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Finding places and addresses became far easier with the coming of the idea of zip code. It is in the year of 1963 that the idea of zip code came into being. 1st of July is the date that is observed as the Zip code day. However, the use of zip code was evident in the early 1900s in some parts of the US. With their success, the idea later transformed the entire idea of address and simplified it greatly.

The idea came from Zone Improvement Project that was used in the US. By the end of World War II, most of the places had their own zip codes and hence the implementation was all set to rock the world. A public campaign featuring Mr. Zip was launched so that the people were made aware of the system and they could use it to their benefit. 

Some of the quotes and greetings for the Zip Code day are mentioned below- 

_Before ZIP Codes were coming into being and made life a lot easier, people were yet struggling to know their route 

_Zip codes ruled maps out of their purpose. Finding addresses were made easier and people didn’t need to scout for their location anymore 

_Do you realise how you can go to one place from another and it is actually just the numbers that is changing! Think again, ZIP codes rule the world

_What makes ZIP codes special is that it is easy to remember and they can just never go wrong 

_ZIP codes are more of an identity. A place without a code is the last thing that you will find on this earth 

_Travelling and moving around is so much easier as we all keeping zipping around through the codes 

_Happy World Zip code day, can we now afford being without them?? 

_Every distance is met and every area is now closer with the help of this amazing idea called Zip Codes

_Surname is supposed to be the identity of a land and in the same manner it is the zip code that is the identity of a place

_If you ever thought that numbers cannot do magic, just write the wrong zip code on your letter and see it vanish forever 

_Every zip code is valuable as it is a representation of a geographical area which cannot be demarcated in any other means. 

_On this Zip Code day, lets value the digits that give us direction! 

_Knowing a place just based on numbers is such a cool thing and only possible due to zip codes

_On this Zip code day, let us take a moment to appreciate this amazing idea of allotting numbers to location and making life simpler

_If you not know your zip code, there are chances that you may even get lost in your own neighbourhood 

_World Zip code day is one tremendously important date. We can only know how important it is once we get to live in the times when there weren’t zip codes

_Geography lost its purpose on the day when Zip codes established themselves. With it, distances matter no long 

_Efficient mail delivery became possible only with the coming of Zip codes 

_There is not a single place on earth that doesn’t have a zip code, astonished?? Search it on your own

_Not only places, with the advent of zip codes, communities have gained relevance in the society and have come up. Hail the idea, hail Zip Codes 

_Your mail just zips to its location so quick! Wonder how? Know more on this World Zip Code day

_Every sender and receiver have got a gift, it is the gift of zip codes! 

_Once upon a time zip codes were trademarked. Well, now stay guilt free and use it any time because the trademark ahs expired 

_We bet that with the invention of zip codes, ever zone has literally Improved! Great plan indeed 

_It only needs a team of geniuses to come up with simple digits that could represent the entire world. Zip codes are an invention that needs to be appreciated forever.

_You can forget the name of the place you live in as long as you know what the PIN of the place is!

_On this World Zip Code day, let us spread the word of importance of this phenomenon. We need to understand its value and magic 

_Did you ever have the desire to check out the lowest and the highest zip codes of this world?? Go and check out now 

_ZIP codes are a blessing to the postal industry. Half of the job is done if you are getting the right codes written on the consignments 

_Zip code day is a much known day and it needs more light because people haven’t yet appreciated in the way it needs to be done

_We all know this but won’t agree that it is fact that the ZIP code you are born in will pave your destiny. 

_Keep calm and put the right ZIP codes on every package 

_Every address in the country is accessible now with the idea of ZIP codes taking forefront in the postal industry 

_ZIP codes are the dearest friends if every post man

_Happy world ZIP code day to all those out there who post regularly and maybe also make money out of it! ZIP codes has only made work simple and businesses better 

_Five digits that can take you to any destination. Happy world ZIP code day 

_Two lost lovers and one common ZIP code. Tell me a better story than this and I will be at your command forever. Happy world ZIP code day

_Every citizen of the state needs to be aware of their ZIP code. It is the identity of their location

_Let us spread the word and inform people more about the amazing numbers that define their beautiful areas. WORLD zip CODE DAY is here 

_You can afford to forget your email ID, but please not the ZIP code. 😀  

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