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Social Media Day is observed annually on June 30th.  In its short life, social media has redefined how people interact amongst each other, communicate and share with family, friends and the world. Social media has made it possible to stay connected and informed about with those important people in our lives.  

Reconnecting with classmates, past work associates and more is also a vital part of social media.  It has also made it possible to connect with ancestors and find relatives you never even knew existed. Social Media Day was founded in 2010 by Mashable.Here are some ways how you can extend your courtesy by wishing someone happy social media day.

Social Media Day Messages, Wishes & Greetings

_Let’s celebrate the day together and rejoice with the social media platforms. Happy Social Media Day!

_Today is the day to celebrate the revolution of social media. Happy social media day.

_Social media has made our lives easier. Let us connect together to thank the social media platforms all together. Happy Social Media Day!

_ To help us appreciate having the world just a friend request away, here are multiple Advantages of Social Media That Are Good To Keep In Mind. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Create a hash- tag about a cause you care about and get your friends and classmates to know about it on this social media day. The more people you can get to know about it the bigger difference it will make an impact. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Create a petition to demand action about an issue you care about and encourage your friends to sign it on this Social Media Day. Happy Social Media Day!

_Let us thank Social Media who keeps us in touch with friends and family who are far away. Happy Social Media Day!

_ If someone puts an idea in front of you that you’ve never considered, you can look up the data for yourself, read about both sides of an issue, and have your mind opened to new and shiny points of view. All thanks to social media. Happy Social Media Day!

_Social media has made it possible to connect people from every corner of the world and bring them just a click apart. Happy Social Media Day.

_ While every day is essentially Social Media Day, June 30th marks the official global celebration. No matter where you live, Mashable encourages everyone to celebrate #SMDay!

_Today is the day to celebrate the revolution of media to become social. Let us celebrate Social Media Day with Mashable. Happy Social Media Day.

_ In last few years social media has evolved very strongly and become an important part of our life and it also become heart of communication. Let us celebrate this day all together. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Social media has given freedom to all of us to express ourselves and communicate with the world, and to recognize and celebrate it’s impact on global communication, let us celebrate this day by sharing our thoughts. Happy Social Media Day!

_Social Media exposes us to different points of view, new ideas, and gives the power to research those opinions and discuss them with others. Happy Social Media Day!

_ It’s the annual celebration of all things social, celebrating how far we’ve come with ways to engage online. Happy Social Media Day!

_ In this day and age, social media is everywhere and in everything we do. From the corner store to the big box retailer, New York City to Small Town, USA, social has played an important role in the digital revolution taking the world by storm. Happy Social Media Day!

_Explore new networks, update new images and find new feeds to follow on this social media day. Happy Social Media Day!

_ What are you waiting for? Get social this Social Media Day! Start a new hashtag and thank your followers. Happy Social Media Day!

_ For most of us, social media is a major part of our daily lives. The connections, networking and friendships made possible today because of social media deserve to be celebrated. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Here at Social Factor, we are all about social media. We live, work and breathe social media, so to commemorate that we will be celebrating accordingly. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Hundreds of cities around the world have already officially recognized Social Media Day. Join the movement, and submit a proclamation request of your own. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Take a little break from interacting in the digital space and get some face time with other social media professionals in your area on this social media day. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Not that you should ever need a reason, but Social Media Day serves as a great reminder to take a look at your social profiles and make sure you’re keeping them fresh. Happy Social Media Day.

_Social Media Day is intended to “recognize the igital revolution happening right before our eyes. Lets rejoice and celebrate this day together. Happy social Media day!

_Make some time to attend those meetups, share your knowledge on the latest best practices, case studies etc., on this social media day! Happy social media day!

_ Don’t forget to upload your photos or videos related to your social media meetups and networking events on social media on this auspicious day. Happy social media day!

_ Nothing is better than to celebrate world social media day by keeping oneself abreast with the latest social media trends and statistics. Happy social media Day!

_ The beauty and essence of social media is fostering communities by connecting with people near and far. Let us celebrate this day with great fun and joy. Happy Social Media Day!

_ Social media is at its best when you’re actually being social, connecting with others of different stripes in different places across the globe. Let us make a while to thank all the social media platforms on this auspicious day! Happy Social Media Day!

Facebook Status

-what Makes Me so Famous? Well, It’s My Haters on Facebook

-a Positive Mindset Gets De-Energized on Facebook when A Negative Mindset Interrupts

-only Your Positive Attitude Can Convert a Hurricane Into a Sprinkle.

-people Who Make Facebook a Good Place, the Earth Is a Good Place for Them.

-i Don’t Live in My Past Anymore, but I Don’t Check out The Memories Presented by Facebook

-a Confident Mindset Can Be a Catalyst and An Extraordinary Spark at The Same Time. 

-guys, a Facebook Profile with A Real Sense of Humor Is a Handsome Profile

-i Don’t Believe in Words by The Fake Accounts on Facebook

-if You Can Be Bad on Facebook, Then I Can Be Your Dad!

