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Quiet Day is observed globally on the second Wednesday of September every year. It is an occasion where people get reminded about the significance of silence in our lives.

In many countries, meditation programs are organized on Quiet Day as a part of the awareness program. On Quiet Day we should try our level best to keep the noise levels down. It gives you the opportunity to spend a day in contemplation.

Here are a few inspirational quotes on Quiet Day which you can share on your social media profile to the world on that day.

_Today is Quiet Day and it is time for us to spread awareness about the menace known as noise pollution.

_Let me remind you of this Quiet Day that nothing can replace the value of silence in our lives.

_On this Quiet Day, we should try to bring back the elusive silence into our lives.

_Serious contemplation requires silence, and this is what makes Quiet Day significant to us.

_In the rat race of our daily lives, we fail to recognize the importance of silence. Quiet Day gives us the much-needed reminder that somewhere we need to put a limit to the noise levels.

_Silence is golden. Quiet Day provides us the opportunity to communicate without words.

_On this Quiet Day, we should recognize the fact silence is an authentic source of strength.

_On this Quiet Day let us discover how Silence can help in bringing peace and tranquility in our lives.

_On this Quiet Day let us educate the people about the ill effects of noise pollution.

_Silence is the source of wisdom and creativity. One can never think freely without a quiet environment.

_If you work in silence and solitude, then you are bound to get the best results in your life.

_Silence has its own language and on Quiet Day we should spread this message all over the world.

_In today’s world silence has become a luxurious thing to us. Quiet Day offers you the scope to bring back the silence that is missing in your lives.

_Peace comes with silence and this is something we fail to recognize in our fast-paced lives.

_If you speak less to people, then your power to imagine will increase. Imaginations tend to flow freely when your mind is cool and calm.

_Great men always find a way to work in solitude and silence and on this Quiet Day we should try to take inspiration from the lives of these great men.

_On this Quiet Day let us promote silence in our lives as it allows us to listen to our inner voice.

_Today is Quiet Day and we should invite people to meditation programs organized in different parts of the country.

_Silence is the best way to find God. Noise will only take you far away from the Almighty.

_It is better to keep quiet on some occasions as silence speaks it all.

_On Quiet Day we should tell everyone to bring down the noise levels as noise pollution can impair your capacity to hear.

_On this Quiet Day, we should learn to maintain silence.

_Quiet Day offers us the scope to sit back and think about the possible options of reducing noise pollution.

_On Quiet Day we should learn to enjoy without creating much noise as that can cause health hazards to other people around us.

_Quiet Day is a wonderful initiative to spread awareness about noise pollution. All of us should act as volunteers on this day and educate people on the need to reduce noise pollution.

_We should start maintaining silence from today for the sake of our future generations.

_Say goodbye to loud music on this Quiet Day and start listening to soft and slow music that is soothing to the ears. It will also help in keeping your brain relaxed.

_On this Quiet Day, all of us should remember that on some occasions we say a lot by saying nothing at all.

_You can never refute silence. It is one of the biggest truths in your life.

_Noise pollution is a heavy price that we are paying at the cost of development. On this Quiet Day, we should say a big NO to noise pollution.

_Understand the necessity of quietness in your life and try hard to give it a chance on this Quiet Day.

_Spend a day in solitude on this Quiet Day. Run away from the hustle and bustle of city life and find solace in the lap of nature.

_Always remember that a meaningful silence is much better than words that lack any kind of sense.

_Silence helps in maintaining your physical and mental health. On this Quiet Day try to know the benefits of silence.

_On this Quiet Day, let us all pledge to remove the evil known as noise pollution from the world. It might be very easy to create pollution, but it is much more difficult to remove it.

_Make a resolution on this Quiet Day that you will not contribute to forming noise pollution.

_Today is Quiet Day and we should join in numbers to be a part of the revolution against noise pollution.

_If you don’t kill noise pollution today, then be sure that it will kill you one day.

_It is only in silence that you can find genuine peace. This Quiet Day let us all work relentlessly to spread the message of eliminating noise pollution from the world.

_On this Quiet Day let us interact with each other without making much noise.

_It is Quiet Day, avoid making unwanted noise and try to find out new ways of dealing with the increasing levels of noise pollution.

_Don’t be selfish, think twice before you play loud music or burst crackers. It can be a source of enjoyment to you but at the same time, it can be detrimental to the health of others.

_Let us all bring back peace in our lives by staying quiet and calm on this Quiet Day.

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