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Saint Jean Baptiste Day is celebrated as a holiday every year on the 24th of June not only in Quebec, a Canadian province but also by the French Canadians across Canada and the United States. It is the feast day of St.Jean the preacher who baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. It was first celebrated in 1606 and then on 1636 on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River with a bonfire and five cannon shots.

-Happy St.Jean Baptiste Day! This day is all about celebrations and feasting.

-This day is all about the honor of French Canadian’s own heritage.

-Let us all rejoice and feast together on this popular religious feast day event.

-This Jean Baptiste day let us take a moment and be proud to be a French, be it in any part of the world.

-As a fellow national of Canada, let us take some time to thank and praise our French Canadians who brought this holy occasion to Canada withstanding many political problems.

-Wishing all a cheerful Saint Jean Baptist Day! Let us celebrate this day by inviting our close ones and held a bonfire at the lawns or by the river and enjoy this holy occasion.

-Wishing everyone a musical Baptiste day this time. Let us join the musical concerts taking place around the country and celebrate this day a little differently this year.

-On this day let us join the parades happening in different parts of the city in remembrance and support of our greatest national heroes.

-This Saint Jean Baptiste Day let us take the opportunity of being baptized by the church the same as St.John baptized Jesus by the Jordan River. 

-Wishing a very special St.Jean Baptiste Day this year to you and your family. Let us all fill the Canadian sky by different firecrackers and light up the nation in happiness.

-St. Jean-Baptiste Day is more than just about Quebec’s national holiday, this day is also about the celebration of Canada’s incredibly rich culture of which we Canadians feel proud of.

-On this day let us promote equality among all languages and cultures in Canada. This day should mark the nation’s equality from all aspects.

-Let us take an opportunity on this day to teach our kids and the students of our nation about the history and significance of this Saint Jean Baptiste day.

-Just as the French introduced this holy occasion to the whole Canada, likewise on this day we should learn to respect the vast diversity of our nation without any hindrance and should also pass this knowledge to others.

-It is of great pleasure that we wish all the Quebecers and French Canadians throughout the whole nation a very happy national holiday of the holy occasion of St.Jean Baptiste Day. 

-On this awesome day, let us take an oath to confess all our sins to the church and let the Almighty give us forgiveness for our sins.

-Let us promote to the society the need and importance of oath confession and baptism on this holy occasion of St.Jean-Baptiste day.

-Let’s take an opportunity on this famous day to help the needy ones so that they could also join us on this festive occasion.

-On this Saint Jean Baptiste Day let us support the truths of life and promise to never let down anyone with fake promises and helps.

-This day should mark the importance of righteous justice which should be followed and provided which can take our nation to its new heights.

-Let us all take an oath to excel in our individual fields which can make our nation proud in the world market in all aspects.

-On this auspicious day let us try to attain peace throughout the nation and try to solve all international problems and promote international peace around the globe.

-This day depicts the rich diversity our country has, though Canada ties to the French-speaking world is still an integral part of the Canadian story. Let us celebrate the community which helped to shape the nation’s identity.

-Let all happiness bells continuously ring and remind us that it is truly St. Jean Baptiste Day!

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