142+ Potluck Invitation Wording that Whets Your Guests’ Appetite! (Images)

“Potluck Invitation Wording” has the ability to elevate an unremarkable get-together to a gourmet celebration.

Your invitation will have a taste, and guests will be enticed to bring their best foods because of the literary seasoning.

Saying the correct things can make an occasion unforgettable, whether you’re throwing a potluck meal, a holiday celebration, or a neighborhood get-together.

In order to make sure your get-together is a huge success, we’ll dive into the nuances of creating intriguing potluck invitation wording in this post.

This time, let’s examine how to properly greet, distribute, and enjoy the flavors of the community.

What to Write in Potluck on The Invitation?

  • I assign each guest a particular food item or type of food/meal.
  • Arranging for food allows you to travel quickly without worrying about the food becoming stale or contaminated due to excessive heat.
  • Awareness of the various dietary restrictions and planning foods that almost everyone loves.
  • Ensure everyone has enough food and drinks so no one leaves hungry.
  • Better if the foods are packed and served in ready-to-serve containers, you can get away with not having plates or utensils.

On the height of all that, it lessens the burden of cleanup, as guests take back their scraps and leftovers when the party ends.

Potluck Invitation Wording Ideas

The term “potluck” first came to notice in the 16th century in Thomas Nashe’s work and refers to the food or meal available for an unexpected guest at any given time.

Here are some potluck invitation wording ideas.

Some of the interesting ways to invite to a potluck are:-

  • We are barbecuing an amazing potluck party, where an abundance of beers and grubs- bring your delicacies as well to share with us!
  • Tonight is a fun, music, dance, and food night- don’t forget to grab your dish as well to add more flavors to the party!
  • Can’t wait to get along with my batchmates, this potluck party is gonna be super fun and exciting with loads of food!
  • All ya hungry devils are invited to my potluck grillin’ party! To remind you I am a hungry devil too!
  • It’s been a long since we partied together! So tomorrow is the day we meet again and party like no one is seeing us! 
  • It’s time for our spooktacular Halloween potluck with all my favorite people. 
  • We are going to dine together with some of our ex-mates for a potluck party, hope to see you too!
  • Wines, beers, and delicacies! What more do we need? Grab your dishes as well because tomorrow is a potluck gathering!
  • Unlimited fun and joy! Food and dance tonight at my place!
  • You surely would not like to miss a chance to get along with us – we have some of the best menus and your delicious apple pie tonight for a meal!
  • Do not forget to fetch your best recipes for tonight’s potluck party!
  • Stick by the rule and get your yummiest dish along with you!
  • No food no fun! So get your food to share and we have plenty of food for you too!
  • Give and take is the rule of potluck gatherings! We offer 10x food, fun, music, and dance in return we need your eateries too!
  • Are you thinking about taking a break from the mundane routine? Why not come to my potluck party and have a fun time with us!
  • What can be more fun than getting along with the family! You are invited to our potluck get-together!
  • Hope to see you at my place but not without a dish and beer because it’s a potluck party!
  • You will not forget the fun and crazy time you will spend today with us! 
  • Tonight at 8 pm with your family at my place! Grab your favorite dish as well!
  • It’s been a long time since I have not eaten food from your house, so fetch apple custard for me and in return, I have unlimited food for you!
  • Let me have what you can cook best and you can have why I am best at fun and dance!
  • We formally invite you to join us at our office potluck party and please select a dish to bring up with!
  • We have had enough of tough luck and bad luck, it’s time for a potluck. Bring your casserole and beer as well!
  • The best kind of luck can be the only potluck! Grab your appetizer to share with us along with the fun!
  • We have planned an exciting potluck picnic but not without you! Share your dish and we will share ours!
  • Are you ready for some food and fun spam? If yes then fetch your favorite dish and dine at our place!
  • Scrumptious foods, snacks, and beverages are waiting for Ya! But do stick to potluck rules, grab your dish too!
  • When we meet we are sure to enjoy each other’s company and food just adds up fun to the evening!
  • Dine in at my place with a dish from your house and get along with us for infinite fun and craze!
  • I am arranging for a Friendsgiving potluck party and you are invited to it!
  • You bring your favorite dish to share at my house sharp at 8 pm. Don’t be late, tasty foods can’t wait!
  • It’s a cocktail potluck picnic, please join us to add more fun to the picnic along with your beverages! 
  • Dining with friends is always fun! I am inviting you to the potluck party today at 8 pm.

