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Twelfth Night or Epiphany Eve is a holiday and a festival celebrated worldwide by some branches of Christianity on either 5th of January or 6th of January which is the last night of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The date varies on the one considered to be the first of the twelve days. The twelfth night mainly signifies the end of the holiday season that had begun on Christmas.

On the Twelfth along with the food and drinks, there is special punch (drink) named wassail which is traditionally consumed on this holiday.

In 567, the twelve days lasting from Christmas to Epiphany was proclaimed by the Council of Tours as a scared and festive season.

Below is a conjured list of Greetings and Quotes that you can use to celebrate the Twelfth Night with everyone-

_A very happy and warm regards to you and your family on the twelfth night. May you spend a wonderful Epiphany Eve.

_As we celebrate the beautiful festival of Twelfth Night, may the glory of miraculous star shine upon you and loved ones.

_Sending you the warmest regard and best wishes on the coldest Twelfth Night. Have a great Twelfth Night.

_If you celebrate this amazing eve of Twelfth Night by showering gifts and valuable goods to the poor, God will bless you with love , joy and peace. I hope you get to help at least a life.

_It is the time to reflect upon the greatest gifts you have receive this year and thank the Lord for such a beautiful Christmas. Wish you a great Twelfth Night.

_Put all your love in the warm wishes and gifts that you are going to give out on the occasion of Twelfth Night. Wish you a warm and peaceful Twelfth Night.

_May the love of Jesus guide you and fill your life with joy and happiness. Wish you a great ending to the joyous season of Christmas. Have a great Twelfth Night

_As we reach towards the eve of epiphany. I wish you a wonderful Twelfth Night with your friends and family.

_On the eve of Twelfth Night, I wish that you have an epiphany of yourself. May you and your epiphany remain blessed with love and peace for the rest of your lives.

_Although I don’t posses much power but I wish you a seven days of epiphany and angels throughout the year on the eve of Twelfth Night.

_On the eve of Twelfth Night, I wish you a glorious life that you will work pretty hard to achieve it. Hope you have a wonderful Twelfth Night.

_As we celebrate the Epiphany eve (Twelfth Night), I wish you a life resembling to epiphany. A life which will be surely be amusing and the best part is you will never know when it will end.

_As you go to sleep, I wish you sweet dreams and an amazing twelfth night. May God continue to shower his blessings upon you.

_I hope you celebrate this joyous and blessed eve of Twelfth Night by giving away some valuable produce for the poor. Have a great Twelfth Night.

_I know it’s unrealistic in today’s world but I do hope three wise men visit you and shower with gifts, love and happiness. May you have a joyous celebration of Twelfth Night.

_Stars are the blessing of The God that has shone to brighten your Twelfth Night. I wish you an enchanting Twelfth Night with your loved ones.

_My dear friend, on the eve of Twelfth Night I wish you the best of health, happiness and peace. May you have a beautiful Twelfth Night.

_On this enchanting occasion of Twelfth Night, I wish you all the success and glory in life. May you steer only ahead and never look back.

_May you get to fulfilled all of your New Resolutions and reach very possible goals in your life. Have a lovely Twelfth Night with your friends and family.

_On the eve of Twelfth Night, May God bless you to fulfill all of your dreams, even the ones you never knew you had them. Have a wonderful Life ahead.

_Before you wake up on the glorious eve of Twelfth Night, I want you thank God for this beautiful day gifted by him. May you have a blessed Twelfth Night.

_Even if the occasion of Christmas wasn’t up to the mark, you can just make up for it by trying to spend a glorious Twelfth Night. I wish that all of your problems end with Twelfth Night.

_On the eve of Twelfth Night, wishing you and your family a holy blessed occasion of Twelfth Night.

_May this New Year be filled with uncountable happy memories for you and your loved ones. Have an amazing Twelfth Night.

_On this special occasion of Twelfth Night, May God fill your home with blessings of love, joy and happiness. Have a lovely Twelfth Night with your loved ones.

_There is no greater gift than the friends and family which we receive from above. And on this auspicious occasion twelfth night, make sure you value them and enjoy with them.

_On this occasion of Twelfth Night, May the Lord bless us with the quietness of mind and teach us not to be too impatient with each other on this occasion of Twelfth Night.

_Even though we stay far away but I know my best wishes to you will definitely be the highlight of your Twelfth Night. Wish you and you’re a lovely Twelfth Night.

_The occasion of Twelfth Night is one of the precious as we would be able to see the blessings from heaven in the form of shining and glorious stars. Have a delight Twelfth Night.

_For you the presents may be just a ‘help’ but for the needy, the help will be in the form of gifts that are being wrapped by the love of Jesus. Hope you have an enchanting feeling on an enchanting Twelfth Night.

_May the Glory of Lord fill your life with loads of happiness and my profound love and care to you on this amazing occasion of Twelfth Night.

_May this occasion of Twelfth night turn out to be one of the most memorable celebrations for you. Have a great day with your loved ones.

_Sing and praise the Almighty as we move ahead from all the beautiful twelve days of memorable times and cherishable memories. May you are blessed with same enjoyable moments every year.

_In the journey of your life, I hope you are always guided with the light of wisdom. Celebrate this blessed Twelfth Night with your family and friends.

_I wish that on this twelfth night, the divine blessings from the Lord and the happiness in your life may never run out. Celebrate this Twelfth Night in the praise of Almighty

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