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 Tortilla Chip Day is acknowledged on the 24th of February every year. All love the tortilla chips because of the flavor and great taste in it.

The United Nations first observed the day, and they are the prime under sellers of the tortilla chips. The tortilla chips are made of the yellow corns.

Tortilla Chip Day – messages

– Tortilla Chip Day is celebrated by the United Nations because they are the Superior ones to discover the chips. They were also the ones to make it delicious with an excellent idea of serving it with salsa.

– There is a list of pages to know the history of the Tortilla Day; we should all learn about that as we enjoy eating tortilla chips. The chips are triangle in shape with a crunchy effect on it.

– The tortilla chips’ essential ingredients are yellow corn, veggies, oil, salt, and water. They are often fried and then served mainly with salsa and guacamole or cheesy dips to enhance the flavor.

– Nachos is also another recipe coming up from the formula of tortilla chips. Nachos are served with the cheesy type dips with additional garnishing of meat, salsa, olives, lettuces, tomatoes, and other ingredients.

– Did you lost in the thoughts of how tortilla chips came into existence? The chefs have great minds indeed to serve food lovers with new ideas. Hence, Tortilla Chips Day is also celebrated to honor the chefs.

– Rebecca Webb Carranza discovered the tortilla chips because his family was the famous El Zarape Tortilla Factory owner. To gain fame and respect, a great idea was made to work.

– The tortilla is the most excellent snack of all time. 

-The derivation of the name is from a Spanish word – ‘ torta’ which means a circular cake. But to contrast, the tortilla chips are made triangular in space. 

-The tortilla chips are the coast to coast commotion and are known by different names in different states’ borders. But the day is not a legal holiday, still celebrated throughout the nation.

– The tortilla chips get a wide range of attraction from the people world wide but is more famous in the corners of Mexico, North America, and Texas but known with specific different names. 

– Although people of other regions name the tortilla chips in different styles, like eating it in different tastes to satisfy themselves, the day is typical. It is celebrated on the 24th of February.

– As now we are aware of the National Tortilla Chip Day, we can all together celebrate the day with our friends and family members eating the tortilla chips for all the meals we have in an ordinary day.

– Learning does not stop. As we love tortilla chips and enjoy it with the dippings or garnishment, we can try making tortilla chips in our home and be a part of the National Tortilla Day organized by the nation.

Tortilla Chip Day- Quotes

-Every movie is a road movie. Every novel is a mystery. Every tortilla chip is sacred. 

-Sherman Alexie 

-A sleeping bag is a tortilla for a human. 

-Mitch Hedberg 

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