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Potluck Party Invitation Message

This denotes the kind of community party where the gathered guests bring some food by themselves so that the entire meal gets rounded off and no one leaves hungry.

There’s room for creativity and uncertainty in a potluck party. Here are some potluck party invitation messages:

  • It’s a Halloween potluck party, fun, craze, scare and food are in abundance. You along with your family and dish are invited to my house at 9 pm.
  • With or without food we accept you to our potluck party but we will love it if you come along with something for us!
  • FUN, FUN, FUN is the only rule of a potluck party along with the taste of delicious food items!
  • We cordially invite you to our potluck party and also we request you to assign yourself for the food item you will be bringing along with you!
  • It’s an invention for potluck easter arranged by and my hubby, we have put effort to make you feel at home with unlimited fun!
  • We love food! So get one for us and we have a lot for you! We invite you to join us at a potluck party!
  • Don’t let your hunger die until tomorrow, because tomorrow you can have different flavored food items!
  • You can make me happy and I can make you 10x times happier! Join us at our potluck party!
  • Exchanging food items is the purest kind of love we can share! Therefore, inviting you all to a potluck party arranged at our home!
  • We become automatically happy if our stomach is happy! And in the potluck, it is the duty of every guest to make each other happy! 
  • Please come to our house for fun and enjoyment and if possible with your favorite dish!
  • Your presence at our potluck party will cheer us all and your dish will please our stomachs!
  • I hope to see you at our potluck party with a dish and fun!

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Potluck Invitation Wording Ideas

Whoever invented the concept of a potluck party was a genius. Telling everyone to bring their food delicacies and dishes to the festive season saves the host from grilling and cooking and ensures enough edibles are present.

Here are some examples.

-It’s a potluck dinner party at my place on Sunday, March 14th, at 8 p.m. Please join us and enjoy a delicious meal with everyone.

-Bring your favorite dessert and casserole to share, as you all have a potluck invitation. There will be lots and lots of unique food dishes to share. So, don’t miss the opportunity.

-Since we all are going through a stroke of tough and blind luck, we have planned a grand potluck. There is a potluck dinner at my place this week. The venue and timings will be notified soon.

-Please join us for our annual potluck dinner at our office hosted by the manager himself. Bring your delicacies and beverages to share. Don’t miss the event.

-We are grilling for an awesome potluck ceremony on our picnic day, and you are invited. We will have pizzas and cappuccinos. Please bring your food to share.

-Our friend’s house has an exotic potluck dinner party this week. It’s a kind of BYOB event, and different people will bring different foods to share. Join us if you want to have a memorable potluck event.

-It’s been a long time since we arranged a potluck dinner with our friends. Join us at my place on December 9th, sharp, at 7 p.m. to feed your appetite.

-We have arranged for a Friendsgiving potluck celebration at our friend’s house. You are cordially invited to the party and bring an appetizer to share.

-You are warmly invited to be a part of our potluck. Let’s celebrate this friendship season with an evening of delicious food, amazing friends, and never-ending fun.

-We are grilling some food for the potluck at our house. Please bring some desserts and drinks to share because we all care. Join us at the potluck and enjoy our sharing of foods theme.

-We are barbecuing an outstanding potluck at our office, where there will be abundant food and drinks; bring your desserts. You should not miss the event and the unlimited fun.

-Tonight’s potluck is all about sharing music, dance, food, and fun. Don’t forget to bring your favorite dishes for us to share and add more spices and flavors to the party.

-I can’t wait to get along with my closest friends at the potluck party. This party will be unique and a lot more exciting for us with all the different foods and music to share.

-It’s been a long time since we all had a party. So here is a potluck party tomorrow, and we will meet again. Happy potluck to all my favorites. The venue and time will be texted soon.

-Here is a potluck grilling party this week. To remind you, you are invited to be present at the party, making it more fun and memorable.

-We all will dine together at the potluck, and I am so excited. Hope to see all of you at the party with so much gossip to share.

-Wines, foods, and desserts. We don’t need anything more. Just grab your food items and join us, as tomorrow we are having our much-awaited potluck gathering with all our close friends.

-There will be unlimited dance and fun. Feed your appetite with good food tonight at my place, as there is a potluck program tonight.

-You will never want to miss an opportunity to dine with us. We have curated some great menus and delicious cream pie tonight for a meal. You are invited.

