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In the year 2016, July 17th was declared as the National Tattoo Day to honor an art form and an upcoming industry that has shown a huge growth rate in the past few decades. The origin of the word “tattoo” is from a word tatau from the Polynesian language which means “to tap or to mark.” For thousands of years, the culture of humans getting inked has been observed and has emerged as a growing trend. People have various reasons for getting tattooed which can range from intensely personal to just a common addiction for some.

Here are a few quotes that can help you understand the importance of this day –

_The best way to commemorate the Tattoo day is by getting a tattoo of your own.

_On 17th July get the ink that you have always wanted. Celebrate the National Tattoo Day.

_”My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.” On the National Tattoo Day paint your own story.

_The National Tattoo Day is all about wearing your heart out on your skin in your life.

_Show off all your tattoos with pride on July 17th. Celebrate the National Tattoo Day in style.

_Tattoos are about telling tales about you, who you are and who you want to be.  On the National Tattoo Day tell your tale to the world as you have always wanted to.

_The National Tattoo Day is about educating the people about the important roles that tattoos can serve in different cultures around the world and how they have evolving meanings in the modern age.

_The National Tattoo Day is the day to celebrate the glorious history of skin art and its growing pace in today’s world.

_If you have the design, the National Tattoo Day is the time for you.

_On the National Tattoo day ink with your hearts the blank pages of your body.

_Tattoos are a way of keeping track of time. This National Tattoo Day, mark down all your feelings and secrets you want to share with the world.

_July 17th, the National Tattoo Day is to get Tattoos that inspire you to be confident and yourself.

_A tattoo is a map of your inner self. On the National Tattoo Day show yourself to the world and get inked.

_The National Tattoo Day is all about realizing that tattoos are a permanent commitment of passion.

_”Inked and Educated. Don’t Stereotype.” The National Tattoo Day is all about creating awareness amongst people about the fact that Tattoo is merely an art form and a way of expression, not a taboo.

_Tattoos are an expression of who you are. Commemorate July 17th, the National Tattoo Day by getting a tattoo.

_”You don’t choose your tattoo design, your tattoo design chooses you!” Celebrate the National Tattoo Day by letting your tattoo design choose you.

_Scars can only make you stronger and more beautiful. On the National Tattoo day, own up to all your scars and hardships proudly.

_For some people Tattoos are a way of relieving pain, some pain on the outside can help ease the pain on the inside. On National tattoo, Day gets inked and leave your pain behind.

_”The ink of a pen is simply the blood of a heart.” Celebrate the National Tattoo Day.

_The National Tattoo Day is all about raising awareness about the art of tattoos and their ancient and respected history and change the way the world views them.

_On the National Tattoo Day you must remember that your life is like a tattoo, you only have a certain level of space available in it and that’s all. The more you fill that space with the negative elements, the less space will be left for all the positive ones. Shape your life like a work of art as you would do with your tattoos, and fill it with the good things.

_Tattoos are like a symbol of passion, transformation, and change. On National Tattoo Day, mark yourself with the same passion.

_On National Tattoo Day express yourself and your soul to the world. Get inked!

_”Pain is temporary, Tattoos are forever.” Have fun at the National Tattoo Day.

_Tattoo is a way of making a statement of about how you feel and how you want to showcase yourself without listening to how others see you.  Have fun at the National Tattoo Day.

_On the National Tattoo Day ink yourself and get a tattoo. A tattoo that reminds you of all the places you have been to and is a testament of all your precious memories.

_” As our body journeys through life and life journeys on our body, life leaves marks on us. From the creases of our wrinkles to the birthmarks on our bodies to the tattoos we decide to place.” Have fun at the National Tattoo Day.

_A tattoo is like a poem and is always more than what meets the eye. Every tattoo tells a story. On the National Tattoo Day, ink yourself and tell your story to the world.

_The best way to celebrate the National Tattoo Day is to be confident in your identity and owning up to what you really are and want to be.

_The National Tattoo Day is a day to celebrate the art form which symbolizes all the important moments of your life. Giving meaning to every fleeting moment and creating a timeline of your memories.

_Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and portraying to the world how and what you’re meant to be. This July 17th get a tattoo and commemorate this day.

_If you want to truly know and understand a person all you have to do is look at their tattoos. All the stories they have to tell are painted there. Enjoy the National Tattoo Day.

_”Life is painful but beautiful.” Tattoos are a representation of willingness to accept pain, endure it, embrace it and create something beautiful and meaningful out of a situation that might hurt.

_On National Tattoo Day, we should respect this beloved art form.

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