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Knife day is celebrated on the 24th of august every year. The history behind celebrating this day is yet unknown. However, people believe that this day is celebrated to show their gratitude towards the knife, which, as a tool, is an integral part of our daily life. Hence this is also celebrated with great interest.

Knife Day Greetings:

-A pleasant greeting to everyone on this exciting eve of knife day. A knife can be considered as our third hand that has made our life more comfortable. 

-May you have a happy celebration celebrating this day with your knife. Cheers.

-Ever since the invention of the knife, human life has become more comfortable in ways we can not imagine. Happy Knife Day to all my fellow friends.

-On this knife day, let us all appreciate this beautiful gift to humankind and let us safely celebrate this day.

-Today is the day to respect the tool that has been proven to be of great interest to us daily. Let us be a part of celebrating this day and making it memorable by using our knives in the best possible way—happy wishes.

-Grab our knife and show your talent. Be it in chopping something or creating something new. Let us be proud of celebrating this day.

-Best wishes from my side and a happy Knife day. Cheers to this useful tool in our lives.

-Cut it well, Cut it nice. However, don’t forget to keep safety precautions for yourself and others around you. Have a wonderful and safe Knife day celebration.

-A beautiful application of force and pressure is what a knife is. On this knife day, let us all appreciate this useful tool in our daily lives and thank science for making our lives easier. Happy knife day to all of you.

-To every knife person out there. Cheers to the day for all of us. A day to proudly show our knives to everyone and make others know about the need to use a knife to make our life easier. 

-Have lots of fun celebrating this day with your family and friends.

-Lots and lots of warm wishes on this very precious day of Knife day. Being a chef knife is our biggest weapon. 

-Let us get together and have a grand celebration celebrating this day—a pleasing Knife day to all of us.

-Knives play an essential role in our day to day activities. This Knife day, let us celebrate it by appreciating this powerful tool. Happy knife day and have a good day ahead.

-Go on, show your knife collection that you have been building up in all these years. Impress your friends and your loved ones and get together with the people sharing the same interest as yours. 

-A happy knife day to you, and let us appreciate this brilliant tool today.

Knife Day Messages:

-Back from ancient times, the knife has been a daily and right part of everyone’s life. The earlier knife was used in the form of stones, and with evolution, its form and use have changed to a better version. 

-This knife day let us all make the best use out of it.

-A knife is considered one of the most potent tools in almost every field. Hence we should all have respect towards its use and necessity and celebrate this day happily.

-Without any doubt, a knife as a tool has made our life more comfortable, and we all should appreciate it. However, in some cases, it is misused for doing any wrong deed. 

-It is our responsibility to check on ourselves if we are using it any betterment or for any wrong purpose.

-This knife day, hopefully, we all should make ourselves and others aware of the generous use of this tool. Adding to that, we should keep a view on the safety of ourselves and the people near us. 

-Harm nobody and show some love by creating something new and good with the use of a knife.

-Everything in this universe has two sides: a positive side and a negative side. A knife is no exception. 

-The knife can be used for doing daily chores and also as a powerful and deadly weapon. Use it well.

-While using a knife, many people forget the fact that it is quite dangerous and risky. People do some stupid acts to impress others and eventually hurt themselves. 

-Using a knife is no kid’s play, so I suggest you use this tool wisely.

-A knife helps us in many ways, and its importance in our daily lives can not be ignored. This knife day, use your knife wisely and adore this powerful tool.

-Knives are considered the third hand for human beings, and it is even considered the most used tool by humans.

-Knives have got extensive use in our daily lives. We humans most commonly use a knife for cooking purposes. However, there is a lot more to it. 

-Soldiers use it in combat; hikers and farmers also use it. The importance of the knife in our lives is enormous, and let us all appreciate that. 

-So on this day, let us all make the most use of our knives and let us all take the responsibility to use our knives properly. A happy knife day to all of you. 

-Cheers to this powerful tool in humans life.

Knife Day Quotes:

-”The knife is the most permanent, the most immortal,the most ingenious of man’s creations. The knife was a guillotine; the knife is a universal means of resolving all knots. “

~ Yevgeny Zamyatin

-”The knife is the balance point for survival in the bush. Without it, you have to stay on the move. With it you create the opportunity to rest. “

~ Mors Kochanski

-”A knife in the hand of a murderer kills, but if you give it to a doctor he will heal it. “

~ Recep Tayyip Erdogan  

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