-Don’t forget to bring your favorite food recipes for us at the potluck party. Your presence is a must, so stick by the rule and bring the yummiest dishes along with you.

-If you don’t bring your food, there will be no fun. Get your tasty food to share, and we have other delicious food menus to grab your eyeballs for sure. You are welcome to the potluck party.

-The main rule of potluck gatherings is to give and take. We offer more food, fun, music, and dance; in return, we need your food eateries. So don’t be late for the potluck evening party.

-I think we all are tired of our same mundane routines. So, I am arranging a potluck event at my house on December 16th at 8 p.m. Come and have fun with us.

-You are kindly invited to a grand potluck get-together. I hope to see you at my place for the dinner party.

-It’s been months since I have not eaten food from your house. So bring me some chocolate custard from your house, and I have kept unlimited food for you. You should not be late for the potluck party.

-I invite you to join us at our official potluck party at our office. Select a tasty dish to bring up with, and I can assure you will never forget the fun you will spend today with us.

-We have planned an outstanding potluck picnic on my lawn. Share your favorite multicuisine dish, and we will share ours with you. Don’t be late for the potluck event.

-Get ready to indulge yourself in scrumptious foods, unlimited beverages, and snacks that are waiting for you. But in return, fetch your favorite dish at our place.

-Grab your favorite meal, attend our potluck event, and join the fun party. The best kind of luck can only be a potluck always.

-Join us at the funniest and craziest potluck picnic. Just grab your food meals and bring your dishes to us, and you can have our food. Your presence is expected.

-You are cordially invited to our potluck event. Please join us and add more fun to the celebration and your unique dessert items. 

-Dine at my place tonight as there is a potluck picnic. Just grab your delicious dishes for unlimited fun and craze.

-I have arranged for a cocktail potluck picnic. We would be glad if you would join us sharp at 8 p.m. at my house. Don’t be late as tasty food can’t wait.

-Dining with close friends is always filled with excitement. I invite you to participate in our potluck snacks event today at 7 p.m.

-It’s a crazy Halloween potluck party. There will be fun, scare, and food in abundance. You and your friends are invited to my place at 9 p.m.

-There is a potluck party arranged during the weekends. We would be pleased if you could join us and make the event more special and unique.

-Here is a potluck invitation for you from us. We have put efforts into making you feel comfortable with unlimited happiness. Let us taste your favorite food menus this time.

-You are invited to a grand potluck dinner party. Please join us at the potluck ceremony and let us make some special and unforgettable memories.

-It’s time to keep aside your busy scheduled work and indulge yourselves at our weekend potluck. Our potluck is on January 18th, at 6 p.m. at Vila Avenue. Please join us.

-It is the time to try out our friend’s favorite traditional dishes. So you are invited to our friend’s potluck ceremony. Bring new recipes, too, along with you.

-We are back with our annual potluck ceremony every year. We can’t keep our calm to taste the goodness of your delicacies. Join us and relish every dish.

-Since this is a potluck ceremony, please mention the dishes you will be bringing so that no one brings up the same foods. Hurry up for the event, and don’t be late.

-Just like every year, we are here to invite you to our Christmas potluck dinner. Please bring your cultural recipes to let us taste the foods; in return, we can give our part to you.

-Join us for the annual potluck ceremony gathering. The menus, drinks, and music are all set beforehand, and we are just waiting for you all to come bringing your favorite foods for us.

-Your delicious meal will please our tummies, and your presence at the potluck gathering will please our minds and heart. I hope to see you at the party without fail.

-You are invited to visit our house for a potluck event. Come and join us for unlimited fun and enjoyment.

-Exchanging foods with our close people is one of the rarest kinds of affection we can share. So, here is inviting you all to a great potluck party arranged by us at our home this Sunday.

-If you can make us happy with your food, we can make you happiest with our beverages. So, indulge yourself at the biggest potluck party arranged by us at our home for unlimited fun.

-Give your taste buds some different tastes of foods at our potluck party. You are cordially invited to join the party and us along with the taste scrumptious food items.

Potluck Invitation Wording for Office

While arranging a potluck party in the office, one must ensure that everyone contributes by bringing something or the other that can round off the entire meal.

This ensures that if there are some uninvited or unexpected guests, they will not have to leave hungry.

Here are some potluck invitation wordings for the office:

-Bring over your friends and family for the potluck party we have arranged on the (date), at the office premises. 

