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This is an annual festival. Mainly held in Germany, Munich and is celebrated on behalf of the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria, who later became King Louis, to Princess Therese von Sachsen Hildburgausen. It is the world largest folksiest and starting from September 16th rune to 3rd October

Oktoberfest greetings-

-Take out your bottle openers and get ready to chill out, since it’s the start of the best week of this year, hence a happy Oktoberfest to you all

-The significance of this day is only to those who follow the crown Prince! Long live Prince in our memories!

-Enjoy this week like none other since from today celebration starts today, on this Oktoberfest, and we hope you enjoy

-Cheers your beers and enjoy a lot with your buddies as we celebrate this Oktoberfest with all our loved ones

– Munich is the luckiest place to have people who celebrate this day like none other, and in the inauguration of this Oktoberfest week, we celebrate this day with our hearts

-Let us all come together on die Wies’n and celebrate this Oktoberfest with all our friends and make this time worth remembering in the future

-Leave the boring life and join since its party time and hence make sure to chill your beers and warm your heart and hence celebrate this Oktoberfest with your family and friends

-Have a nice day and enjoy under the sunlight, and dance at the midnight, and chill down your soul with chilled beer and hence celebrate this Oktoberfest 

-An occasion which is an emotion to all of Germany, we call it Oktoberfest, no matter whatever you have In life, without a bottle of chilled beer its just boring

-Come join the largest beer festival in the whole world and feel proud to be a part if this country and have some beer, and feel free to cheer loud, its Oktoberfest

-Never shall you miss this wonderful chance to open your hearts and souls and enjoy this event, for which we are known all around the world, and cheer up this Oktoberfest with us

-Don’t feel ashamed to break the dance floor, nor to overdrive the mike, nor to overfill yourselves with chilled beers and enjoy this Oktoberfest with us

-Beer is something worth having no matter how you are, where you are, why you are, and hence come taste the taste of German beer and celebrate this Oktoberfest on behalf of this start of the week

-As we heard first impression is the last impression, hence let us make this start of this week a wondrous one, and celebrate this Oktoberfest day and make this day special with lots of fun

-What are you waiting for, these beer tents aren’t gonna empty themselves, we need all the Germans around to have a taste of the finest beer, and the greatest beer festival in the world

Oktoberfest messages-

– In this busy world, we need sometime for us, some relaxation, some party, some chilling, and with some good food, a chilled beer always comes in handy, hence we all invite all to celebrate this Oktoberfest with us all

-Feel free to share your joy, and feel happy to feel others, and cheers your beers and keep the spirit lighter on and celebrate this Oktoberfest with us

-The tradition which started 200 years ago still has the same amount if happiness as it does now, and we all hope that everyone feels this happy moment and enjoy this Oktoberfest with us

-Rush into the beer tents and raid every last bottle, and let us all keep the legacy of being the biggest beer festival in the world alive by celebrating this Oktoberfest

– Don’t sit at home for at least today, and come out and enjoy this day, and come out to play with the big boys, and celebrate this Oktoberfest and enjoy this beautiful start of the week

-After this we ll all be back to our normal lives and hence lets squeeze out as much fun as we can from this moment and hence spend this Oktoberfest with limitless fun and enjoyment

-Today the remnants of the gates still stand and the fields, known by locals as the Wies’n now host the biggest beer festival in the world and hence we invite you to celebrate this Oktoberfest with us all

-Take out your bottle openers rather than leaving them in your pocket to rust, and enjoy this Oktoberfest with us and make this day remembering worth a lifetime

-Have a nice day, oh, it is supposed to have nice, since its Oktoberfest, and nothing can beat the trio of Germany, beers and our reunion on this day

-Keep on your heads high, and keeping the bottles empty, enjoy and get high, and come join us all in this wonderful celebration of this Oktoberfest and enjoy with all our heart

-Get served with awesomely tastes and chilled beers, and get attested to your country’s greatest beer festival known all around the world, and as the starting of this week, we celebrate this Oktoberfest with all our fellow Germans

-Don’t hide in your bill like a rat and come here instead and for one day be a spoiled brat and hence celebrate this Oktoberfest with us and fill your hearts with joy and tummies with beer

Oktoberfest Quotes-

“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline, it helps if you have some kind of football team or nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer”-Frank Zappa

“This is grain which any fool can eat But for which the lord intended, a more divine means of consumption, let us give praise to our maker and the glory to his bounty by learning about beer”-Friar Tuck

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer”- Abraham Lincoln

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