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World Cocktail Day is celebrated globally in the name of cocktails on 13th of May. A cocktail is referred to a drink made by mixing two or more drinks with at least one of the ingredients are alcohol.

The New York tabloid called ‘The Balance and Columbian Repository’ described cocktail as “an extremely stimulating liquor composed of many spirits such as sugar, water and bitters”. And now the word ‘cocktail’ has been embedded in our drinking vocabulary as a drink with all its ingredients are adaptive to suit every taste.

On 13th of May 1806, the first definition of a cocktail was publicized. And on this day every year cocktail enthusiast tends to make most out of this day.

Below is a list of greetings and quotes that you can use to celebrate the lovely occasion of World Cocktail Day with everyone-

World Cocktail Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_On the eve of World Cocktail Day, May a good cocktail is able to bring out the profoundness in you. Have a Great Cocktail Day.

_The healing power of cocktail may surpass the healing nature of physical contact. Hope you are healed on this World Cocktail Day.

_It feels like a surreal dream to even imagine that there is a day for all the cocktail lovers. Wishing such individuals an exciting World Cocktail Day.

_Once you are in to consume the tastiest beverage then there’ no looking back. Have a day of enjoyment with your friends on the special occasion of World Cocktail Day,

_ On the occasion of World Cocktail Day, sending warm wishes to every cocktail enthusiast who are not only passionate but also in love with this powerful juice.

_The small feeling rush and dizziness in your head, the urge to enjoy more are all associated with the consumption of good Cocktail May you enjoy the above on this World Cocktail Day.

_Well, this is the perfect day to try out all the cocktails that you have never tasted. Wish you a happy and an incredible World Cocktail Day.

_Everybody has to believe in something for example people like us believe in tasting every possible combination of cocktails. May we have an amazing World Cocktail Day.

_On the special occasion of World Cocktail Day, I hope you find a friend to drive you home after you’ve had an enjoyable session of cocktail tasting.

_Sometimes one cocktail seems alright, and the second ones seem too many but the third one feels just not enough. So I wish you a satisfying World Cocktail Day.

_This is the time to fill our mouths with the tastiest cocktails and beat the earth with our unfettered feet. May we enjoy the eve of World Cocktail Day to the fullest.

_When people bother you too much about wanting to drink cocktail, then it is time to give up on that people. Wish you a splendid World Cocktail Day .

_Cocktail has always been the tastiest friend amongst many other drinks. So, let us commemorate this beautiful invention on the occasion of World Cocktail Day by drinking some more.

_There are evils of drinking alcohol beverages but when it’s come to cocktail, there’s not much thinking involved. May you spend a joyous World Cocktail Day.

_We all deserve our own sessions with the cocktails after a tiring and hard-working week of office time. May you get relax and have fun on this World Cocktail Day.

_This is not the day to mess with your passionate cocktail drinkers/friend as it is a day for such individuals to enjoy the eve of World Cocktail Day.

_We don’t ever have to feel ashamed about our cocktail loving attitude and especially on a World Cocktail Day. So go out and enjoy the day to the fullest.

_The cocktail lovers possess an extremely similar attributes of the ones who go for wine tasting. May this assumption have inspired you to have a great World Cocktail Day.

_ May your glass be ever filled with all of your favorite cocktails on the occasion of World Cocktail Day. Have a great outing with all your friends.

_May you don’t move an inch away from the bar in order to enjoy all the cocktails on a very special occasion of World Cocktail Day.

_I hope I see you and your best friend reason together while drinking and enjoying the last cocktail of the day. Wish you a delightful World Cocktail Day.

_Why are some of the best moments in our life are counted as drunken memories? May you find an answer by experimenting on a World Cocktail Day.

_Of all the thing in life we have compromised, drinking our favorite cocktails on a World Cocktail Day is not one of them.

_”Do not let an amateur mix your drinks” is the only advice I can give you in order to enjoy the occasion of World Cocktail Day to the fullest.

_Let us all commemorate the occasion of World Cocktail Day by properly maintaining the norms and regulation of cocktail drinking.

_Drinking you favorite cocktails on a Cocktail Day don’t make you an alcoholic because you are consuming the mixture of different spirits and that makes us a spiritual person.

_It is quite difficult to become a Cocktail that makes everyone a happy and lively individual. So, it is better to consume cocktails on the eve of World Cocktail Day.

_Sometimes in life, we will have to choose between a coffee and a cocktail. But on a World Cocktail Day, there shall be no doubt about it.

_Life is not one fairytale so if you lose a shoe during odd hours then you are probably high on cocktails on a World Cocktail Day.

_Time has proved that the power of cocktails in the realm of providing comfort to humans have always ranked higher than physical comfort. So choose wisely on World Cocktail Day.

_As cocktail is an alcohol so there are chances that it can be your worst enemy but the bible says love your enemy so I hope you do that on World Cocktail Day.

_Here’s to cocktails, mixed colored glasses of life that always been there for us. Wish you and all the cocktail enthusiasts a very lovely World Cocktail Day.

_It has the power to make the creative juices flow within you so making you happy is just a little work for cocktails. Stay happy and hydrated on World Cocktail Day.

_Numerous Alcohols and Cocktails have made some sweet memories in our youth which still feels cherishing. Wish you all such moments on this occasion of World Cocktail Day.

_And if you are drinking cocktails, even the most boring topics sounds so much more interesting. So enjoy some quality time with your friends on a World Cocktail Day.

_Other than love, it is cocktails that makes the world go around that too twice as fast. So make sure you feel the rush on the eve of World Cocktail Day.

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