-You all are courteously invited to a potluck lunch party on (date), at (venue). So naturally, we will gleefully solicit your presence.

-You may have heard of hard luck, tough luck, and good luck, but the best of them all is potluck. So please join us at the potluck party we organized on the office premises on the (date), at (time).

-Please don’t hesitate to join us at the annual potluck party, to be held on the office premises, on (date), at (time).

-If it’s a potluck, it’s good luck. No one will leave hungry at the potluck party arranged on the (date), on the office premises.

-please sign up and let us know the dish you will be coming with to the potluck party arranged by the office on (date).

-We are about to grill a fantastic potluck party, and we invite you all to join us and make every moment worthwhile.

-The day for our work-o-holic office potluck party has finally been announced, and we can’t wait to enjoy it with you all.

-The best and the weirdest office potluck party is here. Come if you dare, and bring a dish we can share on the (date), at (time).

-It’s the season of Thanksgiving, and we want to take it up a notch by celebrating a Friendsgiving potluck party to wherein you all are gladly invited. 

-You are cordially invited over for the annual potluck party at the office on the (date). Come with a dish to share.

-It’s time for the office’s holiday potluck and cocktail party before we step into the Christmas holidays. Everyone is cordially invited to join us and enhance the fun.

-You can never say no to a kickass friend gathering and an awesome potluck party. We have arranged for one on the (date) and can’t wait to celebrate it with you all.

-The upcoming Saturday, the (date), at (time), we are organizing an office potluck party, and everyone is courteously invited.

-It is an utmost request to all the office members to RSVP by replying to the potluck invitation email by (date), and let us know the dish you will bring over for us to share.

-We are organizing a potluck party on the (date), on the office premises. Please come over to celebrate the day with us, even if you can’t bring a dish. 

-You all are gleefully invited to a potluck office party like no other on the 5th of December at the office building.

-Our annual office potluck is finally here, and we can’t wait to have every one of you with us.

-Calling all the hungry hooligans for this very informal and casual potluck party, to be held inside the office building, on the (date).

-Bring over your loved ones and enhance the vibe of the entire office potluck party to be held on the (date), at (venue).

Friendsgiving Potluck Invitation Wording

The basic theme stays the same for a potluck invitation party involving friends or other close ones, referred to as a Friendsgiving ceremony.

Here is some Friendsgiving potluck invitation wording for your kind perusal:

-We are organizing the best Friendsgiving potluck ever, and we expect your gracious presence to warm up the entire event.

-A Friendsgiving like this is never complete without the presence of your lovelies. So I gladly invite you all to attend this potluck party and make it worthwhile.

-Potluck parties won’t be the same when everyone is in different parts of the world. So let’s celebrate our last Friendsgiving potluck before we seldom get time for one another.

-On this occasion of Friendsgiving, let’s come together and enjoy the day with the close ones. 

-Hope all of you are excited enough to join us at the potluck party on the 2nd Saturday of this month. 

-This potluck party, let’s make it a point to pray for good health and luck for each of our families, and for doing it, join us the following Monday.

-We pledge to spend every potluck together, so as per the ritual, let’s come together and celebrate it on (date) at (time).

-Do not forget to join us at the annual potluck ceremony next Saturday, where we will wish each other all the good blessings and luck.

-This year’s potluck is going to be a bit different from others where all of us will be spending time together at the same place on (date) at (time)

-It is again that time of the year when all of us are gathered together to celebrate this annual potluck ceremony, do join us on (date) at (time)

-This Friendsgiving, let’s wish that every one of us becomes strong both mentally and physically to withstand any hardships that might come up in our lives.

-Do not forget to invite all your friends to this annual Friendsgiving potluck ceremony on the 25th of next month at (place).

-This year’s potluck ceremony will be huge, and we want all of your precious presence to be there at the same place as usual on (date) at (time).

-We invite you and your whole family to this annual potluck ceremony on (date) at (time) at our place. 

-We have decided to hold this vast potluck ceremony where we would like to invite you along with your friends and family on (date) at (time) in our garden area.

-We are planning to do a very minimalistic potluck celebration this time, but without your presence, it will be empty, so please give your company at our place on the 23rd of next month.

-This year has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, and to mark it all, let’s have a grand potluck ceremony where we wish for good health and wealth for each other. 

-Our family will organize this year’s annual potluck ceremony, so do not forget to get your dates booked on the 24th of next month and join in along with your friends and family to have a gala time together at (time).

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