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Anzacs day is celebrated on 25th April of every year, in commemoration of the temporary but strong alliance between the Armed forces of New Zealand and Australia,

hence the name stands ‘anzac’, meaning australia New zealand army corps, this occurred during the period of first world war, and the ‘Anzacs’ served in the gallipoli campaign as their first operation during world war I

This day is given a special value in the world especially in australia and new zealand as the commemorate their fallen heroes who shed their blood in the war.

Anzac Day Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

Anzac Day greetings- 

  • Let’s cheer for our fallen heroes , whose souls shall be proud to know what we are today, and celebrate a happy Anzac Day
  • Freedom is not free, hence brave heroes paid the price in the past so our future can be free, a happy anzacs day to all
  • With marches and oaths, let’s reignite the patriotic spirits our fathers and forefathers showed so we live in peace today, hence a happy Anzac Day
  • Have faith in yourselves just like our forefathers did, for whom we won the war, and remember this day, since this day was, and is ours to celebrate, a happy Anzac Day
  • Come with us and join us on these marches to showboat our capabilities, and how against all odds we stood, and celebrate this Anzac Day with us
  • A auspicious Anzac Day, let’s all together recall the sacrifices which has been done for the land we stand upon and in their memory, have a feast all together
  • Let us make our lives better and live for only one purpose, to be together and be string, just like our forefathers did in the past, the legendary anzac, happy Anzac Day
  • Have your rosemerries ready, and join the prayers in the commemoration and celebration of this Anzac Day
  • Join ur hands , close your eyes and pray to the brave souls who lived for us and died for us too and let’s hope we prosper so their lives don’t go in vain
  • In the memory of all the brave men, heroes we lost, lets all pray and lay wreaths and make our heroes immortal in our hearts on this Anzac Day
  • The efforts our ancestors gave to provide this the peace, and land we live on, we owe them all, our prayers, our love, our recognition, so a happy Anzac Day to celebrate this historical alliance
  • A happy Anzac Day in memory of the legendary alliance which led to our victory,  pray to those brave soldiers and join marches to celebrate this auspicious day
  • United we stand, divided we fall, this day is the perfect example, and the anzac is the perfect name for this, hence celebrate this day and feel proud to be the citizens having so brave heroes

Anzac Day messages –

  • If past has proven something, it is that if we stay together we become stronger, hence lets learn from the past to make a better future and remember those who shed their blood selflessly for us, a happy Anzac Day to all
  • We advance, we shall always keep our heads high since this land is not for free, it has a price , which was paid by the blood of our brave soldiers, to honour that we celebrate this happy Anzac Day
  • Freedom was never free, nor will be, and neither our brave soldiers hesitated to pay for peace, nor will we forget them in the future, since this Anzac Day will always remind them of us, a happy Anzac Day to all
  • This day is not only just a celebration, but is a national memory among all we live here, it’s the day two nations became one to gain victory,hence celebrate this Anzac Day with pride and joy
  • ANZAC, it’s not just a name, it’s a symbol of bravery, symbol of alliance, symbol of brotherhood, symbol of victory, hence let us all celebrate this Anzac Day in a symbolic way
  • Have a feast and join the marches, decorate those red poppies besides the wall heroes to pay tribute to our fallen heroes, and celebrate this Anzac Day
  • May the souls of those who departed be with us, and may they be proud of what we are today, for we celebrate this Anzac Day as a thanksgiving and honour to their bravery and commitment and love for their land
  • All these heritage, all these beautiful valleys, wouldn’t have been there if it was not our fallen heroes who had given their blood to keep us all in peace, a auspicious Anzac Day to all
  • Lets pray and have the blessings from the memorials which uphold the names of our heroes, and pay tribute to the brave soldiers in the wall of honour and their families, for all we have we owe to them, a merry Anzac Day to all
  • Never prefer war, but always be prepared for it, that’s what our brave heroes did, and let’s all lay our wraiths and put up marches in celebration and commemoration of our fallen heroes
  • They may have fallen in the battlefield, but have risen higher than anyone can in the wall of honour, and in our hearts as well, and pray that their souls may rest in peace, and commence this wonderful Anzac Day celebration
  • Victory tastes good when not in the frontlines, hence those who tasted the bitter taste of war so we can have the sweet victory, lets not forget those martyrs and celebrate this Anzac Day on behalf of all those brave souls
  • Together we stand, a brief example our brave soldiers left for us through the anzac, and hence let’s celebrate this day on their names 

Anzac Day quotes-

“If we don’t end the, war the war will end us”- H.G.Wells

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

George Orwell

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.


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