After all this time, if we could not learn to live together and care for our brothers and sisters then we would soon perish together as fools. Let’s raise the necessary awareness on Close the Gap Day.

Tragedy doesn’t ask who we are and where we’ve come from. Health care is a basic human right and we should fight for it till this inequity diminishes. Do play your part to Close the Gap.

It’s been 34 years since we achieve independence and we still lack the basic health facilities for certain groups of people in Australia. Let’s not make this our ‘thing’ and fight for the inequality on Close the Gap Day.

The Pioneering spirit of our nation should continue not for conquering countries but for improving the quality of life for every Australians. May this Close the Gap day is able to literally close the gap

Violence was never able to bring permanent peace but a peaceful protest against the injustice in health care can set an example for our nation. Let’s raise our voice and fight this battle together on Close the Gap day.

I want to live the day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin and denied basic health care on the basis of that. If you’re with me then stand with me on Close the Gap Day to fight this injustice.

Diseases and sickness doesn’t discriminate with people with different background so why should we be. Let’s take a pledge to fight against discrimination in health care on Close the gap day.

‘Access to’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean a guaranteed health care for everyone. We need to go beyond and stand with every group of people in Australia on the eve of Close the Gap Day.

They have put people lives in jeopardy and we are to blame because we have let them. On the eve of Close the Gap, let’s clear our conscience and fight peacefully against the inequality.

The indigenous and Aboriginal Australians die with heart disease and other health related issues because they are denied the right of basic health care. It’s time we raise voice on this Close the Gap day.

Hope that the positivity of this Close the Gap Day shall always guide you to what’s right for the people of Australia. May we all use this day productively for the sake of humanity.

Together we are strong and mighty. No one would be able to take that away from us if we united. Let’s unite on this Close the Gap Day and achieve the major goal in equal health care.

Close the Gap Day Quotes

“Here in Australia we’re fortunate enough to have one of the richest and oldest continuing cultures in the world. This is something we should all be proud of and celebrate.”

Warren Mundine AO, Australian Aboriginal leader 

We have our eye on the same destination – a sustainable future where Indigenous people are recognized for their wisdom and honored for their culture – there is no problem taking a different path to reach that place

Jackie Huggins, Co-chair National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples

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