-yes, I Am Smiling Because Facebook Is Planting Trees Instead of Growing Themselves

-we Have to Learn to Accept Every Change that Comes with Facebook

-at the Moment of My Birth, There Was No Facebook

-an Optimistic Mind Can Create a Facebook Group of Optimistic Individuals

-life Is Short – Let’s Date on Facebook Messenger. 

-a Facebook Post Said Mosquitoes Are Our Family Because They Carry Our Blood

 -Doing Nothing Is so Tiresome than Posting Things on Facebook

-trust Me, Someone There Cares for You a Lot, and That Someone Could Be on Facebook

-there Used to Be Two Poles of The Story Before Facebook Arrived

-well, I Became so Busy Explaining to The People on Facebook About My Importance on Earth


Optimistic Facebook WhatsApp Statuses

-every Challenge in Our Life Creates an Opportunity. It’s up To You People Either You Use It or Lose It. 

-some Prefer Roads Most Traveled. Yet, I Prefer Roads Less Traveled. 

-falling in Love Lets You Experience Hell if You’re on Facebook and Heaven if You’re without It.

-rather than Controlling What People Say, We Should Control Our Reactions to It. 

-it Becomes Easy to Say “no” to People Especially on Facebook

-don’t Let the World Change Your Smile; Instead, Change the World with Your Smile. 

-protect the Earth Like Your Mother. She Will Protect You Back While in Trouble. 

-only Two Hearts Are Required to Explain What Love Is. 

-more than Selling, Facebook Is About Engaging.

-on Facebook, You Have to Become More of A Creator than A Marketer

-sometimes Silence Speaks Louder so No Post on Facebook Is Also a Post on Facebook

-i Have Lost Many Friends to My Hurried Life and I Found All of Them on Facebook.

-w Cannot Change What Has Already Happened. We Can only Learn Lessons from It. 

-mathematics Rule: When You Are Doing It Wrong, It Will Seem Easy.

 -I Wanted to Share What I Achieved and Facebook Is All Ready to Share My Achievements.

-there Are Some Positive as Well as Negative Things About Facebook but For Now, Let’s Focus on Positives

-the Fact that Facebook Can Be Done from Anywhere, You Can Guess Where the World Is Going.

-some Are Here on Facebook to Simply Spend Some Time While Some Are Busy Cracking Its Business Algorithm.

-if You Live a Life without Suffering and Pain, You Are Living a Life without Happiness. 

-directing the Power of Optimistic Thinking in The Right Way Leads to Victory and Achievement. 

-rather than A Lifetime Sorrow, a Single Moment of Happiness Is More Powerful. 

-your Success only Depends on Your Commitments. 

-give the Life Your Good Mood, the Life Will Smile at You!

-to Carry Some Vital Things in Life, Sometimes You Have to Drop Few Things. 

-people Talk About You? Don’t Be Sad. You Must Be a Very Special Person. 

-people Who Drill Into the Rock of Laziness, Life Springs Like a Geyser to Those.

-it Doesn’t Matter how Tragic Your Life Is. What only Matters Are how Miraculous Your Life Is. 

-learn to Expect Nothing from Others; You Will Lessen the Chance of Disappointment. 

-in Society, No Religion Is Bad. It’s Peoples’ Mentality that Hurts. 


-only Mothers Can Love Us Unconditionally without Expecting Anything in Return in This World. 

-facebook Is Just Another Social Media and To Crack It, You Have to Listen, Engage and Build Relationships 

-believe It or Not, Social Media Is Not a Safe Space yet And That’s Including Facebook.

-if My Life Hangs by A Thread, Some People on Facebook Would Support and Some Would Make Fun.

-if You Know What Kind of Reality the Internet Has Created Then You Would All About Facebook.

-the Bitter Truth of Facebook Is that You Have to Learn It Through the Hard Way.

-nobody Knows What They Are Doing on Facebook but They’ve Created an Online Presence.

-mark Zuckerberg Invented Facebook with Different Intentions and We Are Doing Facebook with Different Intentions as Well.

-people Love to Do Facebook Because It Gives Them Direction and Validation

-your Followers on Facebook Are Not Your Baseball Cards as You Have to Earn and Activate Them.

-it All Comes Down to How to Be Social More than How to Do Facebook.

-i Don’t Say Anything on Facebook that I Personally Didn’t Endorse or Support.

-if You Have Started an Online Comment War on Facebook, You Have to Finish It on Facebook Itself.

-facebook Is Not a Place to Steal Credits of A Quote Given by The Great Men of The Past.

-there’s No Valuable Advice that Is Guaranteed to Work on Facebook but There Is a Learning Journey

-i Learned the Hard Way that Facebook Is Not a Place for People Who Easily Get Demotivated.

-if You’re Using Social Media and Facebook to Impress People Then You’re Going the Wrong Way

-i Got Addicted to Facebook Because Facebook Was Providing Me Something that The Real World Lacked.

-the Things I Post on Facebook Are a Mere Reflection of My Soul.

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