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World Table Tennis Day was first celebrated on the 6th of April in 2015 and since then, every year, 6th April is observed as the World Table Tennis Day.

Table Tennis which is also known as ping pong first originated in Victorian England and it was known as a popular parlor game in that era.

The company belonging to J.Jaques and Son Ltd. trademarked the term “ping pong” hoping it would catch people’s attention and the game would get popularised in the process.

It was in 1988 during the Summer Olympics that table tennis was first played in a competition.

Table Tennis Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_I am a great fan of table tennis and I am happy to celebrate this day. 

_I support the International Table Tennis Federation in its mission to increase the popularity of table tennis.

_If you want to play a fun game and a game that is healthy as well, ping pong is the game for you.

_Table tennis is a favorite sport all across the globe and we are very excited about its celebration.

_We are very enthusiastic about the celebration of this game!

_Table tennis is an indoor game but it makes you sweat nothing less than an outdoor sport.

_Table tennis is my favorite sport and I want to have a career in it.

_You will not find a single college in India that does not have a game of table tennis in it.

_Table tennis is a game that you can play to vent out your frustrations and feel lighter afterward.

_Ping pong is such a game that can bring two strangers closer and turn them to friends.

_Ping pong teaches you how to have a friendship with your competitors.

_Table tennis makes you healthy and keeps you fit and active.

_We play table tennis for recreation but it also takes care of our mental and physical health.

_Table tennis is a game that you can master if you do not give up.

_Hard work and perseverance can take you to the highest of the peaks.

_World Table Tennis Day encourages us to celebrate table tennis and enjoy the game.

_By celebrating World Table Tennis day, we are celebrating the sport and encouraging others to enjoy the sport too.

_Table tennis is a game that you get better at the more you practice.

_Practice more and you will be able to champion table tennis.

_Do not be disheartened if you are not able to play well because it does take practice to be good at table tennis.

_World table tennis day gives us all an opportunity to learn more about this game.

_We should make the most of this day by learning the game and its rules.

_Table tennis is a gift to mankind and it should be played more extensively. 

_Play more,  worry less and have a great World Table Tennis Day.

_Table tennis is my favorite hobby and I wish everyone plays this sport more.

_Every school must hold table tennis classes for children.

_It is fun to win and it is necessary to lose but it is of utmost importance to have fun while playing the game.

_This may sound foolish but the sound of the ball hitting the bat gets me excited.

_I think I am addicted to ping pong but I do not regret it.

_Ping pong is a sport that will make your cloudiest of days looks bright and sunny.

_Teach your children to play table tennis and they will thank you for the rest of their lives.

_If you want to win a game, you have to first practice it and play it as your life depends on it.

_Table tennis is so close to my heart and I hope I will be able to pass on my interest to my children.

_Table tennis, me and a cup of hot coffee is my personal recipe for an amazing Sunday.

_I want to thank the International Table Tennis Federation for the celebration of this day.

_I want to thank the International Table Tennis Federation for making the attempt to popularise table tennis.

_Most of my teenage years were spent in playing table tennis with my cousins.

_Table tennis covers a huge part of my childhood memories when my grandfather used to teach me the rules of the sport every afternoon during my summer vacation.

_It is sad that table tennis does not have as much popularity as cricket and football have.

_Play the game with your heart and you will find solace in it. 

_Sports are meant to be played for recreation and not for money and you will feel better playing a friendly game than in a competition.

_It is always more satisfying when you play table tennis for fun and not only for the sake of winning.

_Table tennis is really special for me as I first met my wife playing ping pong in my college cafeteria.

_My three-year-old toddler is the happiest with the ping pong bat and ball in his hand and the sight of him playing makes me happy too.

_My brother loves table tennis so much that he thinks that Table tennis should be declared the national sport of every nation.

_I love table tennis more than memes even though I am a millennial.

_Here’s to hoping table tennis gets as many fans and followers as football and cricket have all across the globe.

_If table tennis was a subject in school, I would definitely have been the topper.

_Ping pong is a game that usually requires two or four people and so it teaches players how to communicate and coordinate with each other while having fun.

_I don’t even need partners to play ping pong with because I like to hit the wall with my ball and hit the ball back as it bounces off the wall.

_Ping pong is my best friend as it helps me when I am depressed or when I am bored or even when I just need to have fun.

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