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Every year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with many different associations to support National Hanging Out Day.

This day was put aside as multi day to urge networks to find out about the advantages, both monetarily and earth, of utilizing a clothesline for drying clothing.

As indicated by Project Laundry Lists’ site, garments dryers represent an astounding six to 10% of private vitality utilization.

It has a few advantages like Good for the environment.Saves you cash and It is restorative in light of the fact that being outside in the natural air has advantages to your wellbeing.

Hanging Out Day Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

-On this day , let’s think about nature , let’s think what small step step can we take towards protecting nature .

-National hanging out day should be a daily practice in order to save energy.

-I would give message to everyone that line drying disinfects your clothes automatically , make it a daily practice.

-Sunlight is a natural resource , use it for drying clothes , I wish you understand the importance of hanging out day.

-Like we need  sunlight , same way our clothes too need it for disinfecting and bleaching . Practice line drying.

-I want to create awareness about how  drying clothes saves energy and helps us contribute towards nature protection.

-On this national hanging out day , make line drying a habit.

-I wish each one of us understand that saving time everytime is not the right option.

-Hanging out day helps us in healthy ways too , practice it to have better health.

-Promise yourself on hanging out day that you will practice energy saving in your daily life.

-I want to spread awareness that energy saved is energy created. Use it for better purposes.

-Your clothes need  sunlight , they need it like you . Practice hanging out clothes outside for letting your clothes live longer and healthy.

-Do you want to make your clothes smell fresh , just try line drying . This  hanging out day let your machine rest for sometime.

-Do you hear your clothes plea for sunlight and fresh air , if yes then let them be outside for couple of hours and you too enjoy a good sunbathe.

-To everyone , please practice hanging clothes outside for drying them up.

-You know what last night I heard my washing machine pleading for some rest , so now I have decided to let it rest for sometime and dry my clothes outside. You too try it.

-Why waste electricity in drying clothes when you can just use some sunlight for it? Make a practice that you will dry your clothes in sun.

-Why not buy cloth rack and start practicing hanging out day everyday.

-National hanging day should be a daily practice instead of just being a single day marked in calendars. I wish we understand the importance of exhaustible energy resources.

-My message on hanging out day to everyone would be that saving starts from today , its your small habits like drying clothes outside , saves your electricity bill and also no need to buy disinfectants for clothes. Start saving penny by penny.

-Just like we hangout with friends for some refreshment, your clothes need it too.

-A day dedicated to save energy and use it too , just be careful which one to use and which one to save.

-Tumble drying might take less time but it actually is not good for your clothes. Practice line drying for better health of your clothes.

-To all the ladies who worry while washing and drying clothes , why not just chill and let the sun do the drying part for you.

-Let this year be the era of change , step out of your to hang your clothes in sun for drying.

-Team up friends , let’s tell people the importance of line drying and benefits from it.

-Energy saved is energy created.

-Hanging out day should be a habit instead a day to celebrate.

-If you want to contribute towards environment conservation than start it at home by not using machines for drying clothes instead step out and hang them on wires or cloth hanger.

-A small contribution by switching off machine for drying clothes can bring a very big change , so dont see if you habit is big or small , practice it if it brings a point of change.

-If you want to see the change i would advise you to be the change , become a role model for everyone who uses machine to dry their clothes.

-Hanging clothes out not only saves energy but also keeps your body active . While spreading clothes you do exercise like squats and also it involves stretching , what better could you expect?

-Hanging out day is not a mere day , it is step towards change and energy conservation.

-Hanging out day teaches us that change is change the magnitude doesn’t matter.

-If you save energy today , you will be able to use it tomorrow.

-I wish today on hanging out day that you understand that switching off machine leads to less electricity bill which eventually saves your money.

-Hang the clothes out , let people see your wardrobe , might be the reason they in case of showing off theirs starts contributing towards energy conservation.

-Don’t need to use dryer sheets; air drying eliminates static cling.Avoid cling and save energy what better could you do on hanging out day.

-Energy savings from not using the dryer can be your step towards a better future.

-Energy savings from not running the air conditioner can be your step towards a better future with less pollution.

-Clothes dried outside smell fresh and wonderful!Happy hanging out day!

-Sunlight can help to bleach and disinfect your laundry.

-Conserving resources and energy.Simplifies your life in longer run.Happy hanging out day.

-Hanging out day is significant because it is step towards energy conservation and everyone should understand it.

-A step towards greener and cleaner future is the main motive of hanging out day.

-May everyone understands why it is important to step out and hang clothes out for drying.

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