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The Royal Hobart Regatta is a yearly Australian aquatic event and one of the oldest and most prestigious events in Tasmania that was first held in 1838.

The event features water sports such as rowing, swimming, yachting and jet skiing along with military displays, fireworks, concert and other forms of entertainment. 

Royal Hobart Regatta Greetings, messages, and quotes

Royal Hobart Regatta greetings-

May the tradition of this spectacular sporting event prosper as it did till now. A huge praise to all the people who made it possible. Wish you and all the Australians a pleasant 3 days at Royal Hobart Regatta.

‘Waves’ of joy are awaited for you and your family at Royal Hobart Regatta starting from 4 types of aquatic sports to children activities and concerts. May you have a splendid weekend!

Keep up with the spirit of our nation and see the world’s most beautiful sporting event at the Royal Hobart Regatta. Wish you fun filled 3 days ahead.

Let’s cheer together for all the sportsmen who will be participating at this year’s Royal Hobart Regatta and making the event more entertaining. Let us celebrate this event whole-heartedly.

Come with us and join us on the journey of three day non-stop water sports action and enjoy this old and beautiful public event. May this year’s Royal Hobart Regatta be a wonderful one for you.

Just like every year Australian Army Band-Tasmania is going to carry out an engaging concert and I wish you to be there and enjoy it like a true patriot. Wish you an awesome holiday ahead.

That time of the year is here and I wish you and the family to make these three days as one of the best days of your life with water sports, music, sideshows and many more.

Our country is more than just land and sea. The rich history of Royal Hobart Regatta is one of our oldest sporting traditions. Just like me, I hope all my Aussie brothers and sisters enjoy this beautiful event.

Lots of things have changed in 182 years but not our love for this 3 day spectacular event that is just not limited to aquatic sports. Together let’s sing, dance and enjoy all the festivities at this year’s Royal Hobart Regatta.

It was and let’s hope that it always will be wall to wall filled with people having a great time at the Royal Hobart Regatta. May you spend a delightful 3 days at the upcoming regatta. 

Almost two centuries ago, the Royal Hobart Regatta boosted the morale in the colony with aquatic competitions and a festival. Today, I wish everyone to eat the fruit that was planted years ago.

Have faith in the Royal Hobart Regatta to make you feel delighted and proud about this event just like our ancestors did. Wish you the most enjoyable time with your family at the Regatta.

I hope every one of us let ourselves free from the mundane routines of your life and enjoy to the fullest at the oldest and brightest sporting events in Australia. Wish you happy days at the Regatta

Royal Hobart Regatta messages-

An auspicious water sporting event is ahead of us so let’s recall the rich history of Royal Hobart Regatta and celebrate this wonderful event with nothing but pride and joy in our hearts. 

If past has proven something, it is that if we stay united as proud Australians then we make the biggest water sporting event like the Royal Hobart Regatta, the most successful one this year.

This event is day of celebration with the fellow Tasmanians and with our loved ones. This is national memory that we are so fond of and grateful for reliving it every year.

Over the years the Royal Hobart Regatta has seen 10 Royal visits and more than seven million spectators. This year let us all make this event the biggest one yet in terms of audience.

At the Royal Hobart Regatta there is everything for everybody such as wood chopping for adults and Junior Boy Girl Quest for children. So let’s create precious moments in our life together.

Life presents us lots of opportunities to enjoy so grab this one and see some extraordinary display of water sports, music and whole lot more at this year’s Royal Hobart Regatta.

The Royal Hobart Regatta is proof of how proud Tassies are of our heritage. So once your there you’ll immediately feel the palpable excitement in the air. May you have a good one.

There are few places where we get to behave like children and Royal Hobart Regatta is one of them. So set your inner child free and visit the sideshows for rides and carnival booths. 

You only need to take the shuttle bus from the airport and then live those 3 days with full of excitement, adventures and various water sporting events to please your life.

Relish the regatta like never before along with live musical experience of artists from the Navy and the Army at Royal Hobart Regatta. May the event leave you with a lasting impression. 

The best thing about the regatta is you don’t have to worry about anything. Anytime you feel your tummy rumbling, there are food stalls for your taste buds. So enjoy and have a great event.

Live life king size and even if you can’t then make this three-day event at Royal Hobart Regatta as one of the most joyful and well-remembered escapade of your life.

Be one of the many people visiting the Royal Hobart Regatta and feel the essence of proud heritage of Tassies along with numerous forms of water sports, exciting activities and entertainment.

Royal Hobart Regatta quotes

The effect of sailing is produced by a judicious arrangement of the sails to the direction of the wind. – William Falconer, Scottish sailor and poet

“After a bad day in the office you’d go up and do a few aeros and feel a lot better.” – Legendary pilot Stan Tilley

“It was a pretty big deal for the colony and it progressed from there.”

–  Royal Hobart Regatta president Geoff Lucas

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