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National techie day is celebrated on October 3. It is celebrated to honor and respect those who work hard to make our life easy through technology, and they are called techies. A tech geek is inseparable from his love for technology.

These people are gifted and a boon for humanity.Let’s celebrate these wonderful men and women all across the globe.

National Techies Day Messages

-National Techies Day is celebrated on October 3rd all around the world.

-The event inspires students to join technology as their career.

-With so many budding opportunities in the ever-growing technology field, it is essential to have knowledge and skill in this area. It can give you a boost in your career.

-According to Engine Advocacy, a report was granted by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute in California, which states that four-fold of jobs can be created for every technology stream.

-Techies Day will surely end up being a huge economic success to the globe.

-As per experts, it is estimated that by 2030 the technology sector will rise to 48%, while other sectors of jobs can decline at a moderate rate.

-As an evolving field, now health and technology combine and are ready to serve humanity with many advantages. The well-designed health equipment needs the help of technology to grow.

-The health technology ensures growing jobs worldwide as it will need tech geeks to develop health apps and software and tools for use. This encourages a vast job demand in this area.

-It’s now new and all about innovations and discoveries about various sectors. Technology directly links with almost all promising sectors to create new opportunities

-Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting fields for most of the tech geeks. It is an essential factor in manufacturing, health technology, and financial services.

 -AI provides a promising career, as well as an excellent niche for startups. It requires expertise skills. If you are an AI enthusiast, you can sharpen your skills to make you a lot of money.

-Cybersecurity is also an advanced sector of technology. It requires high skilled techies to create a web for many reputed associations like many multinational companies or national security.

-One needs to be very dedicated while dealing with cybersecurity, as a little mistake in this sector can give you a whole lot of mess. 

-Techies interested in this sector can edge up their skills as they can face many challenges.

-Data is the new GOLD. Data Science is considered one of the luxurious and lavish sectors in the present day as it gives techies a broad spectrum of work.

-Job opportunities are flooded in data science, multimedia advancement, and increased use of smartphone results data scientists grade up their game in the digital market.

-App developer and Mobile app development niche is a Hit in the tech sector.

-Ever since the creation of APPLE and Google play store, many tech geeks have developed ideas and developed mobile apps in games, education, marketing, and health.

-Techies not only help technology to grow. It helps in the welfare of society. Many health, finance, security, education, and lifestyle apps and websites are being developed by techies to make life easy.

-Thank you, super TECHMAN! You are the reason why are able to surf the internet without any issue. This day is dedicated to you.

-We spend hours checking Facebook feed, Instagram stories, or Whatsapp messages and it’s possible just because of their sheer dedication and hard work…My heartfelt wishes to those intelligent human beings on this Techies Day.

-Now every essential thing we need in our daily life is just one ‘click’ away…Thanks a lot for making our lives so easy Techies.

-Happy Techies Day, a lot of respect and appreciation for the work you do which is encouraging Today’s generation to gather more knowledge about the Technical field.

-All schools and educational institutions must host a ‘Tech’ carnival or ‘Tech’ fair where each and every student may showcase their talents by presenting cool gadgets they made themselves.

-My Salute to the ‘Super’ Techmans who deal with cybersecurity as because of their sincerity, we are able to perform social media activities at ease.

National Techies Day Greetings

-Greetings to those humans who are a blessing to humanity. The invention of such smart apps like FB, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. are all possible to those logical minds.

-Happy techies day, you all deserve a lot of respect and appreciation for the work you do. Now everything is possible, and just “one “clicks far.

-Buy yourself a wishlist gadget. Maybe an APPLE watch or a Tab or A software that you wanted to buy from long ago. What could be a better day than this? Gift yourself with your long waited gadget.

-Host a tech fair at a high school. Please take all of your cool gadgets and showcase its use and explain its benefits.

– Share your experiences with technology. Encourage students to learn more. You can teach them the basics of computer languages according to their age and requirement.

 -Encourage people who have a genuine interest in the tech field. Support each other.

– Greet a techie geek by taking them out to lunch

-Discuss ideas, innovations, and creativity in this day with all your techies.

– Even introduce and teach technology to your family members as it is essential nowadays to learn and use technology in different aspect of life

 -This day takes time to sit with your love of life; we mean your lappy. This day sharpens up your skills and sees where you stand. 

-Spend some time learning a new concept or language that can get up your game in your job.

-You can also day by day get offend and do something different. You may explore the other side of technology; you can read a book and increase your in-depth knowledge on a concerning subject. May it be technical or nontechnical.

-Happy techies day to all the geeks and nerds who are honestly the most hardworking and smartest creatures. They develop technology that helps improve our lives. 

-Techies develop apps that are both playful and informational. One can play games and learn new concepts through such apps.

-Say thank you to every person. Your teacher, your friend’s colleagues, and even your clients and customers help you grow and expand your tech vision.

-Give your lovable gadgets a little renovation, we mean update them! Update them for smooth running and better functioning. You can also be a bit more considerate and declutter and dust off your gadgets.

-On the occasion of Techies Day, we should encourage the young generation who have a genuine interest in the technical field…let’s support them.

-On this Techies Day, I want to thank my teachers, my friends, colleagues and my customers who helped me to succeed in this field of technology.

-We should encourage people interested in the Tech field to spend more time on learning new concepts and languages that can help them excel.

-Happy Techies Day to all the Tech geeks whose indomitable hard work and determination are constantly helping us improve our lives.

-Let’s discuss ideas, introduce technology to our family members as it is a very essential aspect of our daily life.

Techies Day Quotes

-“I use a computer. I don’t know if that qualifies me as a techie, but I’m pretty good on the computer.” 

~ Leonard Nimoy

-“When it comes to being a techie, I’m always precise about the things that I want to know. I love understanding how things work.” 

~ Michiel Huisman

-“Everyone is creative and everyone is a techie.” 

~ Ayah Bdeir

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