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World Food Day (WFD) is celebrated on 16th of October in the honor of the date when the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations was first founded in the year 1945. This occasion plays a pivotal role in celebrating the significance of agricultural food production in the human life.

World Food Day was first established in the year 1979 by FAO’s Members Countries at the Organization’s 20th General conference held in November of the same year. This day is widely celebrated by organizations concerned with food security such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme.

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Messages for World Health Food Day

_All we need is love and food to survive this sometimes cruel world. May you always adore both and celebrate the occasion of World Food Day.

_Human have the gift to bring life into this world while foods have the gift to grow that life. I hope you celebrate food on World Food Day.

_Life has taught us sustainability while food has taught us share it with the needy. I hope you do that on the occasion of World Food Day.

_Chocolate is one of the foreign cousins of food and everybody loves it so jump onto those tasty delicious treats on the eve of World Food Day.

_Given the human race is entirely dependent on the food then it’s about time we stop wasting it. So let’s start from this eve of World Food Day.

_On this important occasion of World Food Day, I wish and urge every human to start giving some importance to the source of elongated life.

_Food is what unites us despite our nationalist and ethnic feeling, and personal history. So let us try to save it for the rest of the world on World Food Day.

_Feeding the world and caring for the earth is what we have forgotten about and it time to reawaken our empathy towards the needy on World Food day.

_As privileged humans; it would be a waste of opportunity to eat badly so select your favorite restaurant and have a fulfilling meal on the occasion of Word Food Day.

_Laughter shines the brightest when food is at our nearest, so on the eve of World Food Day let us all take pledge to end worldwide hunger.

_A healthy ecosystem in which the economy can grow and a few determined individuals is all we need to en world hunger.

_When there’s deliciousness served at the table and you don’t have a bad company either so I guess you are having a great World Food Day.

_Some have gained while some have lost few pounds and it is all because of food. So make sure you value your food and I wish you a great Food Day.

_Trying different flavors and kinds of food are no short of an adventure and I wish you the same adventure on the occasion of World Food Day.

_Subtle, a little bittersweet, not blowsy and extrovert is a description of a delicious dessert and for that let‘s honor FAO on World Food Day.

_Food is the culmination of all the hard work that we humans do so let’s try to raise awareness on poverty and hunger on the occasion of World Food Day.

Greetings for World Health Food Day

_God has blessed us with food to eat and still we don’t think about the ones who aren’t. So it is high time we do something about it on World Food Day.

_Food has lot of memories attached to it. May you relive those memories and spend the nicest evening with your friends and family on the occasion of World Food Day.

_Let us all at least try to raise the awareness on the importance of nutriment while the world celebrates the occasion of World Food Day.

_If the God of Greed wasn’t so powerful then our world would be free of hunger on this year’s occasion of World Food Day. May you have a good day ahead.

_If you cannot feed hundred people then just fed one on this important occasion of World Food Day. Let’s do this and have ourselves a great World Food Day.

_If we can’t fight for poverty and worldwide hunger together then what are we doing as humans. That is something to think about on World Food Day.

_Do you love pizza? Well half of the world may not afford to love pizza. So making people aware about these issues is our priority on World Food Day.

_When you are able to feed to your hungry self and that joy we feel is incomparable amongst other joyousness in life. May everyone experience similar joy on World Food Day.

_The most remarkable thing about our parents is they think we are always in need of food. So on the eve of World Food Day I hope you make your mom happy.

_We have the privilege of eating good while some of them settles for whatever they can get. So thank the almighty and celebrate the occasion of World Food Day rightfully.

_One the eve of World Food Day, I hope you get to spend some time with your favorite dishes and of course your family.

_Plenty of hard work magically makes the food in your plate a lot tastier than it really is. May you get to consume the tastiest treats on World Food Day.

_The day when we would be able to spend the happiest World Food Day is the day when we have overcame poverty. Until then I wish you a happy World Food Day.

_A man will not ever be free until the day he is a hungry man. So let’s try to play our part in ending the hunger on a World Food Day.

_We must consume the food we get with utmost respect and humility because not many people are as lucky as us. I wish you a delightful World Food Day.

_Sending you warm wishes on the occasion of World Food Day. May you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

_What we can do together as an army of humanity is to end the worst form of violence known as poverty. Wish you and everyone a privileged World Food Day.

_Hunger can bring out the worst in people so let’s not wait and do something on this year’s World Food Day to make the world a better place.

_The best days in life are when you have the best food in your table. I wish you a similar thing on the occasion of World Food Day.

_May every human being in this universe is provided with enough food to end their hunger because everyone deserves to eat. Wishing the humans a very wonderful World Food Day.

Quotes for World Health Food Day

“If you have food on your plate, you are no doubt the luckiest.” –Anonymous.

“Don’t waste food, not everyone you see around you is lucky enough to have food.” –Anonymous.

“If you are full when you are sitting to work, God bless you.” –Anonymous.

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