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Trafalgar Day is celebrated on the 21st of October every year to commemorate and honor Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson and his men who have fought bravely in the battle of Trafalgar.

Horatio Nelson led the Royal Navy to the Triumph against the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Cape Trafalgar on the Spanish coast in the year 1805. Sadly, Nelson died in that battle along with some of the bravest soldiers.

One of the biggest celebrations of Trafalgar Day is organized in London. To the beat of a band, Sea Cadets march to the Trafalgar Square where they are accompanied by the dignitaries from the Royal Navy.

Messages, Greetings and Quotes for Trafalgar Day

Messages for Trafalgar Day

_On the eve of Trafalgar Day let us celebrate the day when British secured the dominion of the seas for the next century along with the tales of bravery. Wish you a great Trafalgar Day.

_It is the day to commemorate the most courageous, charismatic and the greatest officer in the history of Royal Navy. I wish every proud English citizen a very happy Trafalgar Day.

_I want every British citizenry to feel proud and rejoice as we celebrate the most decisive and glorious naval victory on this occasion of Trafalgar Day. Have a great day.

_Today as we celebrate the glorious victory of British Royal Navy over French and Spanish fleets on the eve of Trafalgar Day, it is absolute necessary to remember that harder the battle the sweeter the victory

_The committed officers of Royal Navy have went through hell but never gave up. On the eve of Trafalgar Day, I wish you to be inspired from our own history and live an amazing life.

_We can never see the glimpse of Victory, but it is right around the corner lurking by us waiting for the moment when we have refused to give up just like the soldiers in the battle of Trafalgar. Wish you a proud Trafalgar Day.

_Victory belongs to those who dare to think different and Horatio Nelson and his soldiers have dared and saw the light in a very dark day. Let us celebrate this occasion Trafalgar day to the fullest.

_On this auspicious occasion of Trafalgar Day let us teach the younger generation the value of courage and innovative thinking for which we can celebrate Trafalgar Day. I wish you a great day with the kids.

_Let us commemorate the man who even after losing one arm and one eye have fought till his last breathe in the battle of Trafalgar. I hope the courage of Horatio never ceases to inspire us, the commoners.

_Victory often choose those who have refused to stop fighting and Horatio Nelson and his men have proved that. I hope you celebrate this occasion of Trafalgar Day by witnessing the National Parade on Trafalgar square.

_Despite knowing the consequences of a war, a soldier never hesitates to fight until hi/her last breathe for the sake of the nation. So, let us all remember and celebrate their bravery on this Trafalgar Day.

_There was unity amongst Horatio Nelson and his men which has led us to be victorious in the battle of Trafalgar. I hope we just like Horatio’s Men can face the problems in unity. Have a great Trafalgar Day.

_On this joyous and proud celebration of Trafalgar Day, I wish every British the same strength and willpower that have been carried by Horatio and his men throughout the battle of Trafalgar.

_Let us celebrate the victorious triumph of Royal Navy as they fought one of the hardest and decisive battles against the French and Spanish fleets. Hope you have a great Trafalgar Day.

Greetings for Trafalgar Day

_We cannot even fathom the situations of that entire fleet of brave soldiers who have laid lives for their country. Let us celebrate their courage and their love for this country on the eve of Trafalgar Day.

_The victory of Royal Navy over the French and Spanish Fleets signifies that Horatio and his men have done something better than they have ever done before. Celebrate their heroic deeds on this Trafalgar Day.

_One of the reason our Royal Navy emerged victorious because they have known the minds of their enemies and themselves. Enjoy the parades along with the family as the world celebrates their triumph on a Trafalgar Day.

_There was a war ahead of our fleets and soldiers, so there was only one thing to do: winning the war. I wish you and your family to celebrate our glorious victory on the eve of Trafalgar Day.

_The character of our fleets of Royal Navy cannot be defined by the battles they have won or lost; rather they are defined by the battles they have dared to fight. Celebrate their courage on this Trafalgar Day.

_Unlike the battle of Trafalgar, there might’ve some battles which we may lost but what’s more important is that we fought. I wish you all the courage and strength on the special eve of Trafalgar Day.

_There are some battles that aren’t worthy enough to win Gold medals as it is a national duty towards your nation just like the battle of Trafalgar, I hope you are proud and inspired on this Trafalgar Day.

_On the joyous eve of Trafalgar Day, all the British people can hold their head high just because of the sacrifices of all those brave men of Horatio. Commemorate them and pray for their soul today.

_Yesterday’s limits that were overcome by our fleets of Royal Navy became the Victory of Today as we celebrate this proud occasion of Trafalgar Day with the beautiful citizens of this nation.

_Horatio Nelson and his men had accepted the challenges of defeating all the enemy fleets more than 200 years ago and we can still feel the exhilaration of that victory. Wish you a great Trafalgar Day.

_A soldier has seen the brutality, the futility and the stupidity of a war. So on the eve of Trafalgar Day, Let us commemorate those soldiers and pray for a world without war.

_The battle of Trafalgar that was fought over 200 years ago couldn’t have been avoided but now for the sake of country’s prosperity let’s try to avoid the gory battles. Wish you a joyful Trafalgar Day.

_Witness the parades on Trafalgar square that are organized to commemorate the bravery of Horatio Nelson and his men in the battle of Trafalgar. Hope you a jolly Trafalgar Day.

_Our Royal Navy have fought every battle on their knees and as a result they have won most of the time. Let us all salute to the deeds of brave soldiers and pay respects to the royal navy on Trafalgar Day.

_When the battle of Trafalgar began, Horatio Nelson and his men knew there was no other option other than the victory. Wish you and your family a proud Trafalgar Day.

Quotes for Trafalgar Day

“No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.” -Horatio Nelson.

“First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can.” -Horatio Nelson.

“Time is everything; five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat.” -Horatio Nelson.

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