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Solstice is a happening that occurs annually which is a good thing for both day and night lovers that takes place twice a year.

Firstly, on 21st June, when the Sun’s position reaches its most northerly and the day appears to belong and that is good for the day lovers.

Secondly, on 21st December, the Sun reaches its most southerly position and the night appears to belong which is a good thing for night lovers.

This wonderful phenomenon causes the seasons to change just like the equinoxes. So, mark your calendars and enjoy to the fullest. Below is a list of greetings and quotes on Solstice day that you can use to celebrate this day with both day and night lovers.

Solstice Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

-Your favorite time of the day will be stretched as the sun reaches the highest position in the sky to make your summer even more flattering. Wishing you a great summer Solstice.

-One of the great things about a Solstice is that it caters to the lovers of both night and day. Wishing everyone to enjoy this great Solstice of a phenomenon.

-Nature as teacher will let you bask in this blessed light while the sun enlivens. Have a nice and warm summer solstice day ahead.

-It is the day to laugh and rejoice without even giving a slightest thought. Wishing everyone who loves both days and nights a very happy day of Solstice.

-I hope you are in the crowd cheering the summer as the Solstice has granted us the best day of the season. Wishing all the summer lovers a warm and happy day of Solstice.

-If the barren darkness provides you with a certain sense of happiness and joy then you are one of the many who has got to enjoy this year’s winter Solstice.

-Go out and enjoy the greatest day in winter in the greatest month of the years and witness the beautiful magic of winter solstice. Have a nice winter ahead.

-For some people the winter is the time of pain and withdrawal. Wishing such people a Winter Solstice Day that will produce an inconceivable joy in your heart.

-Sitting beside the fire, amidst the touch of a friendly hand enjoy the beautiful phenomenon which is the winter solstice with your loved ones and make this winter a memorable one.

-Amidst the season of strongest blizzards try to enjoy the single snowflake which has started it all. Wishing you a peaceful yet joyful day of Winter Solstice with your loved ones.

-The most beautiful time of the year has come to feel the warmth of fire amidst the touch of winter because only then one will start to appreciate the joy of Winter Solstice.

-The still point of the sun when the past leaves us and catches our breath while the future begins is what Solstice is all about. Wishing every kind human a beautiful day of Solstice.

-Celebrate the phenomenon of Solstice with your loved ones as it is the holy time of restoration, reflection, renewal and letting go of many things. Have a nice one.

-It is in the depths of winter one would finally realize that there was an invincible summer within them. Wishing you a great day of Solstice.

-Winter Solstice is much more than a phenomenon. It is the time to contemplate our immortality and look at things from a different viewpoint. On the eve of Winter Solstice hope you have a new perspective in life.

-Time to make a fresh new start has come. Enjoy the cold and the winter solstice with the people who have never left your side.

-Fall in love with the ending and beginning of new things and press the restart button of your life on this beautiful occasion of Winter Solstice.

-On the special eve of Summer Solstice, cut yourself from the rhythm of the year and watch the beautiful unison of sun and the earth with your loved ones.

-If you love nights then the winter solstice is for you and if you love winter as well, then there is nothing more appropriate than this phenomenon. Have nice one.

-And the setting of sun during the summer will empower to feel the sun next day. On the eve of Summer Solstice, wish you a bucket full of happiness and courage in life.

-The marriage between the spirit of Christmas and the Winter Solstice is what makes the life a lot easier to handle. On the occasion of Solstice I wish you a cheerful life ahead.

-The mystery of solstice has always baffled us with the effect of serenity and unexplainable joy. Hope you feel something soothing today. Have a great day of Solstice.

-Celebration of Winter Solstice is incomplete without the spirit of Christmas and the rebirth of new possibilities in life. Hope you spend a delightful day of Solstice.

-The two most beautiful words in the English language for all the sun lovers is Summer Solstice. So enjoy this phenomenon to the fullest with your friends and family.

-Humans should learn to enjoy things that are rare, for example Solstices. It comes twice a year and leaves the human flabbergasted with its magic.

-Winter Solstice shows the opposition of light while Summer Solstice shows the opposition of dark, but in the end both of them denotes our experience in Earth. Have a lovely affair with solstice.

-Our time in this planet is full of expansion and contraction which is evidently symbolized by the two most beautiful phenomenons known as Summer and Winter Solstices. Hope you spend both of them with love and joy in your heart.

-Summer Solstice is green and glowing similar to manifestation that is painted beautifully in a canvas while the winter lies in the stillness of the cold trees and the blankets of snow. Wishing you the best of both Solstices.

-On the eve of winter Solstice, you will light the candles to bring light into this world but how about lighting up your own life for a change. Best wishes to you.

-The most magical things happen twice and it is on us to love and cherish at least one of them. Hope you have magical times ahead.

-The first fall of snow is no short of an even and if the event coincides with winter solstice, it is a treat for all the winter lovers. Wishing everyone the joy of winter solstices.

-An isolated patch of snow holds a special place in our hearts. Wishing such individuals a great day to enjoy the phenomenon of winter solstices.

-Wishing those individuals who believe that good things happen between June and August, a very enjoyable day of Summer Solstices.

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