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World Thalassemia Day is celebrated on the 8th of May worldwide to spread awareness about thalassemia patients’ difficulties and struggles.

Its main aim is to educate people about the life-threatening disease and how we, as a society, can help the patients and make their life a little less miserable.

World Thalassemia day greetings:

-Let’s join hands and encourage those who are fighting this disease. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Let’s come and take a pledge to donate the blood because our blood can be life for someone. Happy world thalassemia day.

-You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life; you can keep one by donating blood.

-Not all heroes wear the cap; some donate blood. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Donate blood, be a hero, be a savior of someone’s life. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Get tested before marriage so that you don’t have to regret it later. Prevention is better than cure.

-Bleed red, save a life. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Give Blood, give life. Happy world thalassemia day.

-When you donate blood, remember you are why someone will smile and be proud of that. Happy world thalassemia day.

-A child will not be saved by the tears of his/her parents with your blood. Donate blood, don’t hesitate.

-Want to be an angel in someone’s life, donate blood, and be an angel. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Your Blood has the power to bring back a life. Be a donor; be a savior.

-When you donate blood, you become someone’s Hero in their life; you have no idea about it.

-When you donate money, you donate food, but you donate life when you donate blood. Happy world thalassemia day.

-It may be blood for you, but for someone, it’s liquid gold.

-Hero’s come in all TYPES. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Be a ray of hope for someone, be a donor, and save someone’s life.

-Your one bottle of blood can add some more days to someone’s life. Happy world thalassemia day.

-If you are healthy, have all your vaccines, have no allergies, then it doesn’t what TYPE you are, you are qualified to be a hero.

-No donation is more significant than the assistance of life; be a donor be a savior.

-There is no replacement for blood. Only blood can replace blood. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Let’s kill a vampire with starvation, donate blood, and kill a vampire.

-Be the key of joy to someone’s sorrow, donate blood, and be a key to happiness.

– It will hurt a little when the needle pricks you, but it will be worth it.

-In history, whenever blood was shed, it always indicated someone died, now let’s shed blood to save someone’s life. Be a donor.

-Don’t vain your blood; instead, send it to someone’s vein. Happy world thalassemia day.

-Blood knows no religion, caste, gender, and political and geographical differences; it just knows it has to save someone’s life.

-Let’s make sure the world never runs out of blood. Be a donor; be a hero. Happy world thalassemia day.

Thalassemia Day messages:

-Everyone must donate blood once in a life to know how it feels to be a hero.

-Divided by caste, religion united by the color of blood, be a savior.

-Want to be a helping hand, okay, so stretch your arm, prick a needle, fill the bottle with your blood and donate it.

-Opportunities to become a hero come to your door in the form of a blood donation camp. Donate blood and be a hero.

-You are just one hand away from someone’s life, stretch it, donate blood, and be a hero everyone thinks you are.

-Want to feel special, donate blood, and become superior to those who will receive it.

-Donating a bottle will cost you nothing but will cost someone their life, be a donor.

-Whenever you feel you have no aim in life, donate blood, you will feel like a superhero.

-It just may be a bottle of blood for you, but it’s a bottle of life for someone.

-After donating blood, if you feel weak, think about someone who will receive it, what it meant to them, and not feel helpless anymore.

-You have the most invaluable gift of life running in your veins; share it donate it.

-Give your 15 minutes and become a hero in three people’s lives.

-Your blood will save three lives, but it will save hundreds of smiles and, in return, will give you thousands of blessings.

-Want to be a millionaire, donate blood, and you will be a millionaire of blessings that no one can take away from you.

-The degree of humanity is more important to save someone’s life than the degree of doctor.

-Your donated blood cab becomes the string between someone’s life and death.

-If you get the opportunity, that means the god has chosen to be an angel of life, don’t waste it, donate blood.

-Once you donate blood, you will get new blood in just a few hours, but if someone loses a life, they will not get another donor.

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-The one who is refusing to donate the blood is taking someone’s right to live a life.

-The purest feeling in the world can be felt by donating blood, donating blood, and being a hero.

-You don’t have to be tall, dark, and handsome, and wear expensive clothes and accessories to be a hero; you can be a hero by donating blood.

-Don’t get addicted to social media or drugs instead, get addicted to donating blood, it will take someone’s life and will bring you blessings.

World thalassemia day quotes:

-You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live.” – 

By Myles Munroe.

-Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – 

By H. Jackson Brown Jr.

-There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  

By John Holmes.

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