50+ Best Wine Tasting Invitation Wording Ideas

With an intro to summer, there lie a plethora of good times mixed with a bag of sharing amazing memories with friends and a wine glass on hold.

Amidst the heat and daily hard work, a wine-tasting event is best suited for all wine lovers who can come together and enjoy a relaxing evening.

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What to Write on Wine tasting Invitation?

  • Mention that you have arranged some of the finest wines to taste
  • Make sure that everyone comes to the party
  • Let them know it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • If you want, you can ask them to bring their choices
  • Don’t let anyone go until the food is served

How do you respond to the Wine tasting Invitation?

  • Congratulate them on hosting such a great party
  • Let them know that you were looking forward to you
  • If possible, bring your fine bottle of wine
  • Before you leave, make sure to shower them with your blessings

Wine tasting events are somewhat of a creative way to spend some time with family and friends as well as to learn about wine and their experiments with new and unusual varietals.

So before you start worrying about food, the music, or the décor, you need to send out invites to your known wine connoisseur. 

Wine Tasting Invitation Wording Ideas

– The honor of your presence is dearly requested at the (location) on (date) for Wine tasting & Wine themed party at (time) followed by dinner immediately. May you come and enjoy the evening.

– It’s about time we celebrate the warmth of the season with the people whom we love very much. I guess this is my cue to invite you for a Dinner and Wine tasting party on (date) at (Location) from (time).

– Although cocktails are on the menu the party on (date) is more like a newly discovered Wine tasting get-together. I hope you bring your supremely unique taste buds for the party at (loc. & time).

– A party that starts off as a wine-themed and tasting event can easily turn into a dinner and dancing party if you know what I mean. So come and taste the wines on (date) at the party held at (location).

– Sometimes, we have to accept our age and shake things up with a wine-themed anniversary party. You are being exclusively invited to it on (date) at (loc. & time) where you can share your love for wines.

– The simple rule of life is to work hard and party harder, which is why you have to come and celebrate the evening of (date) at a wine-themed party held in honor of (names) at (loc.) from (time).

– With little effort, a wine tasting, and the themed party can be turned up with good music and lovely people. We’ll take care of wine and music while you can grace us with your presence on (date, time & loc.)

– Hemingway has rightly said that wine blends best with the friends you want to share it with. So come along friend and have a wonderful time at my wine tasting and themed party on (date) at (loc. & time).

– (Name) and (name) are celebrating their 20th year of togetherness on (date). They are going to turn up the notch with wine tasting and themed parties. You’re being invited to attend the party at (loc. & time).

– Wine is what we adults look for after a tiring day and wine is what the theme of the party will be for (name)’s 35th birthday. For that, your presence is being requested on (date) at (loc.) from (time).

– They say wine improves with age and so have I because I have gathered the most delicious old wines for our wine tasting and themed party on (date). Come and enjoy the wines at our place from (time).

Wine Tasting Invitation Wording

wine and cheese party invitation wording

– (names)’s engagement party just got sophisticated, with numerous wine stations waiting to be conquered. The wine tasting engagement party that awaits your presence is being held at (date loc& time).

– (company name) is proud to celebrate its 50th year in the paper business with a wine-themed party followed by wine tasting sessions and dinner. Please be there for the celebration on (date, time & loc.).

– My son has almost reached that age and it is best that he gets to taste the holy nectar of God and appreciate what a fine creation wine is. So please come to my son’s wine-themed 21st birthday party on (date).

– The 25th annual grapevine wine-tasting festival is around the corners and there will be everything from Champagne to Port Chianti to Merlot. Please join us and enjoy the evening of (date) at (loc. & time).

– As my spouse turns 50 this (date), we have decided to celebrate his/her day with Good food, Good friends, and Good Wine. So come along and celebrate the evening full of wine tasting at (loc. & time).

– Let’s eat, drink and celebrate the lovely couple with a fine wine-themed party held in honor of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Please join us for the party hosted by (name) on (date) at (loc. & time).

– We are delighted to announce that (surname) vineyard has completed its 40th year in the wine-making industry. So join us at our place as we celebrate this day with a wine-tasting party on (date) evening.

– The only poetry I like is that comes bottled smelling all enticing. Yes, I am talking about wine because I have great new stocks of old wine, which are enough for a wine tasting party. So see you on (date & loc.)

– The love for great wine comes from our deep love for nostalgia as just like wine, we adore old times and old friends. So let’s take a trip to a nostalgia station with a wine-themed party on (date, time & loc.).

– It would be criminal to let this festive season go without some wine tasting fun. So wine and cheese anyone? as there would be plenty for you at the annual wine tasting celebration on (date & loc.).

– The breezy fall season is nature’s way of telling us to consume more wine. Speaking of wine, we would like to cordially invite you and your spouse for an afternoon of wine tasting at our terrace on (date). 

– The one who started it all is celebrating his/her 75th birth anniversary. (Company name) would like to request your presence at (name)’s wine-themed anniversary party held at (loc.) on (date) from (time).

– Lots of drinking beverages this day but wine is what gives the feeling of indulgence, bliss mixed with luxury. So come and raise your glass high at my wine-themed and tasting party on (date) from (time).

– Whenever I come across a new wine, my only wish is to share it with my friends and family. So dear friend, I have organized yet another wine tasting party on (date) at my place and you’re invited.

– Let the hidden secrets of our soul be lightened with wine, cheese, and dancing at the (surname)’s yearly renaissance meet on (date). We ask for your humble presence at the event held at (loc. & time).

– Wine is both the object of pleasure and knowledge but pleasure does depend on your knowledge of wines. Hence, come to our wine tasting party on (date) at (time) and find pleasure in the knowledge.

– Don’t you think that the 4th of July is a wonderful day to spend an evening on our terrace whilst soaking the delights of Fireworks and Wine tasting. I know you’d agree to see me in the evening at (time).

– What is an elixir of life? We don’t know for sure but wine comes a very close second. So let’s consume more of it at a non-formal wine-themed tasting party held at our place on the evening of (date). 

– Those who don’t love woman, wine, and songs shall remain a fool for a whole life long. Unless you’re a fool, my friend, you better show up at my wine tasting festival on (date) at (loc. & time).

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